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Businesses located in downtown New Castle Indiana

Broad Street - 1962

The following is a list of the businesses located on Broad Street in 1962
Business NameBusiness TypeAddress
Hammond Nursing Home Elderly Care 806 Broad St.
Acton, Willard Const. General Construction 1014 Broad St.
Holland School Elementery School 906 Broad St.
Life, Dr. Homer L. Physician 1015 Broad St.
Ora's Gulf Serv. Station Gasoline 1101 Broad St.
Heilman, Philip S. Insurance Sales 1103 Broad St.
Rose City Sheet Metal Sheet Metal Work 1107 Broad St.
Hall, Bradley Furniture Co. Household Furniture 1109 - 1115 Broad St.
Holden Red Stamps Trading Stamps 1115 Broad St.
Bradley Hall Firniture Display Room 1116 - 1118 Broad St.
Apartments (2nd floor) Rental Apartments 11161/2 Broad St.
Todd's Coin Laundry Self Serv. Laundry 1120 Broad St.
Morris Chevrolet Inc. Auto Dealership 1121 Broad St.
Apartments (2nd floor) Rental Apartments 11221/2 Broad St.
Indiana State Employment Employment Office 1125 Broad St.
Harp, Arlie L. Insurance Insurance Sales 1130 Broad St.
Daylighht Store Paint & Wallpaper 1131 Broad St.
City News Stand Newspaper & Magazines 1132 Broad St.
Indiana Gas & Water Co. Gas & Water Utilities 1202 Broad St.
Public Service of Indiana Elictrical Utilities 1204 Broad St.
K of P Temple Lodge 12081/2 Broad St.
Chew Chew Restaurant Dining 1212 Broad St.
Castle Apartments Rental Apartments 12141/2 Broad St.
Shapiro's, Joe Tavern 1214 Broad St.
Frisch's Coffee Shop Restaurant 1216 Broad St.
Apartments (2nd floor) Rental Apartments 12161/2 Broad St.
Henry County Abstract Titles & Abstracts 1220 Broad St.
Doug's Sandwich Shop Restaurant 1222 Broad St.
Coffin Jewelery Store Retail Jewelry 1224 Broad St.
Kellam James R. Attorney 12241/2 Broad St.
Benson, Paul R. Attorney 12241/2 Broad St.
McQuinn, Emmett G. Residence 12241/2 Broad St.
Gephart, Roy E. Dentist 12241/2 Broad St.
McCormack & Hammer Linoleum Flooring 1226 Broad St.
Yergin & Yergin Lawyers 12281/2 Broad St.
Citizens State Bank Financial Instution 1238 Broad St.
Beall, Llyod Mens Wear 1300 Broad St.
Morton's Apparel Shop Clothing Store 1304 Broad St.
Smith's Jewelery Store Discount Jewerely 1306 Broad St.
Rose City Millinery Ladies Apparel 1308 Broad St.
Renfro, Lawerence D. Attorney 13081/2 Broad St.
Goodwin-Pope Co. Clothing Store 1309 Broad St.
Clift's Shoe Store Retail Shoe Store 1310 Broad St.
Henry Co. Savings & Loan Financial Instution 1311 Broad St.
Fashion Shop Womens Clothing 1313 Broad St.
Mack's Shoe Hospital Shoe Repair & Shine 1315 Broad St.
Girl Scout Exec. Hdq. Girl Scouts of America 13151/2 Broad St.
Valu Dress Shop Womens Clothing Store 1316 Broad St.
Ballard-Ice Hardware Hardware Supplies 1318 Broad St.
Petty, Tom Photograher 1320 Broad St.
Kalies, Dr. Fredrick H. Dentist 13201/2 Broad St.
Allen's Young Fashions Children's Clothing 1321 Broad St.
Grant, W. T. Co. Department Store 1322 Broad St.
Lad & Lassie Shop Clothing 1323 Broad St.
Elite Beauty Shop Beauty Shop !3231/2 Broad St.
Sipe's Cigar Store Restaurant 1325 Broad St.
Newberry, J. J. Co. Department Store 1326-1328 Broad St.
