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1894 Enrollment of Persons who served in the
Armies of The United States of America
[Veterans 1894 Census Records]

AN ACT to enroll the late soldiers, their widows and orphans, of the late armies of the United States of America, residing in the State of Indiana. [Approved April 13, 1885]

      These enrollments ask the following information for each veteran: Full name of Soldier, Rank, Company, Regiment, State to which Regiment belonged, if they were Volunteer, Regular, Militia, Marine or Irregular Service, White, Black, What War, Present post office and the number of children under 16 years of age. Not all of the questions were answered by the veterans.       If the Soldier was deceased, the widow or surviving children filled out the following: Widow of, If remarried give present husbands name, son of, daughter of, date of deceased husband or fathers death, place of death of deceased, residence of deceased at the time of death, where the deceased was killed at, died of wounds received at, did deceased die of disease contacted in service, where the disease was contacted, living circumstances, in alms house, dependant upon others for support, and if injured in service, give nature of and state time and place of injury.

These records have been copied and are available at the
Henry County, IN Historical Society Museum.
      The information provided in these records was provided by either the veteran or the veteran's survivors. A lot of the surviving widows did not provide their names, (yes?) means there was a surviving widow, name not given. Some of these veterans served in more than one war, Mexican war, Indian wars or no war at all. (c) Designates United States Colored Troops.       This list covers ALL veterans or veteran's survivors living in Henry County, Indiana in 1894 who filled out the 1894 census form, some veterans could have been missed.       This compilation of records was done by Marianne Hughes, Joann Shell of the Henry County Historical Society and Ulysses E. Bush of Henry County Genealogical Services in October of 2001.

Below is the 1894 Enumeration of Henry County, IN Veterans.
Abbott, Mathew T. NC Henry      
Abrams, Sylvester K-town Wayne      
Abshire, James F. Honey Crk. Jefferson      
Adams, John F. K-town Wayne      
Albertson, John B. NC Wayne Amie    
Albright, George Mechanicsbrg Harrison      
Albright, Joseph Kennard Greensboro Theodate    
Albright, Perry Middletown Fall Crk.      
Albright, William H. NC Henry      
Albrigth, John Mechanicsbrg Harrison      
Alexander, Lewis K-town Wayne      
Alger, Isaac Middletown Fall Crk. Mary    
Allison, Andrew A. Straughn Dudley      
Allison, Leonidas L. Ogden Spiceland Yes ?    
Alspaugh, D. W. C. K-town Wayne      
Alspaugh, Henry Cadiz Harrison      
Alspaugh, Hiram T. Cadiz Harrison Sintha A.    
Anderson, Hugh Kennard Harrison      
Anderson, Mile E. NC Henry      
Antrim, John B. K-town Fall Crk.      
Archibald, James K-town Wayne      
Armfield, Elam Ogden Spiceland Yes ? Mexican War
Armstrong, Jown W. Kennard Harrison      
Arnold, Samuel NC Henry      
Atkinson, George Sulphur Sprngs. Blue River      
Ayers, Josiah D. K-town Wayne      
Back, William B. NC Henry      
Backmer, Henry New Lisbon Dudley      
Baker, George W. Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Baker, John Middletown Fall Crk.      
Baldwin, Lewis Dalton Blue River      
Ballard, Jesse Lewisville Dudley      
Ballard, Joseph Lewisville Dudley      
Banks, Adam Dunreith Spiceland      
Barkdull, Philip Middletown Fall Crk.      
Barnard, Samuel NC Henry      
Barnes, Greensberry Raysville Wayne Yes ?    
Barrett, Philip Middletown Fall Crk. Yes ?    
Bateman, Henry C. Lewisville Dudley      
Bedford, William S. NC Henry      
Bell, Lafayette Mechanicsburg Fall Crk.      
Bell, Samuel K-town Wayne      
Benbow, Benjamin Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Benny, James A. NC Henry      
Berry, David W. K-town Spiceland      
Berry, Samuel Dunreith Spiceland      
Black, James W. Spiceland Spiceland      
Boak, James L. Ogden Spiceland Yes ?    
Bock, Christopher C. M. Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Bodmer, Jacob K-town Wayne      
Boor, William F. NC Henry      
Bowers, David Mechanicsburg Fall Ctk.      
