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Brookshire Duck Creek Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery

Established 1847

   This old cemetery located on the Sulphur Springs Road in section #8 in Henry township was established on 28 Dec 1847 when Emsley Brookshire deeded land to Nathen Palmer, Nathan Pressnell and Joseph Pressnel, elected trustees of the newly established Wesleyan Methodist church, with Emsley Brookshire as the Minister. It is the burial ground for the former members of the church.
   Several members of the Alfred Lafferty family are reportedly buried here in unmarked graves. "Alf" and his wife Sarah Ann had a family of 14 children. By checking death records at the county health department I was only able to come up with some of the children. There supposedly several Lafferty infant children also buried here. Also it is highly likely that Wiley Wall is buried here along with his wife Jereter.
   The little burial ground is hidden from view from the road by tall pine trees and is very well maintained by the Bruce Dudley family and is regularly mowed and trimmed. The last known burial was in 1928.

Abrams, M. C. ND 1 Jan 1841  
Abrams, Melissa Gore 24 Feb 191416 Sep 1847 W of MC
Bennett, David C. 26 Jul 188120y, 3m, 28d S of Wm. & MR
Blair, Mary F. 10 Oct 18651y, 6m, 5d D of John & Sarah
Blair, Mary L. 30 Jul 187116y, 1m, 10d D of BV & W
Blare, A. 29 Nov 186375y, 3m, 24d  
Brookshire, Charles L. 21 Nov 18681y, 2m, 21d S of TJ & NC
Brookshire, Elizabeth W.31 May 185840y, 6m, 22d W of Rev. Emsley
Brookshire, Emsley Henry31 Oct 187821y, 9m, 7d S of Emsley & Elizabeth
Brookshire, Georgianna 30 Mar 188626y, 27d W of Oranges
Brookshire, John W. 5 Jun 1849 11y S of E & E
Brookshire, Lucius 26 Oct 18839y, 7m, 16d S of TJ & NC
Brookshire, Mary J. 7 Apr 1868 25y, 4m, 14d D of E & E
Brookshire, Rev. Emsley 23 May 189076y, 5m, 15d  
Campbell, James 27 Aug 18592y, 3m, 13d S of EH & S
Deselms, Nellie May 10 Feb 18752m, 26d D of TT & A
Gillespie, Susannah 11 May 185718y, 2m, 2d W of Charles W.
Hockett, Alfred 10 Aug 186016y, 11m, 20dS of B & JW
Hutson, Sarah Wright 4 Aug 1878 39y, 3m, 4d W of Levi
Lafferty, Alfred 22 Jan 192378y  
Lafferty, Arlinda 8 Aug 1905 21y D of A & SA
Lafferty, Carry 23 Apr 190827y D of A & SA
Lafferty, Fannie 6 Jul 1902 25y D of A & SA
Lafferty, Otto 6 Jul 1905 15y S of A & SA
Lafferty, Sarah Ann 7 Jun 1918 7 Sep 1850 W of Alfred
Lamb, Miles 28 Mar 187473y, 1m, 23d  
Lamb, Nancy Modlin 22 Jan 186460y, 5m, 9d W of Miles
Lamb, Rachel 6 Mar 1851 15y, 27d W of Allen
Modlin, Benjamin L. 6 Jan 1853 1y, 3m, 23d D of E & L
Modlin, Cynthia J. 21 Apr 18511y, 4d D of E & L
Modlin, Infant 10 Sep 185?1d S of E & L
Modlin, Martin L. 18 Dec 18501m, 7d S of E & L
Moorman, Mary 15 Sep 18611m, 6d D of J & MJ
Pearson, Sarah Draper 3 Jan 1852 38y, 5m W of Joseph
Reeves, Jacob 23 Feb 187386y, 2m, 23d  
Shonk, Henry 16 Apr 188067y  
Shonk, Sarah 8 Jun 1875 53y, 9m, 9d W of Henry
Vuncannon, John 10 Jan 18695m, 12d S of WH & ME
Wall, Jereter 25 Feb 187673y, 5m, 25d W of Wiley
Wall, Wiley Unknown Unknown H of Jereter
Weems, Priscilla 1 Sep 1879 13y, 5m, 18d D of DH & MJ
Wright, Fernando 14 Jan 18731m S of JR & FA
Wright, Infant 21 Mar 18501850 D of N & L
Wright, William 19 Dec 185613d S of JB & HA
UEB 2005

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