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Some of The Business Men of Knightstown, Indiana

Knightstown Banner December 1900

Their Place of Birth, Age and Number of Years in Business
   This list is not complete from the fact that we have not been able to see everyone. It will continue however, in succeeding issues of the Banner.
(HCGS- the succeeding issues were not located on the microfilm.)

NameAgePlace Of BirthBusiness# of Years
Addison, James O. 40Henry Co., IN Furniture Business 20 years
Albertson, E. J. 46Washington Co., INMachinist 22 years
Albright, W. H. 23Maple Valley, IN Undertaker 6 years
Beck, J. W. 35Jay Co., IN Photographer 12 years
Bird, George 31Knightstown, IN Nursery 15 years
Bird, John 73England Nursery 52 years
Bowman, Shep 63Henry Co. IN Carpenter 46 years
Brinkman, Will 37Knightstown, IN Baker 20 years
Butler, C. M. 55Henry Co., IN Attorney 30 years
Byerly, E. H. 32Knightstown, IN Clothier 15 years
Charles, John T. 68Milton, IN Dry Goods 45 years
Conner, Charles 34Knightstown, IN Grocer 13 years
Culbertson, L. M. 57Indianapolis, IN Hardware 32 years
Deem, George A. 50Knightstown Painter & Auctioneer 30 years
Deem, Wallace K. 37Henry Co., IN Publisher-Panner 25 years
Deeter, Charles 30Covington, OH Laundryman 10 years
Dill, E. E. 39Ogden, IN NG 7 years
Drake, Dr. E. F. 52Switzerland, IN Physician 23 years
Duncan, Daniel D. 56Germantown, OH Miller 40 years
Earnest, W. R. 50Rush Co., IN Veterinarian 30 years
Edwards, E. M. 55Knightstown, IN Optician 34 years
Fowinkle, C. E. 25Bunker Hill, IN Photographer 11 years
Girty, Charles 26Charlottsville, INLiveryman 9 years
Girty, John T. 58Guernsey Co., OH Liveryman 22 years
Gray, T. W. 40Lewisville, IN Insurance 23 years
Hardy, George W. 33Knightstown, IN Machinist 17 years
Harrison, R. L. 50Brownsville, IN Newspaper Dealer 25 years
Hawkins, Bryant 22Howard Co., IN Laundryman 7 years
Holland, Charles 39Ogden, IN Printer 7 years
Holland, Henry 41Knightstown, IN Printer 19 years
Johnson, Dr. E. M. 46Hancock Co., IN Physician-Druggist 24 years
Johnson, H. C. 35Markleville, IN 5 & 10 store proprietor 1 year
Jones, W. P. 32Indianapolis, IN Telegraph office 17 years
Keys, Harry 25Knightstown, IN Tailor 20 years
Keys, J. E. 55Centerville, IN Tailor 40 years
Lowry, Francis 70North Carolina Butcher 50 years
Lowry, George S. 73North Carolina Butcher 60 yeras
McGraw, E. G. 41Charlottsville, INImplement Dealer 17 years
McGraw, John 76Fayette Co. IN Horness Maker 38 years
Monticue, S. R. 56North Carolina Undertaker 35 years
Morgan, C. D. 70Richmond, IN Pres. 1st National Bank 40 years
Newby, Morton A. 28Greensboro, IN Tinner 10 Years
Parker, B. M. 40Rush Co., IN Box & Tile Business 17 years
Power, J. M. 49Knightstown, IN Undertaker & Shoe Store 13 years
Richardson, Samuel 45Tennessee Blacksmith 26 years
Risk, C. M. 36Rush Co., IN Grocer 12 years
Schwarz, John G. 27Fort Wayne, IN Grocer 10 years
Smith, E. E. 28Indianapolis, IN Flour Mill proprieter 5 years
Steele, S. M. 45Greensboro, NC Pipe Fitter 14 years
Steiner, George 31Knightstown, IN Blacksmith 15 years
Tritt, Frank E. 30Champaign Co., OH Implement & Buggy Dealer8 years
Ulrich, Lon 28Hagerstown, IN Barber 7 years
Vanbibber, R. M. 20Kokomo, IN Laundryman 5 years
Vestal, C. E. 38Greensboro, IN Druggist 14 years
Wagoner, Guy 30Knightstown, IN Hardware 10 years
Wagoner, N. W. 66Rush Co., IN Cashier, 1st Nat. Bank 31 years
Wagoner, Ralph 34Knightstown, IN Hardware 15 years
Wagoner, T. P. 69Columbus, IO Dentist 39 years
Walton, R. P. 59North Carolina Arno Hotel Proprietor 14 years
Watson, W. M. 47Covington, IN Dry Goods 29 years
Watts, Peter 62England Lumber Dealer 30 years
Watts, Will 34Knightstown, IN Lumber & Ice Dealer 14 years
Weaver, John R. 45Knightstown, IN Town Clerk 6 years
Weaver, W. S. 52Knightstown, IN Jeweler 33 years
Welborn, W. C. 52Spiceland, IN Stock Dealer 20 years
White, Dr. J. W. 66Lebanon, OH Dentist 38 years
Wilkinson, E. N. 70Harrison Co., WV Grain Dealer 30 years
Wilkinson, T. B. 60Hancock Co., IN Grain Dealer 30 years
Wilson, J. M. 52Muskingum Co. O Shoemaker - Twp. Trustee35 years
Woodward, T. R. 47Wayne Co., IN Dentist 19 years
2006 UEB


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