Bowers, Moses NC Henry      
Bowers, Samuel Cadiz Harrison      
Bowman, Jabez H. Greensboro Greensboro      
Bowman, Shepperd K-town Wayne      
Bradway, Josiah Cadiz Harrison      
Brattain, Hiram Middletown Fall Crk.      
Brattain, Jonathan Middletown Fall Crk.      
Bratton, Thomas B. Raysville Wayne Yes ?    
Bremmen, William NC Henry      
Breneman, Charles NC Henry      
Brenneman, George New Castle Liberty      
Brewington, Robert F. K-town Wayne      
Bridget, Henry C. Mooreland Blue River      
Bright, Benjamin Middletown Fall Crk. Lucinda    
Bristol, Benjamin W. Middletown Fall Crk. Yes ?    
Brookshire, Eli NC Henry      
Brookshire, William Kennard Harrison      
Brosius, Jacob F. Raysville Wayne Yes ?    
Brown, Charles Middletown Fall Crk.      
Brown, George W. Cadiz Harrison      
Brown, H. D. K-town Wayne Yes ?    
Brown, Henry Mooreland Blue River      
Brown, Joseph M. NC Henry      
Brunner, Frank Messick Prairie      
Buck, Milton NC Henry      
Bunch, George W. NC Henry      
Bundy, George R. Spiceland Spiceland      
Bundy, Martin L. NC Henry      
Bunker, Jesse Lewisville Franklin Josephene    
Bunner, Christopher Luray Prairie      
Burch, Erastus Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
Burchett, Thomas NC Henry      
Burke, George W. NC Henry      
Burris, Daniel H. Maple Valley Wayne      
Burton, George W. New Castle Prairie   Mexican War
Burton, George W. New Castle Prairie      
Burwick, John Cadiz Harrison      
Butler, Charles M. K-town Wayne      
Byram, Silas Middletown Fall Crk.      
Byrket, James Shirley Greensboro      
Byrket, Jesse Greensboro Greensboro      
Byrket, Peter Ogden Spiceland Yes ?    
Cain, George H. NC Henry      
Cameron, John D. K-town Wayne Yes ?    
Cameron, Wilson M. K-town Wayne      
Cammock, James W. K-town Wayne      
Campbell, William Greensboro Greensboro Eva R.    
Camplin, James Greensboro Greensboro      
Camplin, John F. Lewisville Franklin      
Cantrell, Abner Cadiz Harrison      
Carson, Samuel Spiceland Spiceland      
Carter, Solomon F. NC Henry      
Catemer, Berton W. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Catt, Daniel C. NC Henry      
Catt, George M. Snyder Wayne      
Chalfant, Jonathan Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
Chambers, David M. NC Henry      
Charles, Oliver K-town Wayne      
Chenoworth, Isaac Middletown Fall Crk.      
Chew, Harvey B. Kennard Greensboro      
Clair, Thomas C. Raysville Wayne      
Clair, Timothy Raysville Wayne      
Clevenger, John R. Cadiz Harrison      
Clevidence, Isaac Snyder Wayne      
Cochran, Willia, Kennard Greensboro      
Coffin, Thaddeus NC Henry      
Collins, Joel Spiceland Spiceland      
Coner, Patrick Mooreland Blue River      
Conklin, Henry Greensboro Greensboro      
Conn, Adam Eli Middletown Jefferson      
Conwell, David New Castle Prairie      
Conwell, Elias Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
Coon, Allen W. Cadiz Harrison      
Coon, Cornelius F. Shirley Greensboro      
Coon, Eli Dunreith Spiceland      
Coon, Job F. Kennard Greensboro      
Cooper, Imsly W. Mechanicsburg Fall Crk.      
Copeland, Exume Greensboro Greensboro      
Copeland, Needham W. K-town Wayne      
Copeland, Seth S. Greensboro Greensboro      
Cora, William T. NC Henry      
Corwin, J. W. K-town Wayne      
Corwin, Joseph W. K-town Wayne      
Cosand, Cornelius W. New Castle Franklin      
Covey, Charles Lewisville Franklin      
Covey, William Lewisville Franklin      
Craig, Daniel W. Cadiz Harrison      
Craig, Enoch Middletown Fall Crk.      
