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Bowers (Lutheran Presbyterian Church) Cemetery

Established 20 Mar 1843
     This little cemetery is located in Jefferson Township, Henry County, IN about of a mile south of the Henry/Delaware County line on Henry county road #500 west at its intersection with CR #950 north.
     On 20 Mar 1843, Christian Pence, who first bought this land in the 1820s, donated land for the establishment of a church to be known as the "Lutheran Presbyterian," with the following named members to be the church trustees; Jacob Bowers, Christian Sowerwine and David Pence. The first recorded burial here was for Elizabeth Fisher who died on 16 Mar 1844 and the last known burial was for Andrew Bowers who died on 16 Oct 1882.
     The church and cemetery was used by those who lived in the neighborhood, with some of those living north in Delaware County. The later generations of these families are buried in the Miller and Painter cemeteries nearby in Fall Creek Township and Salem cemetery in Delaware County.
     This cemetery sees very little care, if at all. The last time I was there it was completely overgrown, I couldn't even find the stones I was looking for. It will be put on our (HCCC) priority list of cemeteries in dire need for a cleanup.
     The following list of names were recorded in the 1970s by Thomas Hamm and published by the Henry County Historical Society. I have added a few additional dates and names from other information such as land, family and census records.

Andes, Benjamin F. 23 Oct 1854 1y, 6m, 16d Son of Andrew & Phoebe
Bowers, Andrew 16 Oct 1882 65y, 10m, 1d H of Mary
Bowers, Benjamin F. 31 Aug 1851 4y, 5m, 25d S of Andrew & Mary
Bowers, David N. 8 Sep 1859 17 Mar 1812 H of Sarah
Bowers, David S. 15 Feb 1870 21y, 4m, 16d S of Andrew & Mary
Bowers, Infant 6 Jul 1845   D of Andrew & Mary
Bowers, Jacob 22 Jun 1856 64y, 7m, 16d H of Susannah
Bowers, Mary Ann 3 Sep 1846 1y, 5m, 25d D of David & Sarah
Bowers, Mary Shafer 26 Dec 1864 58y, 10m W of Andrew
Bowers, Sarah N. 23 Feb 1873 19y, 14d D of Andrew & Mary
Bowers, Shem 20 Sep 1851 2y, 4m, 8d S of David & Sarah
Bowers, Susannah 11 Sep 1853 17 Dec 1837 D of David & Sarah
Bowers, Susannah Andes 10 Aug 1873 79y, 11m, 4d W of Jacob Sr.
Bowers, William 11 Sep 1859 12 Feb 1842 S of David & Sarah
Fisher, Elizabeth 16 Mar 1844 82y  
Rodecap, Samuel 19 Feb 1856 18y, 1m, 25d S of Martin & Susannah
Sheets, Catherine 19 Apr 1870 66y, 1m, 14d W of Peter
Sheets, Jacob 23 Sep 1855 1y S of J & C
Sheets, John 28 --- 1844 11y, 21d S of J & C
Sheets, Peter 26 Apr 1861 68y, 11m  
Sheets, Rebecca 8 Apr 1856 12y, 8m, 12d D of Andrew & Artimissa
Sowerwine, Catherine 28 Aug 1852 51y, 2m, 6d W of Christian
Sowerwine, Christian      
Strickler, Elizabeth Jan8 Jan 1845 e 2y, 3m, 18d D of David & Polly A.
Strickler, Hannah R. 17 Dec 1846 1y, 2m, 18d D of David & Polly A.
Thompson, Thomas M. 3 May 1846 4y, 2m,4d S of Jos & Sophia Yount
Yount, Sanford Newman 22 Feb 1847 4m, 28d S of Jos. & Sophia Yount
Yount, Walter Raleigh 8 Aug 1847 10m, 15d S of Jos. & Sophia
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