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New Castle, IN Bundy House Hotel

(New Castle Courier, 1881)

      As a railroad center New Castle commands a position that a essentially calls for hotel accommodations of good capacity and able management. In this regard this city will be found capable of maintaining a reputation equal to any other of the same size in the possession of a hotel that is unsurpassed in its appointments and the excellence of its management.
     In support of these assertions it is only necessary to refer to the Bundy House, this being the leading house of the city. Their tables are covered with the same delicacies that other hotels of the larger cities of the country display. The Bundy House is not run for style alone. It is conducted with a view of making the guest comfortable and to feel at home. The proprietor and his sons are whole souled, genial gentlemen, who will put themselves to inconvenience to make your stay with them pleasant.
     Mr. Josiah Bundy, the host, has been engaged in the hotel business nearly all his life. He has been running the Bundy House in this city for the past five years. His son, Mr. Frank Bundy, acts as head clerk in the house, and by his gentlemanly manners and courteous attention to the guest adds a great deal to the popularity of the house. They have a livery stable that is run in connection with the house. This is a great convenience to the traveling public, as they can secure anything in the way of fine rigs that may be desired, and that without any trouble or delay. Mr. Charles Bundy, another son, has charge of the livery stables, and spares no pains to see that every call on him is promptly and properly attended to. Mr. Josiah Bundy has a general supervision over the entire business, and he makes a point to see that every desire of his guest is attended to. All the gentlemen connected with this house are men of worth and ability, and you always leave the Bundy House with the feeling that "it was good to have been there." The Bundy House has twenty-five rooms, sample rooms, parlors, and spacious and pleasant dining rooms. They run a free bus to and from all trains, and never through their negligence, cause a man to moss his train.
     Taken all in all, the Bundy House is a model hotel, and conducted on a plan that always wins with the traveling public. Mr. Bundy and his sons are too well known in this community to require commendation at our hands. They have, by their kind treatment of all persons stopping at their house, made hosts of friends, and have succeeded in securing the confidence and esteem of all persons with whom they are thrown in contact.

Editor note: The old Bundy House hotel was destroyed by fire in May of 1889. It was a three-story brick structure and was considered one of the best hotels in this part of the country. Most of the contents in the hotel were saved, but received some damage. In less than a year the Bundy House was restored and opened as "The New Bundy House." Sometime in the 1960s "The new Bundy House" was demolished and the lot used for a parking lot.
Today the new Henry County Justice Center occupies this corner where a hotel had been located for over one hundred and fifty years.

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