Craig, Leonard H. Mt. Summit Prairie      
Craig, Samuel Cadiz Harrison      
Crandall, William J. C. NC Henry      
Crasher, Peter Mechanicsbrg Harrison      
Craven, William L. NC Henry      
Crawford, Amos Raysville Wayne      
Crawford, William C. Straughn Dudley      
Cray, John H. Springport Prairie      
Cross, Calvin Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
Crouse, Henry M. K-town Wayne      
Crull, Francis M. Lewisville Franklin      
Curry, John C. NC Henry      
Dakius, William H. NC Henry      
Darling, William N. Spiceland Spiceland      
Davey, James Spiceland Spiceland      
Davis, Amos Mooreland Blue River      
Davis, Benjamin Middletown Fall Crk.      
Davis, J. W. Mooreland Stoney Crk.      
Davis, John Middletown Fall Crk.      
Davis, John H. K-town Wayne      
Davis, Joseph S. Oakville Prairie      
Davis, William Mooreland Stoney Crk.      
Deck, John E. K-town Wayne      
Deem, Martin Spiceland Spiceland Yes ?    
Deem, Sedley A. Spiceland Spiceland      
Denius, Leander S. NC Henry      
Dent, James I. K-town Wayne      
Dille, L. S. K-town Wayne Yes ?    
Dille, Squire K-town Wayne      
Diltz, James R. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Dixon, William Raysville Wayne Yes ?    
Dodd, William E. Springport Prairie      
Dovey, Francis K-town Wayne      
Dowell, David NC Henry      
Downs, William Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Duncan, Davidson D. K-town wayne      
Dutton, John Middletown Fall Crk.      
Dutton, Joseph Middletown Fall Crk.      
Eagle, George K-town Wayne      
Eaton, John R. Mechanicsburg Fall Crk.      
Eaton, Peter Middletown Fall Crk.      
Edwards, Austin M. K-town Wayne      
Edwards, William H. K-town Wayne      
Edwards, William M. K-town Wayne      
Ellenbarger, Jacob Dunreith Spiceland      
Elliot, James Greensboro Greensboro      
Elliot, Richard S. Kennard Greensboro      
Elliott, William H. NC Henry      
Ellis, Isaac W. NC Henry      
Engberth, John Greensboro Greensboro Phebe War of 1812
English, Hugh L. Dunreith Spiceland      
Estridge, John L. Spiceland Spiceland      
Everett, Theopolis Middletown Fall Crk. Adelade Mex., In., & Civil Wars
Fawcett, Alpheus Spiceland Spiceland      
Feeger, James F. NC Henry Margaret H. E. Emma
Fernandez, Rose Snyder Greensboro      
Ferris, Samuel NC Henry      
Filson, Charles New Lisbon Dudley      
Fink, Edward New Lisbon Dudley      
Fish, Tilghman K-town Wayne      
Fleming, Andrew J. Honey Crk. Jefferson      
Fleming, Norral Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Fleming, Wikkiam K. Middletownn Fall Crk.      
Fletcher, William NC Henry      
Fons, Louis Cadiz Harrison      
Foster, Nathan Spiceland Spiceland      
Foulke, William K-town Wayne      
Fraizer, William New Castle Prairie      
Franklin, Milton Middletown Fall Crk.      
Frazier, Isdel R. NC Henry      
Frazier, James NC Henry Elizabeth A    
Fredrick, Henry K-town Wayne      
Freeman, Henry C. K-town Wayne      
Freeman, William Middletown Fall Crk.      
Furgason, James L. K-town Wayne      
Furr, Boker C. K-town Wayne      
Gaines, Andrew NC Henry      
Galyean, Allen W. Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
Gibson, John Middletown Fall Crk.      
Gilbert, Joseph New Lisbon Dudley      
Gillgeese, William NC Henry      
Gilmore, James B. Springport Prairie      
Ginn, Job Mechanicsburg Fall Crk.      
Gold, William Middletown Fall Crk.      
Goldberry, Truman Lewisville Franklin      
Goldsberry, James Dunreith Spiceland Yes ?    
Good, Jacob Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Goodwin, David J. Lewisville Franklin      
Goodwin, Isaac Lewisville Franklin      
Goor, Joseph N. New Lisbon Dudley      
Gordon, Clarkson Spiceland Spiceland      
Gordon, George S. Spiceland Spiceland      
Gordon, Thaddeus H. K-town Wayne      
Gossett, Richard G. Honey Crk. Fall Crk.      
