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New Castle, IN Business Directory


Clothing Stores
Allen's Kiddie Shop (Children's) 104 S Main
Barnette's Inc. (Men's) 1321 Broad St.
Beall, Lloyd Men's Wear 1300 Broad St.
Beverly Shops (Women's) 1331 Broad St.
Fashion Shop 1313 Broad St.
Goodwin-Pope Co. (Men's & Boy's)1309 Broad St.
Kumfy Togs Inc. 1004 S 14th St.
Lad & Lassie Shop (Children) 1323 Broad St.
LaVaughn Apparel (Women's) 1718 I Ave.
Lord's Feminine Apparel (Women's) 1410 Broad St.
Marilyn's Dress Mart (Women's) 1640 P Ave.
Morton's Apparel Shops Inc. (Women's) 1304 Broad St.
Moskin's Credit Clothing Co. 1421 Broad St.
Rita Anne Shoppe (Women's) 1432 Broad St.
Patrick's Second Hand Goods 2320 California St.
Tapscott's Dress Shop 214 S Main St.
The Why Store (Men's) 1409 Broad
Thrift Shop 1414 Race St.
Val-U Dress Shop (Women's) 1316 Broad St.
Vogue Shop (Women's) 207 S Main St.
Woodbury's, Mary (Women's) 108 S Main St.

Gasoline Stations
Abston's DX Service Station 2101 Grand Ave.
Adam's, Jesse Standard Services1720 Broad St.
Blackburn Sunoco Service 1556 Broad St.
Brenneman's Shell Service 1816 S Memorial Dr.
Brown's Pure Oil Service Station 2102 Broad St.
Brown's Sinclair Service Station 2105 Broad St.
Castle Oil Co.2702 Walnut St.
Catron's Shell Service Station 1627 Broad St.
Cities Service Oil Co. 1101 Oak St.
Clark,s Texaco 2501 Broad St.
Cox Pure Oil Service Station 2100 Broad St.
Doc's Texaco Service Station 518 Broad St.
Don's Gulf Service Station 2020 Broad St.
Dudley's Sun Glo Service Station 533 N Memorial Dr.
D-X Sunray Oil Co. 390 Broad St.
G & G Gulf Service Station 2220 S 14th St.
Garrard's Standard Service 2702 S 14th St.
Gibson Shell Service Station 802 S 14th St.
Goodwin Bros. 290 Broad St.
Hal's Service Station 1303 S 14th St.
Harold's Service Station 1719 Broad St.
Joe's Service Station Corner of Westwood & Greensboro Rd.
Kenny's Standard Service Station 2624 Broad St.
Kirkpatrick D-X Service Station 310 Broad St.
Lamberson's Gulf Service 709 S Main St.
Ledbetter & Keller Mobile Service 2913 S 14th St.
Low Price Service Station 1557 Walnut St.
Marcum D-X Service Station 2023 Broad St.
Martin's Marathon Service 1726 Grand Ave.
Matthew's Shell Service 2701 Broad St.
Mobile Oil Co. 697 N Main St.
Morris Gulf Service Station 603 Broad St.
Morris & Sweigart Texaco Service Station 1909 S Memorial Dr.
Ohio Oil Co.712 Spring St.
Ora's Gulf Service Station 1101 Broad
Paul's Independent Service Station 1530 Broad St.
Phillips Petroleum Co. 1102 Oak St.
Pope's Texaco Service Station 2418 14th St.
Roger's Sinclair Service 2402 S Main St
Rose Cities Service 403 S Main St.
Semler's Marathon Service Station 320 S 14th St.
Shell Oil Co. 2702 Walnut St.
Shepperd's, Fred Shell Service Station 802 S 14th St
Smith's, Homer Service 520 S Main St.
Speck's Service Station 1640 I Ave.
Standard Oil Co. (Bulk) 1812 Grand Ave.
Stearn's Shell Service Station Main & Vine St.
Stinson's Hygold Service Station 1403 S 18th St.
Taggart's Gulf Service Station N Memorial Dr.
Thurman's D-X Service Station 1602 S 14th St
Vance's Standard Service Station 285 Broad St
Vance's Standard Service Station 11 N Memorial Dr.
Wake Up Service Station1902 S Memorial Dr.
White Flash Service Station 124 N 15th St.
Wilt's Wake Up Service Station 2306 Spring St.
York Bros. Gulf Service Station 722 Bundy Ave.
Zimmerman's 66 Service Station 402 S Main St.

