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Early Churches of Henry County, Indiana

1825 - 1900

This is a list of old Henry County Churches that I have came across in the old Deed record books located in the county recorder's office in the court house. These Churches were started at different times and closed and reopened or relocated. These dates are for the day they were deeded the land not the date they were organized, Churches sometimes met in homes or school houses for years before they obtained the land for the building of a Church.
UEB 1998

Blue River1 May 1828Baptist (Liberty)Eli Frazier, George Hedrick and Calvin Russel
Blue River11 Feb 1843Christian FriendsWilliam Marshall, rest not listed
Blue River17 Mar 1845MEC (Macedonia)Richard Conway, Michael Conway, George Cofflo, John A. Ware and Luther Seagrave
Blue River21 Nov 1853Christian FriendsFrancis Downing, Levi Foust and Jesse Hobson
Blue River20 Dec 1860Ger. Baptist (White Branch)Lewis Hinsey, Daniel Bowman and Henry C. Coney
Blue River17 Jun 18871st Christian (Mooreland)James Ray, Eli Holaday and Benjamin F. Bales
Blue River30 Dec 1887Friend's (Mooreland)Jesse Chamness, D. C. Thornburg and John Charles
Blue River15 Apr 1893Christian (Mooreland)George R. Koons, John Kern and Joseph Kern
Dudley21 Jun 1826Reg. BaptistJeriemiah Swafford, William Rudden and Elisha Shortridge
Dudley21 Feb 1829Christian (Symon's Creek)William Hendricks, Joseph Cooper and Abjiah Hammer
Dudley26 Aug 1831Friend's (Hopewell)John Symons, Thomas Bell and Beenjamin Davis
Dudley27 Apr 1832Meeting HouseThomas Leonard, John Paxson and Charles Smith
Dudley23 Sep 1836MEC (Horton)John Welch, Samuel Templeton, William Woolen, Henry B. Welch and George Atkinson
Dudley29 Dce 1838Church of Christ (New Lisbon)John Shortridge, Amos Clark and Daniel Paul
Dudley1 Mar 1839MEC (New Lisbon)John Shortridge, Amos Clark and Daniel Paul
Dudley1 Oct 1839Friend's (New Hopewell)John Symons, Jesse Bundy and Aaron L. Pleas
Dudley20 Jan 1842MEC (New Lisbon)Henry Forney, Abraham Wilson and Jacob Hatfield
Dudley28 Mar 1844AMEC (Winslow's)Jeremiah Felton, Thomas Moss, John Barnes, Sam Bundy and Daniel White
Dudley3 Jan 1849Christian (Macedonia)Jackson Smith, Osmond Ludley and John Hazelrigg
Dudley5 Sep 1866Evangelical (New Lisbon)Henry Hart, John Shopp and Englebert Steltzerr
Dudley1 Oct 1871MEC Rozzle Spencer, Isaac Sulosh and John Henley
Dudley21 Oct 1871United Breth (Beech Grove)Caleb Hiatt, David E. Legerman and John M.Kabrick
Dudley25 Jul 1875Christ Union (Beech Grove)Pelay Hathway, Sam Pearson and Ira Hathway
Dudley14 Apr 1881Christian (Straughn/Macedonia)Milton Straughn, William Gauker Sr. and Sylvanus Charles
Dudley13 Sep 1882MEC (Straughn)Not listed
Dudley27 Apr 1883Evangelical (New Lisbon)Englebert Steltzer, Thomas Waller and Cornelius C. Weaver
Dudley31 Mar 1894United BretheranJames L. Tweety, Carter D. Cory, John Copeland, Joseph Riggle and Charles Nealy
Dudley19 Jan 1894Christian (New Lisbon)Ephraim Leakey, Samuel Ward, Henry Blakemore, Joseph Leakey and Edward Fink
Dudley-United Bretheran (Lebanon)Carter D. Chory, James L. Tweedy, John Copeland, Joseph Riggle and Charles Hawley