Gough, Jacob NC Henry      
Gough, Joseph K-town Wayne      
Gough, Thomas W. NC Henry      
Graf, George P. K-town Wayne      
Graves, Isaac Middletown Fall Crk.      
Graves, Joseph Middletown Fall Crk.      
Gray, Thomas J. NC Henry      
Grim, Job B. Cadiz Harrison      
Gronendyke, Thomas NC Henry      
Grose, William NC Henry      
Grover, Joseph Middletown Fall Crk.      
Grunden, James A. K-town Wayne      
Grunder, Isreal H. Greensboro Greensboro      
Gundy, William C. NC Henry      
Gustin, Joseph G. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Hackleman, Thomas M. K-town Wayne      
Haguewood, Miles NC Henry      
Haljum, Robert Lewisville Franklin      
Hall, Robert Lewisville Franklin      
Hanby, Elisha M. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Hansard, Patrick H. Cadiz Harrison      
Harris, Martin B. K-town Wayne      
Hart, Harry Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Hart, Thomas Lewisville Franklin      
Harter, Reason Honey Crk. Jefferson      
Hartley, Thomas L. Luray Prairie   Mexican War
Hartman, David NC Henry      
Hartman, Richard (c) NC Henry      
Harvey, John R. NC Henry      
Harvey, Levi Mt. Summit Prairie      
Harvey, Mahlon D. NC Henry      
Haskett, Nathan H. K-town Wayne      
Hastings, Peter F. Snyder Wayne      
Hatfield, Israel Millville Liberty Harriet    
Haugh, Thomas S. Ogden Spiceland      
Hawhee, Clinton K-town Wayne      
Hayden, Benjamin Straughn Dudley      
Hayden, John Straughn Dudley      
Hayes, Quinton B. Dunreith Spiceland      
Hazelrigg, James T. J. NC Henry Elizabeth    
Heaton, Wait M. K-town Wayne      
Heaton, White K-town Wayne      
Hedges, Greenberry W. Cadiz Harrison   Mexican War
Henderson, Isam B. NC Henry      
Hendricks, Joel Kennard Greensboro      
Hendricks, Miles Cadiz Harrison Sarah J.    
Hendrix, John P. Honey Crk. Fall Crk. Laverna    
Hewitt, Charles K-town Wayne Yes ?    
Hiatt, Seth Spiceland Spiceland      
Hickman, Charles Lewisville Franklin      
Higbee, William K-town Wayne      
Hillock, William Y. NC Henry      
Hobbs, Orville W. Ogden Spiceland      
Hobbs, Wilson K-town Wayne Yes ?    
Hockersmith, Samuel M NC Henry      
Hodson, John E. Ogden Spiceland      
Hollowell, Joshua Raysville Wayne Yes ?    
Holsingen, Jacob Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Holt, John G. Spiceland Spiceland      
Hoover, David NC Henry      
Hoover, Tobias K-town Wayne      
Hoppes, Daniel NC Henry      
Hosier, Bryant Spiceland Spiceland      
Houck, Thomas J. NC Henry      
House, William New Lisbon Liberty      
Howard, Elonzo K-town Wayne      
Howgren, C. A, C. New Lisbon Dudley      
Howren, Thomas J. K-town Wayne      
Hubbard, Alonzo K-town Wayne      
Hudelson, John W. K-town Wayne      
Hudelson, Rufus I. K-town Wayne      
Hudelson, William H. K-town Wayne      
Huffman, Slyvester H. Mooreland Blue River      
Hurst, George W. Kennard Greensboro      
Hurst, Joseph Honey Crk. Jefferson      
Hutson, James K-town Wayne      
Jackson, John Mooreland Blue River      
James, John K-town Wayne      
James, Leander M. Greensboro Greensboro      
Jamison, William Lewisville Franklin      
Jefferson, Ben F. K-town Wayne      
Jenkins, Henry K-town Wayne      
Jenkins, William Spiceland Spiceland      
Jennings, George W. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Jennings, William A. Spiceland Spiceland Yes ?    
Jester, Gary Mechanicsburg Fall Crk.      
