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Henry County, IN Commissioner's Court

-March 1887-

The following physicians were appointed on contract for the Pauper's Practice:
Barrett, Dr. Omar H. - Wayne Township
Bartlett, Rev. Andrew C. - Franklin Township
Pickering, Dr. S. - Dudley Township
Hardesty, Dr. John C. - Liberty
Mendenhall, Dr. Isaac - Henry Township
Gronendyke, Dr. Oliver J. - Greensboro Township
Waters, Dr. Samuel C. - Fall Creek Township
Barttlett, Dr. Claudius G. - Spiceland Township
McCormack, Dr. Wm. D. - Jefferson Township
Clapper, Dr. David D. - Blue River Township
Gronendyke, Dr. Thomas W. - Henry County Asylum

In the matter of Robert Kerr et al, petition for a drain, R. M. Chambers, O. C. Saffell and Thomas H. Hunt were appointed to meet at the Auditor's office on April 5, 1887.
Liquor licenses were granted toW. D. Smith, James B. Boden and James Dolen of New Castle town.
Susan Fussell was appointed as a member of the visiting committee for the Pauper Children's Home.
In the matter of the vacation of the Knightstown and Greensboro turnpike, Elm Grove division was accepted by the commissioners.
In the matter of L. Nation Brown, petition to vacate highway, Albert Thornburg, D. G. Wilkinson and James M. Wyatt were appointed viewers to meet at Mooreland on March 25.
In the matter of A. J. Fleming, in petition to vacate and locate highway, Asa Houston, Jonathan Lewis and Joseph McKee appointed viewers, to meet in Cadiz, April 5.
In the matter of C. C. Hinshaw etal petition for free gravel road from one mile west of Cadiz south to Kennard. to north line of Wayne Township, R. M. Chambers, Benjamin Shirk Sr. and E. H. Peed viewers and R.I. Morrison surveyor.
In the matter of the Hopewell and Flat Rock turnpike Company and the abandonment of same, the road was accepted by the Commissioners, and the Township Trustee instructed to accept and keep the same in good repair.
In the matter of W. D. Adamson, petition to vacate highway, Albert Thornberg, D. G. Wilkinson and James M. Wyatt were appointed viewers, to meet at Mooreland March 25.
In the matter of Milton Haguewood, petition to vacate highway, Joshua Holland, Jason Holloway and Charles Phelps were appointed viewers, to meet at Auditor's office March 25.
In the matter of J. W. Lowery, petition to vacate highway, Jesse F. Swain, Elias Phelps and Joel Wright were appointed viewers, to meet at Knightstown on April 22.

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