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Early Doctors of Henry County, IN

From the Henry County Doctors Registry 1885

      The early physicians of the county were a most useful and influential body of men, who, in the alleviation of suffering and bringing solace and relief to the sick, in a period when the comforts of life were not always accessible, rendered a great service to their fellow man.
     Many of the early physicians did not have any medical training other than training under the tutoring of another physician until the physician was satisfied the apprentice was competent enough to go out on his own,
     Many of the earl physicians were of the "Physio-Medical" school, which believed in healing by the laws of nature and use of bleeding by lancets, leeches, cups and etc. The lancet was much used, for bloodletting was universal and blisters much resorted to. The leading remedies of the early doctor were calomel, jalap, tartar emetic and Peruvian bark. The disease most prevalent in the early times were largely malarial in their origin and inflammatory in their action, and the depletory treatment of early times did not then seem so objectionable as at a period when the conditions of life had greatly changed. Most of these early doctors kept pace with the progress of medical science; and among the earliest as well as the later physicians of the county have been many skillful and accomplished practitioners.
     Sometime around 1885 a law was passed requiring all practicing physicians to register with the county and show proof of their training. Those physicians that had not attended any medical school or had any formal training that awarded a certificate or diploma required for a medical license, but had been practicing medicine for the past three years or longer had to sign an oath verifying their training and experience and were "grand-fathered" in and were exempt from having to show a license.
     This is a list of those physicians who registered at the Henry County courthouse. Those that have (N/A) along with their name were the ones who did not have medical diplomas or they did not list their school at the time of registering. Several of those that registered were from outside Henry County and did not list the town where their practice was located.

NameGraduate OfDateTown
Alexander, Robert O. P & S College Keokak, Iowa 27 Feb 1883 Mt. Summit
Allen, John B. Medical College of Ohio 1 Mar 1881 Hagerstown, IN
Anderson, John J. Indiana Medical College 1881 N/A
Andrews, Solomon N/A N/A Blountsville
Bailey, George D. Indiana Medical College 17 Feb 1871 Spiceland
Bailey, Rachael S. Indiana Central Col. of Med. 1 Mar 1880 Spiceland
Baldwin, Lawrence Univ. of Mich. Medical College 1 Jul 1886 Knightstown
Ballard, Amos B. N/A N/A New Lisbon
Ballingal, George W. N/A N/A Middletown
Barrett, Omar H. Ohio Medical College 7 Mar 1884 N/A
Bartell, A. C. Ohio Medical College 2 Mar 1880 New Castle
Barttlett, C. G. Medical Col. of Ohio 25 Feb 1877 Lewisville
Barttlett, W. M. Medical College of Ohio 1885 Lewisville
Beaty, M. Medical College of Penn. 20 Mar 1877 Traveling Doctor
Beck, John N/A N/A Cadiz
Benedict, Harford Univ. Michigan Med. School 1885 Springport
Blunt, Cyrus W. Jefferson Medical College PA 10 Mar 1865 New Castle
Bond, Caleb W. N/A 1875 Cadiz
Boor, Walter Axline University of Michigan 27 Mar 1872 Cadiz
Boor, William F. Photo Jefferson Medical College, PA 9 Mar 1853 New Castle