Fall Creek4 Jul 1840United Bretheran (Upper Honey Creek)Jeb Clevenger, John Knox and Seth Summers
Fall Creek2 Feb 1841United Bretheran (Honey Creek)Samuel Cunningham, Henry Spee and Samuel Painter
Fall Creek5 Mar 1844Friend's (Middletown)George Keesling, William Alexander, James Wisehart, William Thompson and Jacob Mogle
Fall Creek19 Mar 1844Methodist (Middletown)Benjamin Bristol, David Painter, Levi Trout, Silas Connell and John S. Showhand
Fall Creek13 Dec 1845MEC (Honey Creek)Joseph Tomalson, William B. Whitworth, Turner Oliver, James Griffith and Owen Griffith
Fall Creek17 Feb 1844MEC (Mechanicsburg)Joseph Mogle, William Alexander, James Wisehart, George Keesling and William Thompson
Fall Creek1 Aug 1849Lutheran/Evang. (St. Paul's)Samuel Fry, George Miller and Christian Seain
Fall Creek3 Mar 1853MethodistJesse Clark, Sidney Graves and A.B. Raneir
Fall Creek23 Jun 1852Baptist (White Union)John Harvey, Robert Cummins and Michael Mann
Fall Creek1 Jun 1854Christian (Middletown)Joseph Youst, Benjamin F. Murphey, James Stewart, John Quick and Daniel Franklin
Fall Creek10 Jul 1859Christian (Dunkard Brethren)John P. Miller, Henry Miller and Jacob Brunk
Fall Creek19 Jan 1863MEC (Middletown)Levi Trout, Joseph Moore, Benjamin G. Bristol, J. D. Ferrell and William McCurdy
Fall Creek 9 Apr 1870United BretheranAsa Gosset, Henry Fadely and Richard G. Gosset
Fall Creek8 Jul 1872MEC (Mechanicsburg)Thomas Wilhoit, John Cooper, William McCurdy, Jacob Fatic and Asa Huston
Fall Creek26 Jul 1877United Bretheran (Middletown)None listed
Fall Creek24 Aug 1878Ger. Bapt.John Miller, David Miller and Isaac Creekinbarger
Fall Creek6 Oct 1879Evang/Lutheran (St. John's)George W. Miller, John B. Huff and John H. Miller
Fall Creek8 Mar 1881Christian (White Union)Charles Cummings, Jacob Huffman and David Cory
Fall Creek8 Feb 1883Ger. Baptist (Middletown)John Brunk, Isaac Chickenbarger and John P. Miller
Fall Creek13 Dec 1888MEC (Wilhoit Ch.)Thomas Wilhoit, Asa Ruslow, Jonthan M. Lewis, Nelson Wisehart and Lafaella Wisler
Fall Creek19 Aug 1893Ger. Bapt.John Good, Adam E. Conn and D.W. Gustin
Fall Creek4 Mar 1895Christian (Bristol)Isaac Gustin, Isaac Ellison and Joseph Graves
Fall Creek23 Jul 1895Union (Lost Woods)Jessie Pierson, George Booth and Martin D Lovett
Fall Creek5 Aug 1895United Breth. (Honey Creek)Henry Fadely, John W. Whitworth and John H. Toppin
Fall Creek19 Aug 1893Ger. BaptistJohn Good, Adam E. Conn and D. W. Gustin
Franklin31 Aug 1835Friend's (Richsquare)James S. Butler, Isaac Larkin and Nathan Reece
Franklin3 Apr 1844MEC (Lewisville)Nathan Messick, Thomas McMeans, Jesse Baldwin and Willis Farmer
Franklin6 Jun 1844 (1st) United Brethrn. (Salem)Charles Paxton, John Russell and Mahlon Pickering
Franklin12 Jan 1857Baptist (Ebenezer)Jason Williams, Nelson Sharp and Elishu Clift
Franklin1 Feb 1858Christian (Bethel)Mahlon Penetcost, Robert Needham and Thomas Wisehart
Franklin3 Apr 1871Presbterian (Lewisville)Robert R. Smith, J. W. Glidden and William B. Wilson
Franklin3 Aug 1874MEC (Lewisville)E. L. Hollwell, J. C. Howe, William M. Bartlett, Hiriam Watson and William Huston
