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Matt Farley Sr.'s Will

27 Feb 1837
     In the name of God, Amen, I Matt Farley, signor, of the county of Henry and State of Indiana, being confined with sickness, but of sound mind, memory and understanding do hereby make this my last will and testament in the manner and form following. To wit;
     1st of all at my death, I recommend my soul to God who gave it to me, and my body to be buried in a decent manner, at the discretion of my friends. As to my real-estate in the county and State aforesaid, it being the West half of the Northeast quarter of section 17, in township sixteen, East of the principle meridian line, containing eighty (80) acres be the same more or less. It is my pleasure that my son John Farley remain on this present improvement, on the East side of the above described tract of land, it being a clearing and dead ring of fifteen (15) acres, be the same more or less, and that he have the right to make any improvements thereon that he may think proper, and to enjoy the same free from any rent, until the 4th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and fifty-five. Also that he have use of the timber adjoining of his improvements, on the other parts of said land for the keeping up of his firewood, sugar trees and etc., and in consideration there of, that he furnish his mother, Esther Farley, with fifteen (15) pounds of good sugar each year during her natural life, or until the expiration of his rights on said premises, provided that of he should remove from the premises prior to the above time, that he be debarred from renting, leasing or disposing of said land improvement, provided however, that should any arrangement take place between my son, John Farley, and the person to whom I shall will the above described tract of land, whereof the said John Farley may be unable to obtain a piece of land, by transferring of his right to said premises to that individual, he be at liberty, to do so, and such arrangement meets my entire probations, but in default there of that the foregoing part of this will, relates thereto, remaining in full force as though this proviso had not been made, the above described tract of land, with the exception of such part thereof as has been disposed of to John Farley until the 10th day of March, 1845.
     2nd I will to my son Joseph Farley at the death of his mother, and the remaining part thereof at the expiration of that time, or on his complying with a provision relative thereto, in the foregoing part of this will.
     3rd It is my wish that my wife. Esther Farley, have possession of all profits arising from the above-described tract of land (with the exception of that part above described to John Farley) that she may rent out or in any way dispose thereof during the remainder of her natural life.
     4th As to my real estate in the county of Monroe and State of Virginia, I dispose of it in the manner following, to wit;
     It being a part of a survey of ninety acres, and being dated the 11th September 1837 and part thereof that I have not previously disposed of, I give to my daughter, Sally Gore, of the county and State aforesaid.
     As to my personal property, I dispose thereof in the following manner, to my son John Farley, one cow and yearling that I bought of Dolfin Weaver, and the remainder of my personal property of what kind it may be, to be sold and that my wife have the privilege of taking one third of said property at the appraisement, if she shall see proper, otherwise the whole to be sold, and after the payment of my just debts, I will to my son Matt Farley, one dollar, and to my son James Farley, one dollar. And the remainder to be equally divided between my three daughters Elizabeth, Esther and Jane. And I do hereby appoint my two sons, Matt and Joseph Farley, executors to my will and declare this to be my last will and testament, and do hereby revoke all will or wills by me heretofore made. As I hereto set my hand and seal.

This 27th day of February 1837
(Signed) Matt Farley

State of Indiana] Henry County ]
Isaac Parker
Joseph Farley
Moman Ballard

     Be it remembered that on the 15th day of April 1837 there personally appeared before me Eli Murphey, Clerk of Henry County Probate Court, Isaac Parker one of the signing witnesses of the foregoing will, and being by me duly affirmed, deposith and says that he saw Matt Farley Sr. (the said testator) sign, seal and publish the foregoing to be his last will and testament, and that the said testator was of sound mind and memory at the time of its execution, and that the said Isaac Parker signed the same as a witness in his presence, and at his request,

      Witness: Eli Murphey
     Clerk, Henry County Probate Court
     April 15, 1837

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