Boyd, Horace B. Starling Med. Col. of Illinois 25 Feb 1881 Cambridge City
Boyd, Samuel Scott Medical College of Ohio 3 Mar 1849 Dublin
Brubaker, E. H. Physics Med. Col. of IN 18 Mar 1896 N/A
Buffkin, Ezra Physics Med. Col. of IN 12 Jul 1874 Mechanicsburg
Burke, George W. Photo Jefferson Medical College, PA 2 Mar 1856 Sulphur Springs
Butler, Robert N/A N/A Knightstown
Butterfield, W. Westin Bellview Hosp. College of NY 1 Mar 1868 N/A
Canaday, Nathan F. Cleveland Med. College Ohio 17 Feb 1870 Hagerstown
Carter, Lon A. Medical College of IN 1 Mar 1882 Charlottsville, IN
Castor, William H. N/A N/A New Lisbon
Clapper, David Photo Physic Medical Inst. of Ohio 30 May 1876 Mooreland
Clawson, Andrew J. N/A N/A New Castle
Clineheus, Phillip R. Medical College of Ohio 4 Mar 1881 Troy, OH
Cochran, James Indiana Medical College 25 Feb 1876 Cadiz/Spiceland
Coffin, Oliver S. Electic Med. Col. IN 23 Feb 1888 Lewisville
Cole, D. A. N/A N/A Knightstown
Comstock, John S. D. Rush Med. College Illinois 1885 New Castle
Cook, Benjamin H. Medical College of Ohio 8 Mar 1883 Wilkinson
Cress, John B. Medical College of IN 27 Feb 1874 Knightstown
Crouse, Henry M. Photo Cleveland Medical College 29 Feb 1856 Knightstown
Denney, Rebecca J. N/A N/A N/A
Dewey, Rebecca J. N/A 1885 N/A
Doremus, Guy D. Curtis Physics Med. Col. 12 Mar 1894 N/A
Dorr, John N/A N/A New Castle
Drake. F. J. Medical College of Indiana 3 Mar 1881 Carthage, IN
Dumans, John H. Univ. of Mich. Medical College 1889 Traveling Doctor
Duncan, Benjamin N/A N/A Knightstown
Eiker, William C. Indiana Med. College 21 Feb 1882 N/A
Eily, Z. N. N/A 1885 N/A
Elliot, John N/A N/A New Castle
Englerth, Joseph T. Physics Med. Col. of IN 14 Feb 1879 Honey Creek
Estabrook, L. W. Medical College of Ohio 25 Jan 1967 Springport
Ewing, W. M. N/A N/A Knightstown
Ferris, Edgar S. Photo Jefferson Medical College, PA 2 Apr 1885 New Castle
Ferris, Samuel Photo Jefferson Med. Col. of Penn. 1842 New Castle
Fisher, O. W. Physics Med. Col of IN 24 Feb 1881 Indianapolis, IN
Flinn, Benjamin F. N/A N/A Lewisville
Franks, Hamilton P. Univ. of Mich. Medical College 9 Mar 1888 Losantville
Fuller, William N/A 2 Feb 1875 N/A
Fussell, Lundy Jefferson Med. Col. of PA 16 Mar 1869 Spiceland
Garrand, William B. M. Starling Medical College, OH 24 Feb 1863 N/A
Garrett, Obed H. Medical Col. of Butler IN 1 Mar 1883 N/A
Gibbs, Charles M. N/A 1886 New Lisbon
Goodwin, Edward M. University of Michigan 30 Mar 1865 N/A
Green, A. W. Medical College of Indiana 27 Feb 1880 Knightstown
Griffis, Robert Ohio Medical College 1 Mar 1853 Middletown
Groendyke, Oliver J. Medical College of Ohio 3 Mar 1885 New Castle
Groendyke, Thomas W. Photo Medical College of Ohio 1 Mar 1882 New Castle
Grof, Arian O. Medical College of IN 30 Mar 1892 N/A
Guyer, Oscar K. Ohio Medical College 27 Feb 1884 Lewisville
Guysinger, John S. N/A N/A Middletown
Hall, Milton N/A 1886 Middletown
Hall, Thomas T. Electic Med. Col. of Ohio 5 Jun 1883 Dublin
Hardesty, J. C. Medical College of IN 27 Feb 1880 Millville
Harrington, Dr. N/A N/A Knightstown
Harrison, Benjamin N/A N/A New Lisbon
Harrold, D. C. Dentist N/A Dunreith
Hastings, A. H. Haneman Med. Col. of Chicago 24 Feb 1887 New Castle
Hastings, Seth G. Medical College of Ohio 2 Mar 1877 Greensboro/NC
Heinstone, Leonidas V. Bellview Hosp. Col. of NY 1 Mar 1866 N/A
Hendrick, James L. Medical College of Cincinatti 6 Mar 1891 Blountsville