Franklin14 Jun 1887Friend's (Lewisville)Joseph White, Jethro Wickersham and Thomas N. White
Greensboro18 Mar 1825Friend's (Duck Creek)John Copeland, Rice Price and Jacob Woods
Greensboro26 Oct 1830Friend's (Hick's-ites)Thomas Haskett, Hugh Mills and Jacob Woods
Greensboro21 Feb 1840Seminary (Greensboro)Thomas Kennard, William Bowman, Nathan Hunt, Seth Hinshaw and Jacob Wood
Greensboro19 Mar 1840MEC (Greensboro)Johnathan Disbro, James W. Connely, Henry P. Kennard, Mathew Sanders and Alfred Armfield
Greensboro3 Jun 1842MEC (Greensboro)Richard Henderson, Alfred Armfield, Joel Stephenson, James C. Crowley and Mathew Sanders
Greensboro16 Jan 1849United Breth.Samuel Fry and Etal.....
Greensboro26 Jan 1856Christian (Montgomery Creek)Alexander Yantz, William H. Farmer and Joseph Dill
Greensboro2 May 1861Wes/Methodist (Greensboro)Alfred Newby, James Compton and Thomas S. Hobbs
Greensboro1 May 1873Christian (Woodville)None Listed
Greensboro8 Jul 1886MEC (Kennard)None listed
Greensboro12 Mar 1888 Friend's (Kennard)None listed
Greensboro3 Dec 1888Episcopal (Kennard)None listed
Greensboro17 Jul 18947 Day Advent. (Greensboro)None listed
Greensboro22 Feb 1895Wes-Meth. (Mt. Zion)I. W. Zike, Phenous Lamb and Israel Grundman
Greensboro12 Aug 1896Prairie ChristianNone listed
Harrison24 Feb 1834Friend's (Clear Springs)Elias Newby, Joseph Ratliff and Rice Price
Harrison31 Dec 1849MEC (Hebron)Ephram Bundy, Benjamin Vanbuskirk and Daniel Patterson
Harrison17 Jul 1850Friend's, Cadiz (Duck Creek)John Bufkin, Eli Ratliff and Johnathan Saint
Harrison7 Feb 1850Union (Meeting House)William Hendricks, William Showalter, Mallow Cornwick
Harrison13 Feb 1854MethodistJames Callahan, James P. Callahan, James W. Callahan
Harrison7 Mar 1855MEC (Cadiz)Emsley Julian, Jacob Meek and Edwin Hufford
Harrison3 Dec 1856Christian (Cadiz)Ashberry Showalter, Milton Hess and Riley Swope
Harrison7 Nov 1857Wes/Meth (Pleasent Grove)John Luthaltz, Andrew Burris and David Pressnell
Harrison2 Sep 1858United Brethr.John Sowash, Henry Bailey, Henry Shouk, Calvin Compton and Maxum Haskett
Harrison20 Jan 1862Christian (Cadiz)M. T. Hess, R. H. Cooper, Enoch Osburn, Samuel Vanmater and J. M. Hiatt
Harrison 4 May 1868 United Brethrn.Not Listed
Harrison12 Jul 1872ChristianEdmond Lindsay, James Wisehart, John W. Leavell,Greenberry Farmer and Martin Wisehart
Harrison17 Apr 1876MEC (Cadiz)Massey Pickering, William W. Holloway and John D. Cooper
Harrison8 Jul 1886M.E.C.(Kennard)None listed
Harrison12 Mar 1888Friend's (Kennard)None Listed
Harrison27 May 1891Mt. ZionWilliam N. Cannon, George A Davis and Benjamin F. Vanmatre
Harrison24 Jul 1895Christian (Cadiz)None listed
Henry15 Feb 1832MEC (New Castle)Hugh Carrol, William Conner, John R. Coleburn, William Sparks and John Powell
Henry6 Jan 1837MEC (McDaniel's)John Welch, William Woolens, George Atkinson, Samuel Templeton and Henry B. Welch
Henry9 Mar 1839MEC (Sugar Grove)William McDowell, Emsley Brookshire, Ezekiel Rogers, George Rogers and John Conner
Henry15 Mar 1844Seminary (New Castle)Henry Lewelling, Lorenzo Meek, Elijah Stout, John Powell, Eli Murphey and John Thornburg
