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Indiana 36th Infantry Regiment, Indiana Volunteers

September 1861

     Soon after April 10, 1861, the date Fort Sumter was fired upon by Confederate artillery and forced, after a brief conflict, to surrender to the people of the south who had determined to severe their connection to the Union and establish themselves a government known as the Confederacy, the Governor of the State of Indiana, Oliver P. Morton, sent the following message to the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln; "On behalf of the State of Indiana, I tender to you for the defense of the nation and up to uphold the authority of the government 10,000 men." On April 15th, 1861 the President called for 75,000 volunteers to the defense of the Union.
    On September 16th, 1861 the following named citizens were mustered into the 36th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Nearly one hundred of these men are from Henry County. This list is of those who were the very first to serve in the 36th Volunteer Infantry Regiment, many more were to serve in the 36th throughout the war. These were among the first to see service during the Civil War.

New Castle Courier
September 1861
    During the last week it was our privilege to spend a few days with the boys of the 36th regiment, temporarily located in Camp Murphey, at Indianapols. The excellent appearance of this regiment is matter of remark with all who have seen their drills. The men average well in size, are robust and healthy, and nearly all seem comfortable and contented.

The regimental organization is as follows:

Colonel - William Grose
Lt. Colonel - O. H. P. Carey
Major - T. W. Bennett
Adjutant - George W. Lennard

Company Commanders:
Company A - Capt. Wm. D. Wiles
Company B - Capt. Kilgore
Company C - Capt. Pyrrhus Woodward
Company D - Isaac Kinley
Company E - Capt. Kearney
Company F - Capt. Hoover
Company G - Capt. Orr
Company H - Capt. Trusler
Company I - Capt. Sim
Company K - Capt. Marrow P. Armstrong

We have obtained copies of the muster rolls of the 3 Henry county companies.

Captain William Wiles
1st Lt. Lewis C. Freeman
2nd Lt. Nathan H. Wiles
1st Sgt. Robert B. Carr

Timothy Hynes, John Goodnoe
John Stewart and George W. Hedrick

Charles T. Madison, James W Thomas, Thomas S. Heavenridge, Aldophus G. Thut, Daniel Newby, Robert Gordon, John G. Cool and William Davis

David Young and William Hutchens

Augustus Glidden

Antrim, John Green, Charles Morris, Robert
Bayse, Noah Hall, Robert Morris, William
Beach, George P. Hall, Wm. C. Needham, Robert
Bell, Samuel Hayse, Alex P. Nicholson, L. L.
Bowser, Edward Hayse, Mahlon Nicholson, M. D.
Bradway, William Hayse, William Pattison, James
Breltzley, Daniel Heacock, Elwood Paxson, Aaron S.
Brewer, David F. Hedrick, Joseph Pettitt, Joseph A.
Bridget, John Henry, John H. Pike, Stanford L.
Bryant, John A. Hicklin, Heny H. Rail, Harrison
Bunker, Jesse Hopper, A. W. Reynolds, C. H.
Bush, Amos L. Hopper, Lewis M. Salsbury, Henry B.
Callahan, William Hopper, Samuel Shackle, Jesse
Camblin, William Hopper, Theodore Smith, Solomon
Charles, Syvlanus Howen, Nimrod Stephenson, Amos
Cooper, James F. Kent, Henry Stewart, William
Crickmore, J. A. Lewis, Wm. H. Stewart, William F.
Davis, Cornelius Linns, Joseph Stiggleman, John
Dean, Martin Lowe, Joseph S. Waddell, Henry
Debord, Drury Maner, Henry Waddell, Luther
Doolittle, Eli Manis, Isaac G. Warrick, George. W.
Edwards, John H. Marley, Ralph Watson, C. S.
Elliot, Franklin Marlow, Simeon Weeks, Eli W.
Emery, Jonathan Marlow, William Werking, John
Farmer, Wm. H. McKinnimen, W. H. Werking, Joseph E.
Foster, Samuel H. Miller, Benjamin A. Williams, J. W.
Goldsberry, T. Moore, Abraham Wilson, Luther
Gordon, Clarkson Moore, Charles H. C. Woolaker, Francis

Captain Pyrrus Woodward
1st Lt. Joseph W. Connell
2nd Lt. John E. Holland
1st Sgt. William Hoover