Henry, Joseph N/A N/A Middletown
Hess, Frank C. Ohio Medical College 1 Mar 1881 Cadiz
Hess, Luther W. N/A N/A Cadiz
Hess, Luther W. N/A N/A Middletown
Hiatt, A. H. N/A N/A Greensboro
Hill, John N/A N/A Blountsville
Hobbs, Orville W. Butler Medical College 3 Mar 1881 Knightstown
Hobbs, Wilson Photo Cin. College of Med. & Surg. 16 Feb 1869 Knightstowm
Hollinger, L. N. Ohio Medical College 1885 Blountsville
Hollingsworth, Allen S. Electic Med. Inst. Cincinatti 7 Jun 1887 Lewisville
Hollingsworth, Joseph R. Medical College of IN 1 Mar 1889 N/A
Holloway, Lizzie Edward Haneman Med. Col. of Chicago 18 Feb 1887 Spiceland
Holloway, Olin E. Butler Med. Col. of IN 1 Mar 1884 Knightstown
Holloway, Ollie E. Butler College of Medicine 25 Jul 1885 Knightstown
Homer, Elizabeth M. N/A 1886 Knightstown
Horn, John N/A N/A Middletown
Horner, Richard H. Physics Medical Inst. of Ohio 1 Feb 1860 N/A
Howard, Edward Electic Med. Col. of IN 17 Mar 1881 Indianapolis, IN
Howard, Robert D. Medical Col. of IN 27 Feb 1880 N/A
Hubbard, Elias Indiana Electic Med. College 16 Feb 1881 N/A
Huston, Eli H. N/A N/A N/A
Iddings, Joseph N/A N/A Greensboro
Jackson, Frank G. Ohio Medical College 1884 Mt Summit
James, John H. Physics Medical College of IN 24 Feb 1881 Middletown
Johnson, Elbert M. Medical College of IN 2 Mar 1887 Greensboro
Johnson, Thorton A. N/A N/A Lewisville
Jones, Henry W. Ohio College of Medicine 17 Feb 1875 Middletown
Jones, Shelby N/A N/A Lewisville
Jones. Thomas N. N/A N/A Lewisville
Kerr, William M. N/A N/A Rogersville
Kersey, Silas N/A N/A Lewisville
Kersey, Verling N/A N/A Knightstown
Kirk, Elmer E. Cincinatti College of Medicine 20 Feb 1890 Spiceland
Kirkpatric, James B. Medical College of Ohio 28 Feb 1879 N/A
Kiskadden, H. S. Chicago Col of Physicians 10 Mar 1885 N/A
Kissel, William Starling Med. Col. of Ohio 1 Mar 1875 New Castle
Koons, Harvey N/A 1890s N/A
Lavens, A Dewey Physics Med. Col. Ohio 18 Mar 1867 N/A
Lawrence, Joseph O. Physics Med. Col. IN 26 Mar 1885 N/A
Lewis, John N/A N/A Ogden
Mann, Leonidas S. Cleveland Homo. College 17 Feb 1869 Dublin
Martin, Sammuel M. Cincinatti College of Medicine 19 Jun 1865 Greenfield, IN
Mauk, John R. Starling Medical College OH 26 Feb 1859 N/A
Mausley, James N/A 1885 N/A
McCormack, William D. Physics Med. Col. of IN 24 Mar 1886 Mechanicsburg
McCray, Robert S. Medical College of Indiana 28 Feb 1884 N/A
McGavrin, W, B. N/A N/A Knightstown
McKillip, James H. N/A 1877 Mechanicsburg
McKinney, Cauden N/A 1890 N/A
McKown, John Victoria Medical Col of Can. 6 Mar 1866 N/A
McLleland, John S. Medical College of Ohio 1 Jun 1886 Dublin
McSherly, James L. Medical College of Ohio 8 Mar 1883 Sulphur Springs
Mendenhall, Elihue T. Photo Medical College of Ohio 31 Jul 1885 Millville
Mendenhall, Isaac N/A N/A Millville
Mendenhall, Isaac Medical College of Ohio 1 Apr 1875 New Castle
Merrow, John G. Medical College of IN 12 Mar 1880 N/A
Mickey, Harvey P. Medical College of IN 1 Mar 1888 New Castle
Mitchell, Walter Porter Rush Med. Col. of Illinois 16 Feb 1886 Kennard
Modlin, Leander H. Mediacl College of IN 1 Mar 1889 N/A
Montgomery, James M. N/A N/A Lewisville
Moore, J. M. N/A N/A Mechanicsburg
Moore, John W. Physics Medical Inst. Ohio 18 Feb 1874 New Castle
Moore, N. Lorella Haneman Medical College 13 Apr 1890 New Castle
Morgan, William H. Rush Med. Col. of Chicago, IL 17 Sep 1874 Middletown
Mower, James E. Medical College of Ohio 20 Mar 1884 Decatur Co.