Henry4 Apr 1844Mec (New Castle)John Welch, Joseph Shelly, Philander Rope, L. D. Meek and Samuel Hoover
Henry19 Apr 1845Presbytarian (New Castle)David C. Hazzard, Eli S. Messick and Hiram A. Bundy
Henry2 Sep 1846MEC (New Salem)William Sanders, Joseph White, Richard Modlin, Needham Sanders and William Lynas
Henry15 May 1847Reg. Baptist (Zoar)James Barnard, William Shaw and Alvus Walker
Henry28 Dec 1847Wes/Meth. (Duck Creek)Nathan Palmer, Nathan Pressnell and Joseph Pressnell
Henry7 Sep 1852MEC (NewCastle)John Powell, Robert Denney, James McMeans, Thomas Haley and Thomas Rogers
Henry28 Feb 1857United Breth. (NewCastle)Jacob Byers, William Conn, Jacob Swigart, Jehu Roskert and Christian Over
Henry29 Dec 1863United Breth. (New Castle)Jacob Byers, William W. Conn, Jacob Swigart, John N. Rickert and Christian Owens
Henry15 Dec 1866Wes/Meth (Duck Creek)Cornelius Acres, Phineas Lamb and Joshua Newby
Henry7 Oct 1867United Breth. (New Castle)Luther Byers, Enos Shaffer and Monroe Gruendyke
Henry19 Jul 18782nd Methodist (New Castle)None Listed
Henry28 Jan 1882Wes. / Meth.William H. Cannon, Geo. A Davis and John Crane
Henry 7 Apr 1885Episcopal (New Castle)None listed
Henry24 Sep 1885Friend's (New Castle)Isaac Mendenhall, John S. Hedges and Oliver Mendenhall
Henry6 Jun 1889AMEC (New Castle)None listed
Henry20 Apr 1891Wes. Methodist (Duck Creek)Geo. A Davis, William H. Cannon and Benj. F. Vannata
Henry9 Nov 1891Protest. Episp. (New Castle)None Listed
Henry10 Jun 1892St. John Luth. (English-Evang. New Castle)D.W. Kinsey, Jacob Swingley and Benjamin Shirk
Jefferson20 Mar 1843Luth/Presb.Jacob Bowers, Christian Sowerwine and David S. Pence
Jefferson14 Feb 1859Ger. Bapt. (Bethel)George Hoover, Wilson Maddy and Joseph Rife
Jefferson26 Dec 1860United Breth (Forest Hill)Christopher Painter, Jacob Rinker and Michael Gruendyke
Jefferson19 Dec 1874MEC (Sulphur Springs)William A. Rader, William Dubois, Martin Orr, William Cupp and Jesse Sanders
Jefferson1 Apr 1878Wes/MethEmsly Brookshire, Phineas Lamb and Barzilla G. Barnard
Liberty5 Nov 1827Baptist (Liberty)Christopher Main, George Koons and Jesse Platts
Liberty6 Jul 1830Friend's (Flat Rock)Henry Thornburg, David Musby and John Marshall
Liberty1835Universalist (Devon)William Bland, Isaac Baker, George Runyan, Thomas Runyan and A. J. Batson
Liberty26 Feb 1846(2nd) Friend's (Flat Rock)Henry Thornburg, Elija Mendenhall, Jess Chamness
Liberty28 Sep 1846Reg. Baptist (Symon's Creek)G. L. Simpson, John Wisehart and Henry Hatfield
Liberty3 Feb 1848Luth/Presb. (St. Paul's)William Abbot, George Baker and Jacob Baker
Liberty6 Apr 1852Christian Home (Symon's Creek)John L. Wisehart, Henry Hatfield and G. L. Simpson
Liberty17 Sep 1852Friend's (Flatrock)Jesse Chamness, Henry Thornburg and Elijah Mendenhall
Liberty13 Jan 1857Luth/Presb. (St. Paul's)George Gephart, Absalom McMullen and John Schweikhardt
Liberty8 May 1857MEC,Ashland (Mullin's Station)George Evans, Robert Mullin, John Mullin, Charles Bell and Samuel Evans
Liberty28 Dec 1868United Breth. (Liberty)Jacob Williams, Enos Shafer and William Bell
Liberty22 Jan 1870Christian (Flat Rock)James M. Boyd, Wilson Wisehart and Jehu Stanley
