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Bouslog Reunion

Annual Reunion Was Held Last Week at Shively's Park

      The second annual reunion of the Bouslog family was something unusual and they did the thing up brown. The whole of Shively's park was rented and on Wednesday of last week with buggies and carriages loaded with heaps of choice things to eat, betook themselves to that place, where they could eat drink (spring water), boat rides or swim and lay in the shade to a fare-you-well. Nearly two hundred were in attendance this year and they made it a most pleasant day. Nothing short of a good time would do them and they had it. From nine in the morning to six at night they made the park smile with happiness. We might say right here that Allen Bouslog of Peru ran away with the chicken. Nothing for him to eat two or three fried chickens, and that was not all that he put under his belt either.
      Speeches were made in the afternoon after which officers were elected as follows; E. S. Bouslog, President, Neve Bouslog, Secretary and Ed Smith, Treasurer. The third reunion will be held the last Wednesday of in August next year.

The following is a history of the family:
      About the year of 1770 three brothers of the Bouslog name left Alsace Lorain, Germany, and came to New York. After a sort stay in that city they separated. The first, whose name is not known, went north. There is no sure history of him but it is thought that he settled in Canada and the Bouslogs of Michigan and Canada are his descendants.
      The second brother, Boston, went south. Where and how far, is not known. He finally came to Henry county. He died here and is buried in the Evans graveyard. He was married and had one daughter but it is not known what became of her.
      The third brother, John, the grandfather, great-grandfather, of all, went to Pennsylvania. After staying there awhile he went to Monongahela county, Va., and was married there to Catharine. To them were given four sons and three daughters, Rachael, Dorothy, Catherine, Daniel, Rolly, Levi and David. John and wife came to Indiana in 1831 and settled on Blue River. John died April 4, 1854 at the ripe old age of 100 and Catherine about a year later at 99. They were living on Uncle Levi Bouslog's old place southwest of Rogersville when they died. They had lived together for over seventy-five years. Both are buried at the Harvey's graveyard. All of the children left Virginia and made their home in Indiana except Rachael, who married Jesse Mercer and moved to Iowa in 1864. To them were given four children, two sons and two daughters. Of later history of her we know nothing. Dorothy, or Aunt Dollie, as she was called by all, was married three times. First to a man named Cumlin and by him had one son. Second to a Lynch, they had one son named Dolph, and one daughter, Amanda, who married a Dr. Comstock She had four daughters, Martha Daniels, Ellen Painter, Jessie Jefferson and Fannie. The third time to a Meek and they had one son, Daniel F. who is married and lives in New Castle. He has three children.
Aunt Dollie died in about 1887 and is buried in the Harvey's graveyard
      Catherine married Abraham Boring. They settled in Luray. To them were given three daughters and one son, Virginia Ann, Louisa, Josephine and John. We do not know anything about them except John, who married Ann Jarrett and lives in Anderson. They have one daughter.
      Daniel married Matilda Ridgeway. They had two sons, Nimrod, who died in 1844 at the age of 24, and John T. Daniel died January 30, 1853 at the age of 58 years and Matilda died January 25, 1870 at the age of 69 years, both are buried in the Harvey's graveyard.
      John T. married Mary Ann Koontz. To them were given eight children, six sons and two daughters. Dan was married and had one daughter but is now dead. James lives in New Castle and has two daughters and one son. Matilda J., or Dot, married Will Graham and lives in Messick. They have but one son, Walter, living. William lives in Bay St. Louis and has one son and one daughter. Lizzie married Ed Smith. They have four daughters and one son, and live in New Castle. Perry died in youth. George married and lives in Winamac. Dorsey and his mother live in New Castle. John T. died in 1892 and is buried at Hillsboro. Rolly married Ann Howell. They had two sons and five daughters. Emily married a Valadingham and had one daughter, Julia, who married a Haynes. Bashaba was not married. These three are now dead.
      Mary married John J. English and has two daughters and one son. John is married and lives in Springfield, Mo., and has four daughters.
      Rolly had two daughters and one son. Amanda married David Dover, who is now dead. Levi was twice married; his wives being sisters-Massle- he had two children by his first wife, James and John. By the second wife they had, two sons, Richard and George and four daughters, Jane, Hulda, Amanda and Valesta. The first three daughters are dead. All of them live in the west.
      Levi went out west in 1890 and died in Oklahoma about 1895. David, the last one, married Judith Scott. They had four sons and three daughters.
      Strawther was married three times, first to Pierce Kerlin. They had four daughters and five sons. Caroline married James Hale, and is now dead. Virginia married William Rozzell. Mary Catherine married David Hoover. Mellisa married Williams Daniels. These three daughters live in Henry county.
      Enoch is married and lives in Frankton, Madison county. Alonzo, David, Ephram and Simeon live in Iowa. Strawther moved there in the early twenties and died there in 1886.
      Wesley married Amanda Peckinpaugh. They had seven children, five sons and two daughters; Sanford, John, David L., Willard and Enoch G. All are married and live in Henry County.
      Judith married George Muterspaugh; Cora married Orville Boor and lives in Muncie, Wesley died in 1862.
      John married Amanda Davis. They moved to Illinois and had five sons and three daughters; Wesley, George and William are married and live in Illinois. Terry is dead. Curtis is married and lives in this county. Judith is also dead. Jane a Cimeron and Louisa married a James Garvin. These two live in Edgar County, Illinois.
      Catherine married Simeon B. Hayes. They had four sons and two daughters. Miles died when he was about grown. Maggie married William Painter. David and John are married and live in Delaware County. Rachael married Joseph Mann and lives in Delaware County.
      Strother is married and is at Sulphur Springs. Catherine died in 1862.
      Rachael married Joseph Ellison and lives in southwestern Nebraska. They have had five children, Judith, who is dead, Enoch, David, Ella and Edward.
      Mary Jane first married Dr. Vestal. They had two sons. Frank married and lives at Winchester. William lives in Indianapolis. After the Doctor's death she married A. J. Griffith. They live in Indianapolis and have four children, Lettie Miller, Hattie Wesp, Harry and Jessie Thompson.
      Enoch married Sarah Coffman. They had eight children, five living. Anna J., wife of M. E. Wood, Frank, Ollie B., wife of Nathan Ridgeway, Charley, Bessie B., wife of Eli Harvey. He was married the second time to Virginia C. Smith. They have one son Ernest. All of his sons are married and live not far from home.

E. S. Bouslog

2001 UEB

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