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Bundy-Bechtelheimer Cemetery - Stoney Creek Township

   This old burial ground is on land once owned by Samuel Bechtelheimer who purchased it in September of 1828. His father, Joseph Bechetelheimer, who lived just south of here, was the first known burial in this graveyard. He Died in 1833. Samuel eventually sold the land to Samuel Bundy, one of the first African-American pioneers in this part of Henry County. This graveyard has come to be known as the Bundy burial grounds because most of the burials here are for Samuel's family. But in June of 1866, Samuel Bechtelheimer repurchased the cemetery land from the Bundy family and set aside the land as a cemetery. It continued to used as a neighborhood cemetery on up to the early twentieth century, the last know burial was sometime around 1904
   Maria Robertson, who was born a slave in North Carolina is buried here, she died at the ripe old age of 104 years old. The other Bechetelheimer's are buried in the Buck Creek German Baptist cemetery just southeast of here.
   The Bundy cemetery is under a Conservation Management Agreement between the Central Indiana Land Trust Inc. (CILTI) and Stoney Creek Township. Under this agreement, CILTI manages the native prairie habitat on the properties for preservation purposes. These small sites are some of the few remnants of native prairie vegetation that existed prior to European settlement in portions of east-central Indiana. Prairie species present include big blue stem, little blue stem, New Jersey tea, black-eyed Susan, beebalm, Indian grass, pale-spiked lobelia, showy tick trefoil, rose pink, flowering spurge, and lance-leaved coreopsis.

Baltimore, Phillip Sr. 1842 1770  
Bechtelheimer, Joseph Sr. 7 Aug 1833 1765  
Becktell, Henretta 10 Feb 1849 11y, 7m, 21d D of Samuel & Barbara
Becktell, Infant No date   S of Wm. & Maliinda
Becktell, John 18 Jan 1851 5m, 18d S of Wm. & Malinda
Becktell, Mary 2 Nov 1850 6y, 10m, 6d D of Jacob & Mary
Becktell, Samuel Sr. 25 Oct 1863 1794  
Becktell, Samuel Franklin 1 Jun 1848 20y, 1m, 26d S of Samuel & Barbara
Bundy, Abigail 14 May 1858 25y, 10m D of Samuel & Miriam
Bundy, Harriet Stafford No date 1850 W of Martin
Bundy, Ina 4 Jul 1888 5y D of EJ
Bundy, Jared 2 Apr 1886 49y S of Samuel & Miriam
Bundy, Lydia Martissa No date No date D of Samuel & Miriam
Bundy, Martin 1904 1840 H of Harriet
Bundy, Miriam Robertson 1875 1793 W of Samuel
Bundy, Samuel 1858 1791  
Bundy, ?? 1857 3y, 4m, 18d  
Cross, Catherine Waller 22 Mar 1867 22y, 4m, 12d W of Ephriam
Freeman, Barnet 28 Jan 1855 72y  
Freeman, Catharine 3 Apr 1851 60y W of Barnet
Freeman, Halneb G. 24 Jul 1854 1y, 3m, 2d S of VO & JF
Freeman, Louisa 8 Sep 1847 25y, 6m, 16d W of EB
Martin, Lydia 18 Mar 18-- 10y, 3m, 7d D of ? & M
Moore, Madison 6 Mar 1853 1y, 5m, 1d S of D & Margaret
Robertson, Maria 27 Sep 1857 104y M of Maria Bundy
Shirley, Oscar 26 Jan 1862 1y, 28d S of E & Elizabeth
Stonebraker, Martha 28 Oct 1854 15y, 9m, 15d D of James & Nancy
Tibbets, Margaret 24 Jul 1874 6m, 16d  
Tibbetts, Rebecca 6 Jul 1845 3m, 13d D of James & Nany
Tibbetts, S. C. 19 Aug 1862 5m, 15d  
Waller, John M. 26 Mar 1863 22y, 10m, 23d S of Fred & Christena
Unreadable, Catherine 18-- 63y  
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