Needham, John Photo Physic Medical Inst. of Ohio 3 Feb 1864 New Castle
Newby, Nathan Physics Med. Col. of IN 17 Feb 1776 Spiceland
Newby, Zimri N/A N/A Greensboro
Newhouse, John T. Curtis Physics Med. Inst. 21 Feb 1890 Sulphur Springs
Newhouse, John Thomas Fort Wayne College of Med. 3 Mar 1889 Sulphur Springs
Norris, Charles E. University of Michigan 1 Jul 1886 N/A
Norveil, Roderick D. N/A 1875 Mt. Summit
Oalden, Wilson C. N/A 1 Mar 1875 Woodville
Painter, Berry Physics Med. Col. of IN 24 Mar 1886 N/A
Painter, Lester Howard American Univ. Cincinatti, OH 1 Mar 1894 N/A
Pendleton, Curtis B. Physics Med. Col. of IN 1881 Mechanicsburg
Pickering, Samuel Louisville College of Medicine 26 Feb 1880 New Lisbon
Post, B. O. N/A N/A Sulphur Springs
Post, Burton O. Medical College of IN 1 Mar 1888 Sulphur Springs
Preston, Albert G. N/A N/A Middletown
Pretzenger, Jacob R. Electic Med. Col. PA 14 May 1862 N/A
Rawlins, Franklin J. C. Transylvania, Loisville, KY 1 Mar 1850 Elizabeth City
Rawlins, John W. Indiana Medical College 1875 Elizabeth City
Rea, Charles L. Ohio Medical College 7 Mar 1884 Folmouth, IN
Rea, John Photo Ohio Medical College 1 Mar 1855 New Castle
Redding, Jacob Physics Med. Col. of IN 26 Feb 1880 New Castle
Reed, Joel N/A N/A New Castle
Reed, William C. Physics Med. Col. of Ohio 1878 Mechanicsburg
Regan, Samuel Electc Med. Col. Illinois 26 May 1870 Valparaiso, IN
Resoner, William M. Collehe of Med. & Surgery OH 17 Feb 1857 Sulphur Springs
Ress, Jonathan N/A 1885 N/A
Riddell, George W. N/A N/A Knightstown
Rodecap, George W. University of Michigan 1885 Middletown
Rogers, Leroy Electic Med. Inst. Cincinatti 1 Jun 1880 Kennard
Rogers, Samuel G. Electic Med. Col. of IN 18 Feb 1885 Mooreland
Rogers, Samuel G. Electic Medical College IN 18 Feb 1885 New Castle
Rourk, Frank H. Univ. of Mich. Medical College 1889 N/A
Rutledge, John W. Ohio Medical College 1 Mar 1875 Mt. Summit
Ruttledge, Elijah D. Am. Med. College, St. Louis 1885 N/A
Ryan, Townsend N/A N/A Lewisville
Seward, Clyde P. American Med. Col. of Ohio 11 Jun 1894 N/A
Sharp, Samuel T. N/A N/A Spiceland
Shellabarger, Erastus R. Toledo Mediacl College Ohio 1 Mar 1887 Knightstown
Shreve, Eva American Electic Col. of Ohio 9 Jan 1893 N/A
Shreve, Franklin American Electic Col. of Ohio 25 Apr 1881 N/A
Smith, Henry N/A 1880 N/A
Smith, Mary J. N/A 1885 Greensboro
Smith, Nelson G. Photo Electic Med. Inst. of OH 25 Jul 1885 Lewisville
Smith, Robert A. Physic Med. Col. OH 2 Feb 1870 Greensboro
Spurgeon, W. A. Physic Med. College IN 18 Feb 1875 Muncie
