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Henry County Genealogical Services

Henry County Mercer Lineage


The following lineage is based on a presentation made in the 1920s at an annual Mercer Family Reunion. I have added names of the last 80 years. JLM


Allan Eugene Mercer Richard Mercer

Jerry Lamont Mercer Linda Mercer

Mark Lamont Mercer Frederick Wayne Mercer


Chester Clinton Mercer

William Mercer

Clara Mercer

Eva Mercer

Mary Mercer

Charles Mercer


James Madison Mercer

William Mercer

Adaline Mercer

Sidney mercer

Franklin Mercer

Margarette Mercer

Mary Mercer Joshua Mercer

George Mercer

William Mercer

Margaret Mercer


John Mercer

Thomas Mercer

Mary Mercer

Hannah Mercer

Elizabeth Mercer

Lydia Mercer

Nancy Mercer

Unknown Mercer


Joshua Mercer b. 3/16/1771 d. 7/1815

Robert Mercer b .9/29/1716

Thomas Mercer b. 10/2/1694 d. 1758


Thomas Mercer d. 1716

Jerry Mercer

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