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Fatic Cemetery
Fall Creek Township
Henry County, Indiana

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    The Fatic, Fatick, Fertick cemetery has had several spellings of the name over the years. It was started in the early 1830s, probably by Calvin Franklin who originally owned the land in 1831, he is buried here along with most of his family. It is located just north of Deer Creek on County Road #850 west.
    This old cemetery was recorded in1983 by Thomas D. Hamm. There are several field stones used for grave markers here. It is still fenced, even though it is in bad shape.

Barton, Adam 1844 Jan 1823 Lancaster, PA, 22y
Fatic, Andrew 23 Jun 1879 19 Feb 1793 H of Barbara
Fatic, Barbara 28 Aug 1876 16 Jun 1796 W of Andrew
Franklin, Calvin 28 Sep 1844 48y, 11m, 27d  
Franklin, Christine 6 Apr 1851 31y, 5m, 3d W of Daniel
Franklin, Isabelle 14 Dec 18__ 3 Mar 1872 W of Joseph
Franklin, Jane R. 30 Jun 1848 4m, 9d D of John & Louisa
Franklin, John    S of ___ Franklin
Franklin, Joseph Sr. 13 Oct 1845 26 Sep 17__ Broken Stone
Franklin, Mary 30 Mar 1858 13y, 5m, 22d D of Calvin & Rachael
Franklin, Nathan Nov 1825 22y, 9m, 26d S of Calvin & Rachael
Franklin, Newton 26 Jun 1837   S of Calvin & Rachael
Franklin, Peyton 1848 __y, __m, 24d S of Calvin & Rachael
Franklin, Rachael 2 Aug 1855 4y, 3m, 13d D of ___&_J
Franklin, Rachel 3 Jan 1865 60y, 1m, 11d W of Calvin
Franklin, Wilson __ May 1847   S of Calvin & Rachael
Good, John 11 Sep 1844 31 may 1907 Shenandoah, VA
Kee-isling, David H. 30 Dec 1843 5m, 1d S of S & __
Kee-isling, Elizabeth 4 May 1834 __y, __m, W of John
Kee-isling, Henry 1 Apr 1852 22y, 9m, 26d  
Kee-isling, John 31 Dec 1839 31 Aug 1759 Rev. War Vet. PA Troops
Kee-isling, Louise 24 Jul 1844 4y, 5m, 27d D of Peter & Margaret
Leibhardt, John 30 Jun 1895 82y No Marker
Leibhardt, Mary Ida 7 Sep 1871 25y, 3m, 15d D of JC & A
Stewart, Margaret 1838 1788 W of William
Stewart, William 1847 1783 1812 War Veteran
Stroud, Martha 30 Nov 1851 27y, 7m, 20d W of Isaac
Thuma, Christian 16 Dec 1849 47y  
Thuma, Jane 24 Jul 1846 7m, 4d D of RJ & Louise
Thuma, Joseph 27 Sep 1846 39y, 8m, 13dS of Jacob & Catharine
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