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Downtown Spiceland, IN 1883

From the New Castle Courier
21 Dec 1883

The Business Interest of Spiceland.

      As this page is devoted to Spiceland and its interest, we desire to speak of its businessmen in a brief manner. Will F. Hoover leads off with the largest stock of goods in town, and occupies two rooms in the new brick building. He keeps a general assortment of all goods in his line. The west room is filled with boots and shoes and gent's furnishings, and is presided over by T. C. Bailey, Mr. Hoover keeps a force of four persons in his employ to wait on customers.
     William S. Chamness also keeps a good stock of dry goods. He has been here many years. He watches his business closely and makes money out of it.
     Ratliff Bros., grocers, have a full stock of what is needed in their line. They make a specialty of jewelry, watches, clocks and silverware, and what they have not got they will send and get for you.
     Cloud, Coffin & Cloud, groceries, boots and shoes, began business here last spring. They fitted up one of the finest rooms in town with a new and complete stock of groceries, boots and shoes, and have already built up a good trade.
     F. A. Taylor, the north side grocer, also keeps the goods his trade demands, and his trade is so large that he keeps Jo Holloway hired to assist him.
     O. H. Nixon is the druggist, bookseller and postmaster of the town, and has been established here for many years.
     Cooper & Parker are just starting up in Samuel Porches corner room with a stock of wallpaper, window blinds, picture frames, holiday goods, etc. These gentlemen came from Ogdon, and seeing the prosperity of our town concluded to try their fortunes here.
     J. W. Sears, Kirk & Vanzant, and Wm. R. Macy, our blacksmiths, are all good workmen and honorable men.
     Lane & Dickinson carry on a paint shop and do other work in first-class style.
     John C Wilson and Eli Ratliff make and repair wagons.
     J. L. Eastridge and Lemuel Smith control the harness business of the place, and each do a thriving business.
     We next come to R. F. Porch, who perhaps runs the largest manufacturing establishment in the county. He makes specialties of the Humbolt washer, furniture and pumps, and runs a sawmill in connection therewith. He gives employment to twenty-three hands, and ships his goods to Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Indiana. He knows the good of printers' ink
     O. E. Talbert, a successor of Binford & Talbert, does an extensive business in the sawmill and lumber business. He has recently put in a new boiler to his engine. He runs a good force of hands.
     Henry A. Collins, Wm. Dawson and Thomas Gilbreath are very efficient in the art of making and mending shoes and boots.
     Hood and Brandon keep a neat butcher shop and well supplied with juicy meats.
     Doctors Cochran & Bailey, Jones & Cotteral and Hastings look after the health of the neighborhood and charge a reasonable fee when they examine your tongue.
     T. K. Millikan, the liveryman, will furnish you a good rig or sell you a carriage or buggy if you desire.
     Among our leading mechanics are Geo. R Bundy, A. W. Manlove, J. T. Unthank and Erie Lamb. There are others who are efficient workmen.
     Phares Compton and Gurney Dicks have a monopoly on the broom making business.
     Wm. Parrish, Elmer Mathews and Tom Swain can make a stone wall that will stand for many years.
     If you want a picture of yourself, step in and see S. D. Talbert and leave your message for some of his photos.
     One of the important features of our place is the Academy. It is under the charge of Professor Timothy Wilson this year. The fall term has been a highly successful one with a large attendance. The term closes this week and the next term bids fair to be a good one. New students are making arrangements to come.
     If you desire to be buried with neatness and dispatch when you die, the proper man to call on would be Levi Cloud.
     Boguue & Bailey and Mrs Collins look after the millinery interest of the town, and must keep nice stocks, judging from the handsome hats and bonnets our ladies wear.
     N. F. Allen is the north-side tinner.
     Hodson and Unthank keep a full line of stoves in addition to their tin shop.
     Hodson & Son have perhaps the finest hardware room in the county. They keep a full assortment of hardware and furniture.
     Brandy Bros. or Spencer Winslow will shave your face or clip your shaggy hair in good style.
     C. E. Peck is the efficient agent and telegraph operator at the depot. The telephone office is in O. H. Nixon's business room and is a great convenience to the town.

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