Jobs, Michael Ashland Liberty     * CSA
Johnson, George W. Lewisville Franklin      
Johnson, Levi NC Henry      
Johnson, Silas Oakville Prairie      
Jones, David Middletown Fall Crk.      
Jones, James M. Kennard Greensboro      
Jordan, Anthony W. Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
Justice, John A. Ogden Spiceland      
Kendall, Adam New Castle Liberty      
Keough, Frank Greensboro Greensboro      
Kerr, Marcus A. Rogersville Stoney Crk.      
Kerr, William L. K-town Wayne      
Keys, John E. K-town Wayne      
Kindly, Joseph Flemon Millville Liberty Julia    
King, David T. NC Henry      
Kinsey, David W. NC Henry      
Kirkham, Samuel Lewisville Dudley      
Kisling, Amos Mechanicsburg Fall Crk.      
Kissel, Samuel NC Henry      
Knight, Joel H. Kennard Greensboro      
Koltenback, Michael K-town Wayne      
Kramer, Andrew L. NC Henry      
Laboyteaux, Richard Middletown Fall Crk.      
Laboyteaux, Thomas B Cadiz Harrison      
Lacey, Joseph M. New Lisbon Dudley      
Lacy, Alpheus Greensboro Greensboro Margaret    
Lacy, William B. Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
Lamb, Eric Spiceland Spiceland      
Larimore, James Kennard Greensboro Mary    
Larkin, Joseph W. Raysville Wayne Yes ?    
Larkin, William F. K-town Wayne Yes ?    
Larrowe, William Cadiz Harrison      
Latham, William Middletown Fall Crk.      
Lavalley, Edward Spiceland Spiceland      
Lawson, Dalzel Dunreith Spiceland      
Lawson, William J. K-town Wayne      
Leamon, Isaac C. K-town Wayne      
Leamon, Jonn N. Spiceland Spiceland      
Leasure, F. C. K-town Wayne      
Leavel, Abraham Raysville Wayne      
Lee, Elihu Spiceland Spiceland      
Leffingwell, Jonathan Mooreland Stoney Crk.      
Leonard, John C. Dunreith Spiceland      
Leonard, William H. Ogden Spiceland      
Level, Abrham Raysville Wayne      
Lewis, Daniel D. H. Straughn Dudley      
Lewis, Thomas A Cadiz Harrison      
Little, Gabrial Middletown Fall Crk.      
Livezey, John C. NC Henry      
Livezy, Joseph Mt. Summit Prairie      
Lockeridge, John jr. Kennard Greensboro      
Loer, Pearson NC Henry      
Logan, Wesley A. K-town Wayne      
Longnecker, Michael Springport Prairie      
Lowe, David NC Henry Mary    
Lowery, Francis M. Cadiz Harrison      
Lowery, Henry Cadiz Harrison Olie    
Lowery, Philander Cadiz Harrison      
Lowery, Phillip NC Henry      
Luellen, David M. Mooreland Blue River      
Luther, William J. B. Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
Luthultz, Joshua Kennard Greensboro      
Macy, Lambert Greensboro Greensboro      
Macy, William N. NC Henry      
Maddy, George W. Sulphur Sprngs Harrison      
Madison, John Kennard Greensboro      
Madison, William K-town Wayne      
Malsbary, Thomas New Castle Liberty      
Martin, Samuel New Castle Prairie      
Mason, John H. Spiceland Spiceland Yes ?    
Mathews, Joseph P. Spiceland Spiceland Yes ?    
Mathews, Phillip F. (c)K-town Wayne      
Matton, William E. K-town Wayne      
May, Frank K-town Wayne      
Mayre, Henry Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
McConnell, Joseph P. K-town Wayne Yes ?    
McConnell, Robert C. Cadiz Harrison   Jesse  
McConnell, Robert C. Cadiz Harrison   Robert  
McCormack, Andrew J. New Castle Harrison      
McCormack, John W. Cadiz Harrison      
McCormack, Josiah Kennard Greensboro      
McCormack, Noah Cadiz Harrison      
McCormick, Lafayette Cadiz Harrison      
McCray, Milton K-town Wayne      
McDowell, Peter NC Henry Martha    
McGavran, William B. K-town Wayne      
McGufin, Samuel K-town Wayne      
McKee, Joseph Cadiz Harrison      
McKinney, C. B. Luray Prairie      
McKinney, John Cadiz Harrison Sarah    
McKinzie, Peter Middletown Fall Crk.      