Liberty25 Sep 1875United Breth. (In Christ)Henry Shafer, Jacob Williams, John Schildtknecht
Liberty 3 Nov 1884Friend's (Springfield MM)Samuel Brown, John Charles and Jesse Chamness
Liberty31 May 1886Christian (Millville)None listed
Liberty19 Feb 1887Evang/Luth. (St. Jacob's)Michael Kimmel, Daniel Waltz and John Yaukey
Liberty17 Jul 1896Union (Ashland)William Wimmer and Etal.
Liberty1 May 1897Church of God (Hoover'ites)George Smith, John Leavell and Heny Wise
Liberty17 Sep 1898Ch. of GodHenry Wise, John H. Labell and Charles Holaday
Prairie8 Apr 1834Baptist (Lebanon)John Mellett, John Hays and John G. Miller
Prairie28 Dec 1835Union SocietyTom Hess, William Riadon and Shubal Julian
Prairie7 Oct 1838Reg. Baptist (Lick Creek)Aaron Ballard, James Barnard and Samuel Evans
Prairie12 Dec 1840Christian (Blue River)Asahel Woodward, Benjamin Harvey, Clement Murphy, Nathan Cannaday and William Millikan
Prairie15 Jun 1850ProtestentElishu Hartley, Rossell Williams and Laferty Hale
Prairie13 Aug 1853Reg. Baptist (Lebanon)James T. Moore, David Vance and John S. Hickman
Prairie29 Aug 1854Methodist (Luray)Joseph Hazelton, George W. Evans, Laferty Hale, Elisha Hartley and Abraham Fulton
Prairie8 Oct 1860Reg. Baptist (Lebanon)Joshua Mellett, Samuel Baxton and Johnathan Veach
Prairie1 Apr 1872Christian (Mt. Summit)Thomas Hale, Robert West, Christian Jones, Peter P. Rifner and S. S. Cannaday
Prairie4 Oct 1875Ger. Baptist (Beech Grove)George H. Hartley, John Kirklin and Martin Ulrich
Prairie27 Oct 1883Reg. Baptist (Mt. Summit)None listed
Spiceland6 Aug 1830Friend's (Spiceland)Isaac White, Obediah Small and George Evans
Spiceland11 Sep 1844Christian (Dunreith Bck. Crk.)Curtis Hall, George Hall and Joel Harrold
Spiceland6 Jan 1851Union Hall (Ogden)Christian A. Swain, Silas Cooper and Peter Raden
Spiceland7 Apr 1863Christian (At Friendship)Howard E. Wilson, John Hutton and Elwood Baldwin
Spiceland17 Aug 1869Friend's (Dunreith)David Edwards. Soloman Gause and James B. Parker
Spiceland23 Apr 1877MEC (Spiceland)Josiah Bogue, John S. Bogue, Samuel S. Painter, Richard M. Copeland and Thomas Griffen
Spiceland19 Nov 1877MEC (Ogden)Not listed
Spiceland10 Aug 1880AMEC (Spiceland)Henry Winslow, Thomas Lemance and Moses Thurman
Spiceland28 Nov 18831st Col. Bapist (Dunreith)Calvin Kizer, George Spurgeon and George Mirada
Stoney Creek7 Apr 1838Friend's (Westbury)John Marshall, Stephen Potter and Luke Miles
Stoney Creek30 Sep 1840MEC (Blountsville)Edmond Daugherty, Samuel Bidwell, William Galyean, Joseph Bird and James Templin
Stoney Creek30 Sep 1840Presbyterian (Blountsville)Joseph Reed, William Murray and James Templeton
Stoney Creek31 Aug 1852Christian Frnd's. (Circleville)Thorton Rogers, George Kennard and James Downing
Stoney Creek21 Sep 1852Ger. Bapt. (Buck Creek)Not Listed
Stoney Creek21 Feb 1856Christian (Blountsville)John Lakes, Alan Burr, Russell Jhordan, Thomas Jones
Stoney Creek18 Sep 1857Ger. BaptistNot listed
Stoney Creek10 Nov 1856MEC (Blountsville)Joseph Bird, Elisha Bird, Ide Lake and Jordan Bannell
Stoney Creek15 Mar 1875Methodist (Rogersville)Phillip W. Patterson, Mark Swearingin and John W. Lakes
