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New Castle Courier - Thirty Six Years - 1877

    On June 8, 1877 the New Castle Courier published a 36th.Anniversary issue of the paper with articles written by the first editors, publishers and employees of the very first papers. They tell of the trials and tribulations they had to overcome when starting the Courier.

This article appeared in the New Castle Courier on June 8, 1877

    Before us, framed in gilt and carefully preserved, hangs No.1, Vol. 1, of the Indiana Courier, issued June 10, 1841, by John W. Grubbs. Here lies The New Castle Courier of date June 8, 1877, the last number of the 36th.year of the existence of the Courier as a newspaper. The history of the Courier, from its infancy through the long and eventful following, is presented to its readers by hands better prepared with a knowledge of facts than ours. Its founders, former editors and other writers of ability who have ever felt a friendly or fatherly interest in the success of the institution, have favored us. There is little left for us to do, except to present to our readers and patrons what has been so bountifully provided, and assurance of an appreciation of the substantial tokens of confidence in the Courier as a newspaper and advertisement medium. The Courier Company was organized in 1875, as a business enterprise, and the stockholders expect a return from the investment. They realize that a newspaper to be successful must please the subscriber and merit patronage. For this the officers have labored, and will continue to labor. All that is written and all that is published, is sent forth with the hope and intention of benefiting mankind. When we look back upon the history of the past, and think that for each week of thirty-six long years, the Courier has spoken in Henry county, when we consider the characters and reputations of its numerous editors and contributors, and compare the state of society far back with the present highly cultivated condition, we cannot doubt the Courier has performed some part, an important part, in helping the people forward, onward and upward. Where is the old subscriber who cannot remember one or more good things he has seen in the Courier? Who has not some cause to think well of the Courier? To whom has it not brought at some time tidings of joy, or maybe, cause for grief in the announcement of the death or loss of friends? Men and women grown, for many of you, the Courier gave to the world first knowledge of your existence, and has continued to hold watch and guard over you, eagerly gathering and gladly recording every important act and circumstance of your life, sometimes, and compelled to give the darker side, not that it pleased the editor or pandered to depraved appetite, but that the Courier might perform well its duty, hoping to benefit you and warn others. History shows the Courier to be foremost and always firm in the advocacy of sound moral principles, virtue, and the rights of man; never petulant, fault-finding, or vengeful, always vigorous, bold, and right. With all public improvements the Courier has been identified; with all general movements and situations and agitation of principles, moral or political, the Courier has always labored with the masses and for the good of the people. On the other hand the Courier has no cause for complaint, the people have generously supported and patronized it. Its proud position today among the newspapers of the State is due to the goodwill and generosity of the citizens of Henry county. We advocate continuance of this mutual benefit organization. On our part we agree to do you all the good we possibly can; we bargain to be faithful, earnest and honest in the calling to which fate has assigned us, promising each week to furnish all that our columns can contain of news, local and general, other selected matter, the record of public opinion, probably too, an occasional original idea. We ask only that you stay with us, as the present outlook seems to indicate you have resolved to do. Without further trespassing upon your time. We invite you now to the feast prepared by your friends on other pages. Adieu, ----- W. H. Elliot

2001 UEB

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