Groceries & Retail Meat
Atlantic & Pacific Food Store 127 N 14th
Baldock's Grocery 1708 E Ave.
Beaver's, Lowell A. 1222 Broad
Becker Bros. IGA Market 1920 A Ave.
Bennett's Grocery 2502 Grand
Brummett's Drive In Market 1883 S 14th
Burn's Market & Hardware 2204 Plum
Carr's Grocery 2224 California Ave.
Catt, Marvin A. 2012 Plum
Curlett Food Market 1549 Broad
Dishman's Meat Market 2901 Grand Ave.
Eaton's Market & Bakery 2121 S Memorial Dr.
Family Market 2702 Broad
Flynn's Grocery 1603 N 21st
Garten's Grocery 2204 Broad
Grandview Market 2131 Grand Ave.
Gregory's Grocery 204 Trainor
Groce's Market 2614 C Ave.
H & B Food Market 2518 High
Hilltop Grocery Cadiz Road
Home Grocery 1511 S 18th
Jarrett's Grocery1002 S 18th
Jaydee Market 1102 S 21st
Keith's Grocery 1626 Irvin
Kroger Co. 235 Main
Marsh Foodliner 2929 S 14th
Marshall's Grocery 1618 C Ave.
Neal's Grocery 420 S 25th
Northside Market 454 N Main
Owen's Grocery 1910 G Ave.
Pantry Shelf 1311 S 20th
Personnette Grocery1202 S 14th
Ramsey Grocery 107 S 6th
Rose City Market 135 S Memorial Dr.
Standard Food Market 1712 Broad
Sullivan's Market 3101 Brown Road
Teager's Grocery 332 S 8th
Thompson's Grocery 421 Bundy Ave.
Turner's Grocery 1705 O Ave.
Turner's Market 1740 Irvin
Wells, Elmo Grocery 925 S Main
Westwood Grocery Country Club Rd.

Organizations - Benevolent & Fraternal Orders
Al Hilal Santha No. 50 Nomads of Curndaka 1208 Broad St
Al Hital Temple No. 33 (DOKK) 1208 Broad St.
American Legion Post #137 1600 I Ave.
American War Mothers Basement of Courthouse
Cancer Society of Henry County 1010 Church St.
Charity Rebekah Lodge No. 19 IOOF 200 S Main St.
Communications Workers of America Local #5804 AFL-CIO 201 N Main
Community Fund 1338 Broad St.
Westminster House 2600 C Ave.
Crescens Lodge #33 K of P 1208 Broad St.
Dekalb Agra Assn Inc. 106 N Main Rm 420
Eagles Lodge #933 Cadiz Road
Fidelty Lodge #59 IOOF 200 S Main St.
Fraternal Order of Eagles Rd. 38W
Girl Scouts Executive Headquarters 1315 Broad St.
Henry County Historical Society 614 S 14th St.
Henry Co. Scottish Rite Club Masonic Temple
Henry Encampment #69 IOOF 200 S Main St.
Knights of Columbus Council #1735 118 N 17th
Lodge #147 Loyal Order of Moose 1427 Broad St.
Meat Cutters & Packing House Workers Local #167 AFL-CIO 201 N Main St.
New Castle Assembly #27 of Rainbow for Girls Masonic Temple
New Castle Chamber of Commerce 1st National Bank Bldg.
New Castle Chapter #191 Social Order of Beauceant Masonic Temple
New Castle Chapter #50 RAM Masonic Temple
New Castle Chapter #116 Order of Eastern Star Masonic Temple
New Castle Commandery #44 Knights Templer Masonic Temple
New Castle Council #53 R&SM Masonic Temple
New Castle Industrial Development Committee 1338 Broad St.
New Castle Lodge #91 F&AM Masonic Temple
New Castle Lodge #484 BPOE 309 S Main St.
New Castle State Hospital Employees Local #876 AFL-CIO 201 N Main St.
Retired Worker's Group AFL-CIO 201 N Main St.
Rose City Auxiliary #59 IOOF 200 S Main St.
Rose City Canton #59 IOOF 200 S Main St.
Ruth Shrine #17 WSOJ Masonic Lodge
United Brewery Workers of America Local #128 AFL-CIO 201 N Main St.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America Local #1761 AFL-CIO 201 N Main St.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America Local #1910 AFL-CIO 201 N Main St.
United Paper Workers Local #1058 AFL-CIO 201 N Main St.
United Workers Locals #59, 370, 371, 466, 729, 999, & 1220 AFL-CIO 201 N Main St.
Venus Temple #50 Pythian Sisters 1208 Broad St.
Veteran's of Foreign Wars Post #1282 205 N 16th St.
Woman of The Moose Chapter #473 1427 Broad St
Woman's Council Chamber of Commerce YMCA.
World War 1 Auxiliary Court house
YMCA 1201 Church St.