Merit Shoe Co. Family Shoes 1327 Broad St.
Newberry, J. J. Co. Stock Rooms 13281/2 Broad St.
Goar & Jennings Building Apartmnts & Bus. Offices 13291/2 13371/2 Broad St.
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Needlecraft Shop Room #101
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Needle Craft Storage Room #102
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Dickinson, D. A., Podiatrist Room #104
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Vacant Room #105
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Prudential Insurance Co. Inc. Room #110
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Vacant Room #113
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Metropolital Life Ins. Room #116
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Deluxe Beauty Shoppe Room #117
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Vacant Room #118
Jennings Building (2nd floor)New Castle Credit Bureau Room #119
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Medical & Dental Bus. Bureau Room #121
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Parker, H. B., Naturopath Room #123
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Vacant Room #128
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Shepherd, D. A., Accountant Room #129
Jennings Building (2nd floor)Building Manager's Office Room #129
Jennings Building (3rd floor)Rental Appartments Apartment 1- 11
Scotten & Hinshaw Lawyers 1330 Broad St.
Beverly Shops Womens Wear 1331 Broad St.
B & B Shoes Shoe Store 1332 Broad St.
Murphey, G. C. Co. Department Store 1333 - 1335 Broad St.
Edwards Jewelers Retail Jewerly 1334 Broad St.
Schiff's Shoe Store Family Foot Wear 1337 Broad St.
Ist National Bank Financial Instution 1338 Broad St.
City Directory Library City Information Center 1338 Broad St.
N. C. Industrial DevelopementChamber of Commerce 1338 Broad St.
Hook's Drugs Inc. Drug Store 1400 Broad St.
Kresge, S. S. Co. Department Store 1401 Broad St.
Penney, J. C. Co. Department Store 1404 Broad St.
Mouch Building Business and Retail Rooms 14041/2 Broad St.
Howard, Ry G. Dentist Ofice Room #200 Mouch Bldg.
Nat. Credit Adjustment Collection Services Room #202 Mouch Bldg.
Ferrell, David L. N/A Room #204 Mouch Bldg.
Dewitt, Chester M. Lawyer Room #208 - 210 Mouch Bldg.
Mouch Building (3rd Floor) Rental Apartments Room #301 - #310
Miller & Jones Shoes Shoe Store 1408 Broad St.
Why Store Men's Clothing 1409 Broad St
Lord's Feminine Apparel Women's Clothing 1410 Broad St,
Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalogue Sales 1411 Broad St.
Dottie Deane's Beauty Salon 14111/2 Broad St.
Firestone Store Tires 1412 Broad St.
Singer Sewing Center Sowing Machines & Acces. 1416 Broad St.
Shapiro Building Retail Shops & Apartments 1415 1/2 - 1417 1/2 Broad St.
Shapiro Bldg. 2nd Floor apartments Apartments # 1 thru 8
Sears Roebuck & Co. Department Store 1416 Broad St.
Allstate Insurance Co. General Insurance 1416 Broad St.
Henry Co. Paint & Wallpaper Paint & Wallpaper 1417 Broad St.
Frank's Furniture Store Household Furniture 1419 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building 1421 Broad St.
Castle Cigar Store Pool & Recreation 1422 Broad St.
Jim's Lunch Counter Restaurant 1422 Broad St.
Guarantee Tire & Rubber Tires & Etc. 1423 Broad St.
Jones Building Store Fronts & Apartments 1423 1/2 Broad St.
Jones Bldg. 2nd & 3rd Floors Rental Apartments Aprt. #s 200 - 215 & 300 - 314
Ace Hardware Hardware Store 1424 Broad St.
Midway Cafe Restaurant 1426 Broad St.
Moose, Loyal Order Fraternity Lodge 1427 - 1431 Broad St.
Moose, Women of The Fraternity Lodge 1427 - 1431 Broad St.
House of Toys Toy Store 1428 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building 1429 1/2 Broad St.
Thirty-Eight Club Tavern 1439 Broad St.
Carpenters & Joiners Union AFL-CIO Union #1761 Union Hall 1430 1/2 Broad St.
Rita Ann Shoppe Women's Clothing Store 1432 Broad St.