Stoney Creek3 Nov 1894United Breth.None listed
Wayne22 Sep 1827Baptist (Blue River)Joseph Watts, Jacob Parkhurst and Jehu Dennis
Wayne9 Feb 1833Bethel Presb. (West Liberty)William Edmonson, Harvey Bell and David Byers
Wayne1 Feb 1834Christian (Raysville)Henry Plumer, Reuben Wilson and James Sears
Wayne22 Jun 1836Friend's (Elm Grove)William Edwards, Samuel Pritchard and William Macy
Wayne3 Mar 1837MEC (Knightstown)Edward K. Hart, Reuben Wright, Daniel Fraley, Samuel Barrett and John Lowery
Wayne21 Jul 1837Methodist (Knightstown)Thomas B. Miller, Morris F. Edwards and James Conley
Wayne24 Jan 1839Friend's (Raysville)Caleb White, Samuel Pritchard, Charles Mayan, Joel Pusey and Samuel Warner
Wayne11 Oct 1842Bethel Presb. (Knightstown)William Edmondson, Harvey Bell and David Byers
Wayne5 Jun 1844MEC (Knightstown)Morris H. Edwards, Levi Griffith and Jesse Hinshaw
Wayne31 Mar 1848Reg. Baptist (Knightstown)John Osborn, Aaron Maxwell and Mathew M. Kinney
Wayne14 May 1852Sons of Temp. (Knightstown)Charles S. Huffard, Reuben Chappell, John H. Willard, Joseph Harvey and Noah Wagner
Wayne15 Aug 1855MEC (Knightstown)William Brown, Morris F. Edwards and George Lowery
Wayne 8 May 1866Methodist (Knightstown)None Listed
Wayne25 Jul 1868Evang/MEC (Knightstown)Peter Redrick, Thomas Hatfield, Charles S. Hubbard, Joseph Harriss and John W. Heaton
Wayne14 Jul 1869Friend's (Grant City)Isaac Parker, Richard P. Elliot and Samuel Pritchird
Wayne8 Jun 1870Christian (Knightstown)Daniel White, Jesse Reeves and Madison Heindman
Wayne19 Aug 1871MEC (Grant City)J. W. Sanden, Henry Woods, Robert A. Smith, William Maggard and Jacob Green
Wayne19 Apr 1872AMEC (Knightstown)John Brooks, Micajah Moss and John Furgason
Wayne10 Feb 1873Universalist (Pleasent Grove)Freeman Fort, Marrow Simmon and William Simmon
Wayne19 Nov 1887Christian (Deck)John E. Deck, William McClarnon and John Rhodes
Wayne17 Feb 1894Christian (Ogden)None listed
Wayne1895Afr. Meth. (Knightstown)John Brooks, William Means and Washington Taylor
Wayne10 Apr 1897PresbyterianF.C. Leisure, George P. Graff and William N. Bell

Religion was important to the early settlers of Henry County. It seems there was a church on every corner and the population was not that great then.

The first church meetings in early Henry County were usually held in private homes until a church was organized and trustees were elected. A lot of these churches were started a few years before land was purchased or donated by someone for the use of the church. Some of these deeds were not recorded until years later and a few were probably never recorded at the recorders office in the court house.

This list is taken from the old Deed record books at the Henry County recorder's office. Spelling of names were recorded from the records and can be misspelled by different recorders, some clerks spelled them different.

I know there are other Churches that are not on this list, I am looking for them.

The rest will be filled in as I get them, please let me know of any mistakes, they do happen.

©UEB 1998
Sunday, October 04, 1998

New Castle, IN

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