McMurney, John K-town Wayne      
McNally, John Ashalnd Liberty      
McNamara, Joseph K-town Wayne      
McVay, Thomas New Castle Prairie      
Meek, David F. NC Henry      
Meisse, Benjamin B. NC Henry      
Mendenhall, Elihu T. NC Henry      
Mendenhall, John NC Henry      
Menifee, John A Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson   Indiana Wars
Mercer, James M. New Lisbon Liberty      
Michels, Peter NC Henry      
Middaugh, Wilson C. NC Henry      
Middleton, Joseph L. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Midkiff, Wallace K-town Wayne      
Millis, Franklin H. Spiceland Spiceland      
Mills, Franklin H. Spiceland Spiceland      
Mills, James K-town Wayne      
Mills, William D. K-town Wayne      
Mitchell, Leander NC Henry      
Mitchum, Abraham Middletown Fall Crk.      
Modlin, David (c) NC Henry      
Modlin, Harry Spiceland Spiceland      
Modlin, Sawney (c) Dunreith Spiceland      
Moldin, Seth Greensboro Greensboro      
Monks, George W. Mooreland Blue River      
Monticue, David K-town Wayne      
Monticue, Solomon R. K-town Wayne      
Moore, Abraham K-town Wayne      
Moore, Charles H. C. Dunreith Spiceland      
Moore, Cornelius M. NC Henry      
Moore, Gideon Spiceland Spiceland      
Moore, Henry H. Mooreland Blue River      
Moore, Joshua Lewisville Franklin Yes ?    
Moore, Josiah B. Spiceland Henry      
Moore, Lou NC Henry      
Morris, Mark M. K-town Wayne      
Morrison, Robert J. K-town Wayne      
Morton, Thomas Middletown Fall Crk.   Mexican War
Mulford, John W. NC Henry      
Mullen, George E. NC Henry      
Mullen, Joseph NC Henry      
Mullin, Hugh L. NC Henry      
Mundell, John A. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Murray, Franklin W. Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
Murray, John C. NC Henry      
Musselman, John W. Raysville Wayne      
Muzzy, William Mt. Summit Prairie      
Needham, Isaac NC Henry      
Needham, Winford NC Henry Yes ?    
Neff, Albana C. Honey Crk. Fall Crk.      
Netz, John Ashland Liberty      
Netz, Peter Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Newby, James I New Castle, Harrison      
Newby, John K-town Wayne      
Newby, William B. Spiceland Spiceland      
Newton, William Greensboro Greensboro      
Nibarger, Harrison K-town Wayne      
Nicholson, Nathan New Lisbon Dudley      
Nickrum, Peter NC Henry Malinda    
Nipp, James NC Henry      
Nipp, William Mechanicsburg Fall Crk.      
Oakerson, John N. K-town Wayne      
O'brien, Neal Raysville Wayne      
Ogborn, Lafayette K-town Wayne      
Oldecker, John Raysville Wayne      
Oneal, William NC Henry      
Overman, Samuel W. Maple Valley Wayne      
Painter, Fleming W. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Painter, Monroe Middletown Fall Crk.      
Parker, Nathan W. K-town Wayne Yes ?    
Parker, William B. Ogden Spiceland      
Pate, William A. Spiceland Spiceland      
Patterson, Amaziah B. Luray Prairie      
Patterson, James Spiceland Spiceland Yes ?    
Peden, Milton K-town Wayne      
Pence, William NC Henry      
Pennington, Amos E. Ogden Spiceland      
Perry, John Cadiz Harrison      
Perry, John Millville Liberty      
Perry, Mordecai Ogden Spiceland Yes ?    
Peyton, Edward New Lisbon Dudley      
Pierson, Jackson Dublin Dudley      
Pierson, Jessie Middletown Fall Crk.      
Piles, Zachariah Cadiz Harrison      
Pleas, Elwood Dunreith Spiceland      
Poer, Robert F. K-town Wayne      
Polk, William S. Spiceland Spiceland      
Post, Charles B. NC Henry Julia   Fanny
Potter, Clinton S. Lewisville Franklin      
Powell, Henry L. NC Henry     Yes ?