Blue Front Inc. General Merchandise 1437 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building 1437 1/2 Broad St.
Castle Drive-in Liquors Package Liquor Store 1501 Broad St.
Niagara of New Castle Weight Reducing Machines 1510 Broad St.
Wayne's Grill Restaurant 1511 Broad St.
N. C. One Hour Dry Cleaning Laundry 1512 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building 1513 Broad St.
Unger & Stapleton Inc. Bottled Gas 1514 Broad St.
Luellen, F. A. & Sons Building Contractors 1515 Broad St.
Henry Township Trustee Family Assistance 1516 Broad St.
Newby-Paul Motor Co. Automobile Sales & Access. 1617 Broad St.
City Barber Shop Men's Hair Care 1518 Broad St.
Newby-Paul Appliances Household Appliances 1519 Broad St.
Henry Twp. Justice of Peace Township Court 1521 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building 1523 Broad St.
Penn. Rail Road Building Section Hands Office 1524 Broad St.
Red Bird Cafe Tavern 1527 Broad St.
New Castle Tire Store Aouto Tires & Etc. 1529 Broad St.
Newby-Paul Motors Used Car Sales 1530 Broad St.
Paul's Independaant Station Gasoline Station 1530 Broad St.
Red's Rapid Car Wash Car Wash 1540 Broad St.
Bob's Shoe Service Shoe Repair & Wax 1543 Broad St.
Pearson's Barber Shop Shave & Hair Cut 1545 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building 1545 1/2 Broad St.
Jiffy Sandwich Shop Restaurant 1547 Broad St.
Idle Hour Cigar Store Tobacco Products 1549 Broad St.
Spencer's New&Used Furn. Furniture Store 1551 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building 1553 Broad St.
Byer's Cafe Restaurant 1555 Broad St.
Arnold's Sunoco Station Service Station 1556 Broad St.
Budget Loan Co. Commercial Loans 1557 Broad St.
Ridge Drugstore Pharmicist 1559 Broad St
Ridge Notion Store Notions & Such 1561 Broad St
One Hour Martinizing Dry Cleaners 1601 Broad St.
Uptown Bar Tavern 1603 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building 1605 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building 1607 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building 1609 Broad St.
Dale Printing Co. Job Printing 1611-1617 Broad St.
Maher Buick Co. Auto Dealership 1618 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building. 1621 Broad St.
Poison, Earl W. Residential 1622 Broad St.
Vacant Building Commercial Building 1626 Broad St.
Padgett's Shell Service Gasoline Station 1627 Broad St.
Clark Oil Refinery Gas Station 1701 Broad St.
Hudson, Burt L. Residence 1709 Broad St.
Knotts, Anna J. Residence 1709 1/2 Broad St.
Standard Food Market Grocery Store 1712 Broad St.
Western, Mrs. Coleen Resiidence 1715 Broad St.
Bates & Wray Inc. Used Cars 1719 Broad St.
Catron's Standard Service Gasoline Station 1720 Broad St.
Brandburg Furs Inc. Fur Coats & Access. 1800 Broad St.
Blackburn's Marathon Gas Station 1801 Broad St.
Wilson, Cassell C. Chiropractor 1810 Broad St.
Culligen, Kinert's Service Water Treatment 1819 Broad St.
St. Anne Catholic Chursh Church Building 1910 Broad St.
Wilkinson Electric Shop Electric Motor Repair 1920 Broad St.
St. Anne Convent Parsonage 1942 Broad St.
Main & Son's Funeral Home Funeral Survices 2011 Broad St.
Neal & Mathews Gulf Station Gasoline Station 2020 Broad St.
Edward's DX Service Gasoline Station 2023 Broad St.
Pure Oil Service Gasoline Station 2100 Broad St.
Brumley Bros. Sinclair Gasoline Station 2105 Broad St.
Hutch & Sons Inc. Electronic Equiptment 2204 Broad St.
Broad St. Church of Nazarine Religious Santuary 2206 Broad St.
Wilson's Machine Shop Machine Repair 2222 Broad St.
Rains & Son Hydraulics Hydraulic Repair Service 2315 Broad St.
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