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William Bell Cemetery

Liberty Township, Henry Co., IN
Est: 1820s

   Located in section #25 in Liberty Township on CR #850 east, about 1 mile south of the Chicago Corner church, on the old Bell farm. Now owned by Robert and Lois West. The burial ground was started by William Bell who came to Henry County from Wayne County in 1821 with several of his nearby neighbors. He purchased 160 acres at this site on 16 Aug 1821. The first known burial here was Robert Bell, the infant son of William and Nancy Bell.
   Other nearby neighbors also used this burial ground to bury their family members, thus making this a neighborhood burial ground. This area has several little unknown burial plots, one a little north of here (Forkner) and another one (Crull) a little south of here, both on the banks of the little Symon's Creek.
   The Bell cemetery has not received any care or any kind in several years ever since Mr. Bell died in the 1980s and the land was sold. It is completely overgrown with day lilies, small shrubs, noxious weeds and such. There is a major clean-up scheduled for November 6 & 7 of this year (2004).

Bell, AnnaJune 21March 6W of N or VW Bell
Bell, Anna 4 Mar 1841 4y, 3m, 26d D of Wm. & Nancy
Bell, Henry H. 22 Sep 1832 11y, 11m, 10d S of JL & S
Bell, John 6 May 1850 30y, 11m, 18d S of Wm. & Nancy
Bell, Nancy L. 11 Apr 1845 46y, 1m, 9d W of Wm.
Bell, Robert 1 May 1826 21d S of Wm. & Nancy
Bell, William 17 Jan 1863 56y, 11m, 19d  
Brandon, Catherine 28 May 1851 52y, 8m, 13d W of Samuel
Brower, Henry C. 17 Sep 1861 17y, 6m, 13d S of Aaron & Dolly
Footstone, T. L.      
Christena R. Laudig30 Apr 184872y, 2m, 7dWife of Jacob
Ladig, Peter 1850 92y, 11d In German Script
Ladig, Jacob 17 Oct 1843 78y, 10m, 22d  
The following stones were found during a recent clean up project:
footstone E. B. (Possibly Elijah Bell near America's burial)
America V. Bell Daughter of Elijah & Amanda Bell
footstone M. V. B.
UEB 2004

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