Restaurants & Taverns
Bell's Drive In 314 Parkview Dr.
Bill's Lunch Room 1718 I Ave.
Byer's Cafe 1555 Broad St.
Castle Heights Cafe 1809 I Ave.
Chew Chew Restaurant 1212 Broad St.
Chrysler Cafe 1904 I Ave.
Coffee Shop 115 S 14th St.
Crider's Drive In 121 N Memorial Dr.
DD Cafe 1921 S 18th St.
Davis Restaurant N Memorial Dr.
Dee's Lunch Room 405 N Memorial Dr.
Dog & Suds Drive-In 1726 S Memorial Dr.
Doug's Quick Service 221 S 14th St.
Forge Cafe 2012 I Ave.
Frisch's Drive In 1901 S Memorial Dr.
Grace's Grill 1326 Race St.
Harrold's Hamburgers 2225 S 14th St.
Howard's Drive In 433 N Memorial Dr.
Ice House Tavern 1550 Walnut St.
Kwik Shop 1803 Grand Ave.
Lola's Luncheon 1601 S Main St.
Midway Cafe 1426 Broad St.
OK Cafe 1523 Broad St.
Old Dominion Dining Room 1231 Race St.
Oran's Super Club 2263 Indiana Ave.
Pasquale's Pizza Carry Out 127 S 21st St.
Plymouth Cafe 1521 S 19th St.
Porthole Restaurant 1405 I Ave.
Raintree Dining Room 2005 S Memorial Dr.
Ray's Cafe 1316 Race St.
Ray's Drive In 1701 S Main St.
Red Bird Cafe 1527 Broad St.
Robertson's Lunch Counter 1422 Broad St.
Roby's Italian Pizza 1130 Broad St.
Rolling Mill Cafe Cadiz Pike
Shapiro's - 1214 Broad St.
Sheppard's Cafe & Hotel - 1523 S 19th St.
Simmon's Restaurant -1216 Broad St.
Sipe's Cigar Store - 1325 Broad St.
The 38 Club - 1430 Broad St.
Top Hat Drive In - 2502 Broad St.
Uptown Bar & Grill - 1603 Broad St.
Vance's Restaurant - 111 S Memorial Dr.
Wayne's Grill - 1511 Broad St.
White's Restaurant - 1818 I Ave.

Bundy School - 209 S 15th
Chrysler High School - 901 Parkside Dr.
Greenstreet, Joseph A. - 329 S 5th
Hernly, Charles S. 1907 - C Ave.
Holland School - 906 Broad St.
Junior High Building A - 1407 Walnut St
Junior High Building B 306 - S 14th St.
Parker, Benjamin S. 1305 - G Ave.
Riley, James Whitcomb - 1201 Riley Rd.
Sunnyside 2601 - S14th.
Weir, J. C. 205 - S 21st St.
Westwood - Greensboro Pike
Wilbur Wright - 1950 Washington St.

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