Henry County, Indiana
Pioneer Cemeteries
Restoration Project

The Indiana Pioneer Cemeteries Restoration Project was begun in October 1997 as an effort to generate public awareness about the neglected pioneer cemeteries of Indiana. The state of Indiana is home to thousands of abandoned or neglected pioneer cemeteries, the oldest of which now approach 200 years. The goal of this project is to restore and preserve as many of these cemeteries as possible. This project was founded on the belief that we owe our pioneer ancestors a better monument than a forgotton grave amid bramble and thicket. Hello, my name is Ulysses Bush and I am the Indiana PCRP Coordinator for Henry County. If you have any questions or comments about the project, please e-mail me at ueb@hcgs.net. If you would like to adopt an Indiana County for this project, please contact our State Coordinator, Lois Mauk.

Henry County Cemetery Commission
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Henry County PCRP Project Cemeteries:

Messick Cemetery
Bell Cemetery
Messick Cemetery
Hodson Cemetery

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