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Peter Current Cemetery

Stony Creek Township
Est. 1830s

   This cemetery, located in section #29 in Stony Creek Township, Henry County, IN on the Walradth farm on the Buck Creek Pike. It was set-aside as a burial ground by James Current who settled here in the 1830s. It has received very little care in the last few years and is completely overgrown with native vegetation and many stones are down due to weathering and the ages of father time.
   At one time a Boy Scout group took care of the grounds and kept the weeds mowed, but lately it has been completely forgotten and left to the elements.
   This list was compiled in 1995 when the Indiana Junior Historical Society undertook a major cleanup of the cemetery, cutting back the trees, brush and weeds. They then recorded all of the burials in the cemetery, finding several stones that were missed in the previous recordings done in the 1973 by Thomas Hamm.
   The Current cemetery is under a Conservation Management Agreement between the Central Indiana Land Trust Inc. (CILTI) and Stoney Creek Township. Under this agreement, CILTI manages the native prairie habitat on the properties for preservation purposes. These small sites are some of the few remnants of native prairie vegetation that existed prior to European settlement in portions of east-central Indiana. Prairie species present include big blue stem, little blue stem, New Jersey tea, black-eyed Susan, beebalm, Indian grass, pale-spiked lobelia, showy tick trefoil, rose pink, flowering spurge, and lance-leaved coreopsis.

Bowman, Emily 30 Dec 188346y, 1m, 3d W of JE
Bowman, Margaret Priddy 1845 1800 W of John
Cross, Janson L.   3m, 4d  
Cross, John E.   22y, 1m, 3d S of Jos & Martha
Cross, Joseph Sr. 8 Jun 1846 23 Apr 1791  
Cross, Joseph S.   22y, 11d, Co. K, 84th Ind. Inf.
Cross, Martha Norman 9 May 1874 13 May 1799 W of Joseph
Cross, Nancy A.   ?8y, 6m 1d W of AJ
Cross, Sarah E.   22y, 2m  
Current, Abraham J. 19 Feb 188673y, 3m, 24d S of James & Margaret
Current, Elizabeth Lake 12 Feb 189128 Nov 1813 W of Abraham
Current, Fanny E. 14 May 188716y, 3m, 24d D of PJ & Hannah
Current, Infant 2 Jan 1874   S of PJ & HP
Current, Infant 14 Jun 1881  D of Thomas J & Mary M
Current, Infant 24 Dec 1865  S of PJ & HP
Current, Infant 7 Jan 1866   S of James W & Mary A
Current, Infant 28 Jul 1888  S of HL & Amanda
Current, Infant 8 Dec 1888   S of GW & ??
Current, Infant 8 Dec 1875 2m, 16d S of James & Mary
Current, Ira T. 8 Mar 1888 2m, 6d S of PJ & Hannah
Current, James Sr. 2 Feb 1846 71y, 10m, 7d  
Current, John W. 4 Oct 1881 1y, 3m, 10d S of AJ & E
Current, Margaret Johnson23 Jan 187597y, 5mm, 16d W of James
Current, Martha A. 2 Apr 1868 6m, 12d  
Current, Peter J. 2 Dec 1899 12 Jul 1841 S of Abraham & Elizabeth
Current, Silas Peter 17 Feb 185215 hours S of A & E
Dew, Jenny 15 Jul 18602y, 7m, 28d  
Evans, Infant 3 Dec 1856 1d S of A & ME
Evans, Infant 11 Feb 1858  S of A & S
Evans, Infant 8 Sep 1856 9m, 27d D of A & S
Himes, Elizabeth 17 Sep 18649m, 24d D of Jacob & Martha
Himes, Emma 7 Sep 1864 4y, 7m, 23d D of L & R
Himes, George 14 Dec 18551y, 8m, 4d S of H & E
Himes, Henry 17 Feb 185623y, 7m, 29d S of Jacob H & Susana
Himes, Ida Belle 18 Oct 188114y, 7m, 6d D of Jacob & Martha
Himes, Jacob 2 Mar 1883 39y, 10m, 12d S of JH & S
Himes, Jacob H. 22 Jun 184722 Jan 1806  
Himes, Levi 22 Nov 188050y, 8m, 26d S of JH & S
Himes, Lydia 15 Sep 18681m, 28d D of Levi & Rose Ann
Himes, Margaret Susan 1 Apr 1884 14y, 28d D of Jacob & Margaret
Himes, Martha Tibbets 8 May 1903 60y, 5m, 17d W of Jacob
Himes, Rose Anna 3 Apr 1869 36y, 11m,m 22dW of Levi
Himes, Samuel 6 Jun 1859 28d S of L & R
Himes, Susanna 25 Jan 18654y, 5m, 7d D of Levi & Rose Anna
Himes, Susanna 21 Aug 188478y, 4m, 16d W of Jacob H.
Himes, ?? 8 Oct 1888 14y, 7m, 8d S of Jacob & Martha
Hoffman, Emily 30 Aug 1883?4y, 3d W of JC
Hoover, Nancy 23 Aug 18433y, 4m D of Sam & Susanna
Jones, James B. 1 Sep 1855 23y, 5m, 27d S of J & E
Lake, David F. 9 Sep 1866 6m, 17d  
Lake, George McCllelan 7 Oct 1873 9y, 4m, 3d S of JC & MJ
Lake, James Edward 3 Apr 1863 32y, 5m, 8d S of William & Mary
Lake, Jeremiah 26 Jan 186675y, 9m, 28d  
Lake, Mary Current 16 Nov 188214 Apr 1807 W of William
Lake, Polly Bailey 22 Mar 186874y, 4m, 10d W of Jeremiah
Lake, William B. 14 Jun 18469 Aug 1811 S of Jeremiah & Polly
Priddy, Infant 5 Mar 1855   D of J & MA
Priddy, Mary 23 Aug 18473y, 4m D of Samuel & Susanna
Priddy, Dessa 17 Nov 18734y, 3m, 25d D of JH & MA
Priddy, Sarah Clapper 17 Mar 185943y, 3d W of David
Priddy, Zachariah 15 Jun 18454m, 8d S of D & S
Reece, George W. 28 Apr 186810y, 7m, 2d  
Robertson, Clarence K. 1910 1910  
Robertson, Hubert A. 1911 1910  
UEB 2004

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