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Henry County, IN "New" Corporations 1900

- New Castle Democrat -
July 1900
    During the year 1899 and 1900, ending May 31st just past, the following firms were incorporated under the laws of Indiana, and are doing business in Henry County:
   The South Park Floral Company of New Castle, Ind. with a capitol stock of $20,000.00, with Myer and Herbert Heller at the head. The principle object of this company is the growing, cultivating and selling flowers, plants and shrubs. They employ fifteen men.
   The South Park Floral Company struck an excellent gas well last Friday on its lot in the south part of town on Park Avenue. The drill went sixty feet into Trenton rock before gas was found and a five-foot blaze resulted. A charge of forty quarts of nitro-glycerin was exploded in the well with gratifying results. It shows a pressure of 200 pounds and is perfectly dry. The gas is sufficient to heat all their boilers and that means a good deal when it is considered that coal would cost them over $3,000.00 a year for the enlarged plant.
   The Safety Corn Husker and Shredder Company of Indianapolis, Ind. comes next with a capitol stock of $50,000.00. The company is doing business in New Castle, Ind. and is composed of representative men of New Castle and manufactures and sells The Safety Corn Husker and Shredder, and other farm implements, utensils and machinery, employing about fifty men.
   The American Shovel Company with a capitol stock of $50,000.00. The principle stockholders being New Castle citizens, was organized to manufacture and sell shovels. Spades, scoops, handles and such other articles as said company might agree upon. They employ thirty-five men.
   The Middletown Manufacturing Company, with a capitol stock of $15,000.00 is engaged in the manufacturing, buying and selling of metallic and art furniture or any other article of merchandise as may be necessary for the purpose of conducting their business.
   The Ralya Saw Company of Middletown and composed of Middletown citizens, is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of saws, tools, knives and etc. The capitol stock in this company is $5,000.00.
   The Morris -Johnson Excelsior Manufacturing Company with a capitol stock of $10,000.00 is engaged in the manufacture and sale of excelsior. George B. and A. T. Morris and J. R. Johnson are the officers of this company.
   The Brass and Iron Bedstead Company with a capitol of $20,000.00 was incorporated for the purpose of manufacturing and sale of Brass and Iron bedsteads and other metallic art furniture and is composed of New Castle capitol entirely.
   The New Castle Plating and Novelty Company with a capitol of stock of $1,000.00 is headed by C. M. Moore. They do all kinds of nickel, silver and copper plating and manufacture all kinds of novelty items.
U.E.Bush, 2004

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