Cornelius Moore, John C. Livezey
James W. Millikan, Hugh Mullen

O. W. Powell, Alphens Davis
John Julian, Noah McCormack
Mahlon Hendricks, Joseph B. Rogers
James Vores, John H. Modlin

George Hazzard, George Shirk

Henry Lowry

Albertson, John B. Harvey, John R. Pence, James
Armstrong, John Harvey, Milton Pierce, Jonathan
Atkinson, George P. Henderson, Henry Porter, William
Bales, Parnel Hiatt, Joel Presnall, Samuel
Barnard, Samuel Hooten, Wm. F. Reichart, Henry
Bond, Levi Hootslar, Michael Reichart, John N.
Bradbury, James Hoover, Charles Ritchie, George
Brown, Archibald Julian, Absalom Rogers, George W.
Burnns, Robert Kerr, William Ross, Hiram
Courtney, Robert Landes, Daniel Sanders, John
Courtney, Wm. C. Lewis, James N. Shearon, Thomwas W.
Covalt, Chemiah Lewis, Thomas J. Shepherd, Leander
Crawfors, Benjamin Lowe, William Shepherd, Lorenzo
Daily, William Luellen, Oliver Stinson, George
Deselms, Wm. B. McDowell, Andrew Swats, George
Dubois, Wm. W. McDowell, Peter Sweigart, Jacob
Emick, Isaac Miller, Abraham Templin, Samuel V.
Faizche, Walter Millikan, Eli F. Topping, William
Finley, Michael Mitchell, Perry Vale, John
Frazer, William Mitchell, Thomas Way, Thomas R.
Garmen, Daniel Modlin, William Wayman, John
Gilgeese, John Moore, Henry H. Weaver, C. H.
Ginn, James Moore, Miles M. Weber, William H.
Ginn, Tabor W. Moran, John Williams, Augustus
Goff, Enoch Needham, Jesse W. Williams, Nereas
Goodwin, George W. Nicholson, John Winnings, Samuel
Gray, Joshua Nicholson, Nathan  
Haguewood, Miles Pearsom, Zeno  

Captain Isaac Kinley
1st Lt. Eli M. Sweet
2nd Lt. Robert S. Swain
1st Sgt. Mecajah C. Gorden

Morgan James, William Butler
Wm. H. Fentress, Thomas M. Swain

Ansom Bird, Albert Saint
Eli M. Sweet, George Cantly
Ralph V. Murray, David S. Byers
Clingman Jefferson, William Brookshire

William Bicknell

William J. Hall

Adamson, Elias H. Hayes, Eaton Newby, John W.
Allen, Reuben W. Hosier, Isaiah Newby, William B.
Bennett, Wilber Houser, John Osmint, John
Bird, Wesley Howran, Thomas D. Parkhurst, John A.
Bowman, Jabez Hull, George W. Pickett, John
Bowman, John Hull, John Pierce, Benjamin F.
Brown, Isaac James, Austin Pike, Samuel
Bundy, George Jester, Alexander Presnall, Dempsey
Butler, Hiram Jones, Ephraim L. Radcliff, Augustus
Camplin, John Kern, John A. Radcliff, Charles
Cartwright, James Lacy, Alphens Ricks, John W.
Chew, Harvey B. Laramons, James Ricks, Mercer
Compton, Evan Lathultz, Joachim Risk, John W.
Cook, William Lathultz, Joshua Routh, Isaac
Coon, Allen W. Lesh, Grover Sapp, Jown W.
Coon, Noah W. Lockridge, John Saters, Noah W.
Copeland, Exum Lowe, George N. Saters, William
Dille, John R. Macy, William Taylor, David
Edwards, Wesley Manlove, Charles Shockley, Elisha
English, George Manlove, John Spencer, David
Frame, William Martin, Samuel Starr, Zachariah M.
Freeman, Austin Miller, James Stephenson, W. H.
Freeman, George W. Montiene, David Ward, John S.
Freeman, W. L. Montiene, Jesse Weeks, Nathan
Griggsby, Samuel Morris, Jasper West, William D.
Grover, Henry Morris, Wilson M. Wilson, Alphens
Hall, Branson Newby, James Wright, John H.

U.E.Bush, 2003

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