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New Castle's Boom Year


   In the year 1881, local newspapers were writing of the record breaking building boom of new homes and factories that was occurring in the city of New Castle, IN. The following story appeared in the New Castle Courier of Friday, August 26, 1881.
   Our Boom - in another column we have carefully prepared an exhibit of the record of building operations in New Castle thus far this season. It is a very gratifying showing, and we are proud to be able to make it. It is a part of the business of a newspaper to keep track of such things, and we have made mention from time to time of real estate movements; we confess, however, to some surprise when we read and summed up the statement referred to. It over reaches any guess we would have made, and we would doubt not that most people who read it will be correspondingly astonished. It is certainly grand. But a word of caution to the men of New Castle, the two new railroads have given us impetus. Their construction has brought men and money to the town. When they are completed they will, of course, be a great advantage, but will not continue to lay out money as they have done. You will observe that most of the improvements noted are in the line of dwellings. Men will not come and erect dwellings here forever unless there is opportunity to earn wages or make money in business. Something else must be done.
   Our opportunity is here. Will we improve it or let it slip out of our hands? New Castle, with her railroads completed, as they will be shortly, offers unrivalled shipping facilities. We should avail our selves of them and encourage by every means at our command the location and operation of manufacturing establishments. Efforts have been made to organize an association for this express purpose. It was brought to the vital point, that of soliciting subscriptions, and there it stands. It if be allowed to die, we will all regret its death, for it is the only means by which our town can be successfully advertised and be made to prosper as it should. Now is the time to work, and every good citizen should be on the alert. We are not talking for talk's sake. We want New Castle to grow and become great, and would not consider our duty discharged if we did not, at every opportunity, impress upon our home patrons the necessity of vigilance. Come up to the rack men. Let each one do according to his ability, and we may be sure of a handsome return.

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