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Downing Cemetery

Blue River Township

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    This cemetery is located on the Ed Chamberlin farm on the northeast edge of Mooreland in Blue River Township, just north of CR 450 North, near the old railroad bed. This cemetery was started sometime in the 1850s by Francis Downing as a burial grounds for his family
   Since Mooreland was not laid out until the year 1881 and the Mooreland town cemetery was not laid out until the 1890s and the Downing cemetery seems to have been used as the local neighborhood burial grounds.
   In February of 1890 Eli Ladd a young African-American who was chased and shot dead just north of Mooreland (See story here) on the WW road, just South of Blountsville, was buried in this cemetery.
   Supposedly many graves have been moved to the new cemetery soon after it opened.
   Many, if not all, of the tombstones were knocked down because of the cattle grazing the land until it was eventually fenced off by Mr. Chamberlin, the stones though are in fairly good condition.
Cory, Frances Albertus1869 1868  
Cory, Laura Belle 13 Dec 18676m 14d D of Dr. Mathew & Louisa
Cory, Louisa 4 Mar 1869 5m 3d D of M & L
Cory, Louisa Downing 1919 1843 W of Matt, D of F & E Downing
Cory, Mathew 1909 16 Aug 1846 S of David & Mary Cory
Downing, Elizabeth Ray11 Jun 187259y, 10m 14dW of Francis
Downing, Francis 31 Jan 188278y 1m 11d H of Elizabeth
Downing, Francis M. 20 Mar 188135y 6m 24d S of F & E
Downing, Infant 25 Apr 18531d D of F & E
Downing, Maria 11 Jul 184912d D of F & E
Downing, Martha 22 Oct 18972 Mar 1838 D of F & E
Ferris, Ruth 22 Oct 18886m  
Keever, George D. 22 Oct 188727y 12d  
Ladd, Eli 7 Feb 1890 21 Feb 1869 S of Isaac Ladd
McCrea, Ada 8 Nov 1891 11y  
Means, Reuben   circa 1790  
Means, Maria   circa 1811  
U.E.Bush, 2004

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