Powers, James A. K-town Wayne      
Powers, John A. Luray Prairie      
Prather, Uriah C. K-town Wayne Yes ?    
Pressnall, Elijah M. Kennard Harrison      
Prichart, John H. Cadiz Harrison      
Ratliff, Calvin Greensboro Greensboro      
Ratliff, Exum Straughn Dudley      
Rea, John NC Henry      
Real, Martin L. NC Henry      
Redding, John M. NC Henry      
Reece, Daniel Spiceland Spiceland      
Reece, Henry C. Spiceland Spiceland      
Reed, Colier M. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Reed, Miles Liston NC Henry      
Reeder, Thomas B. Springport Prairie      
Renewalt, William New Castle Harrison      
Rent, Daniel Mechnicsburg Fall Crk.      
Reynolds, Calvin W. Lewisville Franklin      
Reynolds, Leander Straughn Dudley Elmira    
Reynolds, William Lewisville Franklin      
Richardson, Cornelius J NC Henry      
Rifner, Peter Spiceland Spiceland      
Roberson, Caleb J. Mt. Summit Prairie      
Roberts, Isaac K-town Wayne      
Roberts, James S. K-town Wayne Yes ?    
Robeson, John Lewisville Franklin      
Robinson, Newton K-town Wayne      
Rogers, Leonidas NC Henry      
Rohrback, William H.H. Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Ross, James Lewisville Dudley      
Ross, Moses Straughn Dudley      
Ross, Wiliam J. Luray Prairie      
Runyan, Abraham Millville Liberty      
Saint, Albert W. NC Henry      
Saint, Horace M. Greensboro Greensboro      
Sample, Asa E. K-town Wayne      
Sanders, George Middletown Fall Crk.      
Sanders, Henry Middletown Fall Crk.      
Schaeffer, Henry K-town Wayne      
Sears, James W. Spiceland Spiceland      
Shafer, Henry J. K-town Wayne      
Shain, George W. New Castle Jefferson      
Sharp, Russell B. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Shedrin, Charles C. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Shelley, William F. NC Henry      
Shephard, Lorenzo D. NC Henry      
Shepherd, Adam Mooreland Stoney Crk.      
Sherrod, Fredrick J. K-town Wayne      
Shields, David NC Henry      
Shipman, Charles M. K-town Wayne      
Shockley, John Straughn Dudley Amanda    
Shockley, John W. Straughn Dudley      
Shockley, William Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
Shoemaker, J. P. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Shoemaker, John M. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Shopp, Henry S. NC Henry      
Showalter, William H. Lewisville Franklin      
Shurkem, George Raysville Wayne      
Simmons, Henry W. NC Henry      
Simmons, William K-town Wayne      
Simms, Paris Kennard Greensboro      
Smith, James H. NC Henry      
Smith, Joseph NC Henry      
Smith, Joshua Lewisville Franklin      
Smith, Robert A. Greensboro Greensboro      
Snider, Samuel H. Grant City Wayne      
Speakman, John NC Henry      
Spencer, John A. Spiceland Spiceland      
Sprong, Andrew J. Spiceland Spiceland      
Staff, Henry Rogersville Wayne      
Stafford, Fieling H. C. Spiceland Spiceland      
Starbuck, James M. Greensboro Greensboro      
Steele, James K-town Wayne      
Steffey, Joseph Shirley Greensboro      
Steiner, Valentine K-town Wayne      
Stephenson, Reuben B. Messick Prairie      
Stephenson, Reuben B. Messick Prarie   Mexican War
Stevens, Charles H. Mt. Summit Prairie      
Stigleman, John Spiceland Spiceland      
Stites, Corwin K-town Wayne      
Stratton, B. F. K-town Wayne      
Stubblefield, James New Lisbon Dudley Elizabeth    
Sullivan, Patrick NC Henry      
Sullivan, William Straughn Dudley      
Swafford, Seabon W. New Lisbon Dudley      
Swain, Henry W. NC Henry      
Swain, John L. Mechanicsburg Fall Crk.      
Swain, John M. NC Henry      
Swain, Thomas M. K-town Wayne      
Swain, William H. K-town Wayne Elizabeth    
Swearingen, Demetres Rogersville Prairie      
Swearingen, Samuel V. Rogersville Stoney Crk.      
