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1890 Enrollment of Persons who served in the
Armies of The United States of America

AN ACT to enroll the late soldiers, their widows and orphans, of the late armies of the United States of America, residing in the State of Indiana. [Approved April 13, 1885]

At a meeting of the board of commissioners on 1 Sep 1894, the following item was listed by Charles S. Hernly.
To filing and making duplicate copies of 721 soldier's enrollments at 5 cents for filing each and 7 1/2cents for making duplicate copies.
Total   $144.20
Total   $147.65

     These enrollments give the following information for each veteran:
Full name of Soldier, Rank, Company, Regiment, State to which Regiment belonged, if they were Volunteer, Regular, Militia, Marine or Irregular Service, White, Black, What War, Present address and the number of children under 16 years of age.
     If the Soldier was deceased, the widow or surviving children filled out the following: Widow of, If remarried give present husbands name, Son of, Daughter of, Date of deceased husband or fathers death, Place of death of deceased, residence of deceased at the time of death, Where the deceased was killed at, Died of wounds received at, Did deceased die of disease contacted in service, Living circumstances, In alms house, Dependant upon on others for support, and If injured in service, give nature of and state time and place.

Enrollments by townships as follows:
Franklin 40
Greensboro 47
Harrison 49
Prairie 34
Fall Creek 78
Spiceland 78
Stoney Creek   18
Jefferson 25
Liberty 17
Dudley 34
Blue River 10
Wayne 148
Henry 148

Total 721

2001 UEB

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