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Civil Rights in Henry County, IN

Note: This article appeared in the Henry County Republican, a local county newspaper of the late 1800s

The Colored Children in County Schools

      There has been for some weeks past, a little difficulty about colored children attending the Township school at Hopewell. The township trustee, Principle and most of the employers were decidedly favorable to the colored children attending the school, while a few families kept up a persistent grumbling, and one or more children left the school in consequence. The James Walters family, of Democratic persuasion living just west of the Hopewell school, fearful that their boys might be inclined to intermarry with the Negro girls, took them from the school and sent them to Beech Grove, which is about a mile west of their home, some distance farther than Hopewell.
     The Walters boys and the colored boys in returning from school met a number of times on the pike, and when, it is reported, the Walters boys would amuse themselves by stoning their colored brethren, driving them from the pike, and otherwise heaping indignities on them. One day last week they met on the pike, when one of the young Walters boys rudely thrust one of the Winslow boys, about 15 years of age, off the pike, throwing him down and following this up by a blow in the mouth, then gathering up a large stick, struck him several blows over the head and only desisted upon the interference of other parties.
     Young Winslow went home complaining of his injuries, pain in the head and etc. and was soon taken worse and went into spasms after spasms, and was considered in so critical condition that certain parties had his assailant arrested and brought to New Castle, where he had a preliminary examination before Squire Burr, and was recognized to court in the sum of $500. The physician attending upon young Winslow being summoned, testified that he thought there was some hope of his recovery, and it is to be hoped he may. As the lesson young Walters will learn will probably be a dear one any way, and we hope it may tend to make him a better man, and we also hope that it may open the eyes of his parents to abominableness of their teachings, of which this scrap is without doubt a legitimate consequence.

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