Sweet, William K. Springport Prairie      
Sylvanus, Charles Straughn Dudley      
Tarkleson, George W. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Taylor, Eathen S. Cadiz Harrison      
Taylor, Thomas E. Spiceland Spiceland      
Thomas, Hensley (c) K-town Wayne      
Thomas, James W. NC Henry      
Thompson, George W. Cadiz Harrison      
Thompson, George W. Cadiz Harrison   Mexican War
Thompson, Henry Cadiz Harrison      
Thompson, Joseph H. Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Thurber, Newton B. New Castle Jefferson      
Thurman, Isom (c) NC Henry      
Trail, William jr. (c) Kennard Greensboro      
Turner, Noah NC Henry      
Turnpaugh, Ruben M. Millville Liberty      
Tykle, Fredrick Middletown Fall Crk.   Mexican War
Ulmer, Daniel Kennard Greensboro      
Upham, Nathan NC Henry      
Upp, George W. Mechanicsburg Fall Crk. Yes ?    
Van Dyke, Thomas B. Lewisville Franklin      
Van Matre, Cyrus Middletown Fall Crk.      
Vance, Samuel G. NC Henry      
Vandaningham, Leroy D. K-town Wayne      
Vanostram, Gabriel Mechanicsbrg Harrison      
Vaughn, Theodore R. NC Henry Beulah    
Wagner, James L. Wilkinson Wayne      
Walborn, Joshua T. C. K-town Wayne      
Waldron, Hokman W. NC Henry Araline    
Walker, Jacob S. NC Henry Lydia    
Waller, Thomas New Lisbon Dudley      
Walling, Cra A. K-town Wayne      
Walling, Joseph W. Mt Summit Prairie      
Warner, Noah W. Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Warnock, Jacob Honey Crk. Fall Crk.      
Wasson, John D. Blountsville Stoney Crk.      
Watson, James F. Dunreith Spiceland      
Watts, Harry K-town Wayne      
Wayman, John C. NC Henry      
Weaver, Charles Mt. Summit Prairie      
Weaver, Cornelius C. New Lisbon Dudley      
Weaver, John R. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Weaver, John S. Mt Summit Prairie      
Weaver, Walter S. K-town Wayne      
Weesner, Jesse Kennard Greensboro      
Welch, James Dunreith Spiceland Yes ?    
Welch, James H. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Welker, James M. Millville Liberty      
Welker, Jorden Millville Liberty      
Well, George T. NC Henry      
White, Aaron (c) Kennard Greensboro      
White, James M. Straughn Dudley Yes?    
White, Johnson A. Dunreith Spiceland      
White, Noah B. K-town Wayne      
Whitesell, James L. K-town Wayne      
Whitworth, John W. Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Whitworth, Sanford Honey Crk. Fall Crk.      
Wiggins, Henry B. Ogden Spiceland      
Wilkinson, Thomas B. K-town Wayne      
Williams, Augustus Mt. Summit Prairie      
Williamson, Isaac Shirley Greensboro      
Willis, James S. Straughn Dudley      
Wilson, Daniel H. NC Henry      
Wilson, John New Lisbon Dudley      
Wilson, Michael C. Kennard Greensboro      
Wilson, R. H. Middletown Fall Crk.      
Winkler, John R. Ogden Spiceland      
Winnings, Samuel Millville Liberty Molly    
Wisehart, Richard NC Henry      
Wisehart, William Mechanicsburg Fall Crk.      
Wolf, Samuel New Castle Franklin      
Woods, Henry C. K-town Wayne      
Woods, Jeremiah K-town Wayne      
Woods, Robert E. K-town Wayne      
Woods, Seth Cadiz Harrison Evaline    
Woolard, Aaron Hagerstown Liberty      
Wright, Benjamin F. NC Henry      
Wright, Isaac N. Lewisville Franklin      
Wrightsman, David NC Henry      
Wysong, John K-town Wayne      
Yost, Albert Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Yost, Jacob W. Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Young, James L. Sulphur Sprngs Jefferson      
Young, James S. Spiceland Spiceland      
Young, Joseph Middletown Fall Crk.      
Young, Robert Middletown Fall Crk.      

2001 UEB - HCHS

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