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Henry County, IN Court of Common Pleas

September 1869 Term
1869 New Castle Courier

   This court commenced its session last Monday, Judge West, on the bench. W. F. Walker, District Attorney.
   The docket is light to the gratification of our farming community, who have but little time to spare at this season of the year in attending Courts.
   The first case on the docket was the State versus Caleb Bond, Retailing Liquor - Trial by the Court. The evidence was that Bond as a druggist sold to a party a half pint of whiskey and put in the same a quantity of quinine, that it was bought and used as a medicine. The Court acquitted Bond, advising him hereafter to mix his quinine with some other liquid, water for instance.
   State versus Henry Poor - Selling liquor to a minor - Trial by the Court. Poor is a son of Crispin in Millville, making boots and shoes, and to make the pot boil with greater fervor, he sells ale, beer and other drinkables. The witness, a minor, found two bottles of ale behind the stove, put a half dollar in a peg box on the shoe bench, thus becoming the happy owner of the ale and the law vindicated. The Judge thought otherwise and fined Poor to the tune of $5.00 and cost. Henry is rear of the times a long way, to imagine that such an evasion as the above will answer.
   On account of continued bad health and decaying mental faculties, Fredrick E. Glidden, was appointed guardian of Eli Davis, of Lewisville.
   State versus Charles Rice - Selling Liquor: Acquitted.
   Another against Charles Rice for selling a to a party, a villainous compound, composed of a pint of whiskey and a pint of beer, making a quart. The case is not yet determined. Whatever the Court may do, the drinker will pay a penalty by a disordered stomach.
   Besides the usual probate business and defaults taken, no other cases of note have been tried up to going to press.

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