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Index to Henry County Cemetery Deed Records
By: Township Section Number

TownshipSection #Cemetery NameDeed Book & page #
Blue River32eBales4-232
 28Benny Hill FarmUnknown
 32eWhite Branch German Bapt.47-415
 35Kessinger- MECN-344-5
 32wOld Messick- Regular Bapt.A-304
Dudley7Herr FarmUnknown
 36HollandJ-571 & X-532
 23Old Hopewell Friend'sB-200 & C-60
 14New Hopewell Friend'sI-427
 11New Lisbon7-514 & 35-117
 21Salem United MethodistUnknown
 18Paul- MECF-239
 7Washington- Regular Bapt.A-178
 27Winslow- AMECM-119, 120
Fall Creek7FaticU-120
 7Wm. BurnerS-396
 24nMechanicsburg- MECL-244
 34Miller-UBJ-115 & 2-351
 32Old Pioneer South10-78
 28PainterK-434 & 18-345
 22White UnionS-254 & 18-345
Franklin27Berger's FarmUnknown
 2Bethel Christian8-430, 431
 12Ebenezer BaptistZ-151, O-75 & 41-198
 17Matt Farley'sO-471
 30LewisvilleG-32 & 79-204
 25Nugen's Farm20-487
 7Richsquare Friend'sH-181
 20United Bretheran (1st Salem)O-21 or O-221
 35Unknown (Bucy)Unknown
 34Walker BurialsUnknown
Greensboro35Greensboro Friend'sA-140 & 7-117
 36Hick'site Friend'sB-121
 19Jones Farm burialsUnknown
 6Rose Public CemeteryW-148
 25wTrail's GroveWill Bk. "O"- Page 482
Harrison35Addison Burial Grounds33-507
 3Cadiz Friend'sQ-527
 13eClear Springs Friend'sD-528
 7Green Hills 
 29Hebron Methodist29-530
 34HessS-78, 14-67 & 79-514
 8Wyatt- MethodistV-118
TownshipSection #Cemetery NameDeed Book & page #
Henry8Brookshire- MethodistH-504 & O-102
 21Elliot'sP-619 & 6-619
 22Heaton's1857 Atlas
 15Hobson'sI-196 or 1-196
 20Zoar BaptistN-429, T-675 & 31-172
 33McDaniel's MethodistF-657, L-348 & 66-29
 10Old North 14th St.L-221 & Misc. Bk.# 6-13
 2Shephard's Burial GroundsUnknown
 15Southmound / WestlawnL-220 & S-333
 9St. Anne's Catholic 
 8Sugar Grove MethodistS-504, 505
Jefferson12Bethel/Ger. Baptist2-106 & 66-366
 26Bower's / Lutheran Presb.K-560
 19Carter Public Burial GroundsZ-149
 18Sulphur SpringsL-286
 24Chicago Corner BaptistC-318
 24Jesse ForknerUnknown
 4Flatrock Friend'sC-192 & C-229
 32eLocust Grove UBUnknown
 28Christopher Long- DevonUnknown
 35Joel PresselUnknown
 34John PresselUnknown
 2St. Paul's Lutheran Presb.P-212
 17Wimmer- Pickens Family48-321
 33Wisehart - LeakeyUnknown
Prairie27nBeech Grove MethodistQ-299 & V-78
 13Howard's or Harvey'sJ-253 & Misc. Book 2, 137
 31sHillsboro ChristianL-358
 30sIce Burial GroundsUnknown
 11Lebanon BaptistI-125
 22Mount Summit47-500
 25nPower's29-541 & 80-487
 1Rhoton BurialsUnknown
 9Unknown burials11-179
 34sWayman BurialsUnknown
 33nWoodlawn- Springport 
TownshipSection #Cemetery NameDeed Book & page #
Spiceland17Circle Grove29-411
 32Dunreith ChristianL-385
 17Spiceland Friend'sB-28, 29
Stoney Creek35Blountsville MethodistI-107, L-257, 258 & 10-41
 29Buck Creek BaptistS-419, N-379 & 6-585
 28Bundy- Bechtelheimer18-51
 29Current'sV-582 & 6-588
 10Finch's- Christian Friend'sU-362
 34Moore'sQ-174, 482
 5Rogersville24-525 & 44-535
 4Westbury Friend'sI-47, 48
Wayne23Elm Grove Friend'sF-164
 20Francis Fort's BurialsUnknown
 20Joseph Fort's BurialsUnknown
 28Glen Cove- IOOFH-603
 33Knightstown BethelD-594
 34Pioneer BaptistA-308
 34Raysville ChristianD-523
 34Raysville Friend'sL-316

Locate Township then section Number in that township.
These deed abstracts usually give the exact location and measurements of the cemeteries.
Information taken from the deed books at the Henry County Recorder's office.
Last update: 26 Aug 2000

U. E. Bush 2000

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