Stafford, Charles Austin Physics Med. Col. of IN 7 Mar 1889 New Castle
Stafford, Daniel H. Physics Medical Inst. Ohio 7 Feb 1866 Lewisville
Stafford, Horace Physics Med. Col. of IN 5 May 1887 New Castle
Stafford, Horace W. N/A N/A Straughn
Stafford, James A. Photo Physic Medical Inst. of Ohio 7 Feb 1867 Millville
Stanley, Jesse C. University of Louisville 12 Jul 1887 Knightstown
Stante, C. M. Physics Med. Col. of IN 18 Mar 1892 Middletown
Stone, Frank L. Physics Med. Col. IN 12 Feb 1874 Mechanicsburg
Study, Joseph Nelson Bellview Med. Col. of NY 14 Mar 1883 Cambridge City
Summers, Asa Ray Medical College of IN 31 Mar 1897 N/A
Summers, Roland N/A N/A Middletown
Taylor, John P. N/A N/A New Lisbon
Taylor, Livingstone B. N/A 1885 Dublin
Terrell, Henry N/A N/A Raysville
Thompson, John F. Photo Clevand, OH Hospital College 17 Feb 1875 New Castle
Thornburg, Frank L. Ohio Medical College 28 Feb 1878 Middletown
Thurston, Joseph M. Physics Med Inst. Ohio 5 Jan 1866 Hagerstown, IN
Travis, John J. Univ. of Mich. Medical College 1889 Traveling Doctor
Trent, Issac Columbia College of NY 1887 N/A
Van Buskirk, Elisha N/A N/A Lewisville
Van Matre, Cassius E. Miami Med. Col. of OH 3 Apr 1895 New Castle
Vestal, John S. N/A N/A Sulphur Springs
Watters, Samuel C. Ohio Medical College 19 Mar 1881 Middletown
Wayman, James V. N/A N/A New Castle
Wayman, John C. Physic Medical College of Ind. 14 Feb 1878 New Castle
Weavers, John N/A 21 Feb 1875 N/A
Weekly, Daniel W. Ohio Medical College 2 Mar 1880 Straughn
Weeks, Elizabeth J. Physics Med. Col. of IN 24 Mar 1886 Mechanicsburg
Weeks, Joseph Physics Medical Col. OH 2 Feb 1859 Mechanicsburg
Welsh, James H. Ohio Medical College 2 Mar 1865 Middletown
Westerfield, J. M. Electic Medical College of Ind. 18 Feb 1885 Dunreith
White, Johnson A Medical College of Ohio 1 Mar 1877 Dunreith
Whitesell, Joseph M. N/A N/A Knightstown
Wilder, Howard L. Long Island Med. College NY 1 Jan 1875 N/A
Williams, George H. Physics Med. Col. of IN 24 Mar 1889 N/A
Williams, John B. Physics Med. Col. of IN 26 Mar 1885 Honey Creek
Williamson, Harry Medical College of IN 3 Mar 1899 Knightstown
Winston, L. V. N/A N/A Knightstown
Woodward, Thomas B. N/A N/A New Castle
Woolage, Leo W. Medical College of IN 29 Mar 1895 N/A
Wray, Hardy N/A 1851 N/A
Yockey, David H. Indiana Medical College 1886 Blountsville
Young, John W. Edingburg Univ. Scotland 24 Feb 1874 Fort Wayne, IN
Zimmerman, G. W. N/A N/A Cadiz

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