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Commissioner's Claims for the Henry County Farm

1 Dec 1893 through 1 March 1894

This claim was submitted by Superintendent Mahlon D. Harvey, to the Henry County Commissioners for supplies purchased from the L. E. Kinsey & Company for the months of December, January 1893 and February 1894. These purchases were mostly for medical supplies, but one wonders if there were a lot of toothaches at that time. The names of some of the products are still familiar today.

1 quart of Old Crow1.00
1 Quart of R & R 1.00
Bug Exterminator 1.00
Hore Hound.10
1 1/4 pound Salt Peter.25
Beladoua Porous Plaster.25
5 Boxes McClean's Pills1.00
1 Quart of R &1.00
1 Bottle Turpentine.25
1 Quart of R & R1.00
Hood's Pills.25
Carbolic Acid.50
Couch Plaster.25
Cork Screw.10
1 Quart of Camphor1.00
2 pounds Salt Peter.40
Indelible Ink.25
1 1/2 pounds Salt Peter.35
Green's Nervosa1.00
Diamond Dyes.30
Sweet Oil.10
1 Quart of Camphor1.00
Couch Plaster.05

Approved: March 10, 1894 by Henry County Commissioners

U. E. Bush, 2000

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