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Fall Creek Malitia 1878

As recorded in Book #2, Misc. Records.
Henry County, Indiana Courthouse

Articles of Incorporation of Fall Creek Militia

      We the undersigned white male inhabitants of Fall Creek Township, Henry County, Indiana and between the ages of eighteen and forty five years, do by these presents, associate and incorporate ourselves together for the formation of an active Militia Company as provided by the militia laws of the State of Indiana.

      1st this organization shall be known by the name of: (left blank.)

      The objects of this association are the formation of a company in the active militia of the State of Indiana, to conduct drills and parades, to assist when legally called upon to suppress riots or insurrections or to repel invasion and such other things not inconsistent herewith as may be directed by a majority of the members of the association.
     The civil officers for the business management of the association shall consist of one President, one Vice President, one Secretary, and one Treasurer. When duties shall be such as are performed by officers of like association and such as may be prescribed by the by-laws of this association. The military officers shall be those prescribed by the Militia Laws of the State of Indiana with the duties therein prescribed. This association, when incorporated, shall have power to enact such by-laws for government as may to them seem best, not in conflict with the laws of the State of Indiana, may have power to asses fines and penalties for disobedience, insubordination or non attendance of drill or other stated meetings.
     The first meeting of this association shall be at Middletown, said township, on Monday night, July 8th 1878 at 8 o'clock pm. Without further notice, at which time the Civil Officers provided herein shall be chosen by ballot. All future meetings to be on the call of the President until otherwise provided for by the by-laws of this association.

Alger, Samuel 23 Huston, Jas. H. 43
Balingal, George N. 23 Isenogle, John 18
Barton, William H. 20 Jackson, Calistus 21
Burr, Miles H. 36 Jackson, Harrison 33
Burton, David 19 Jackson, John 25
Chapman, William A. 28 Miller, Daniel 19
Chenoweth, Harry K. 18 Moore, Albert D. 23
Clevinger, James P. 24 Moore, John E. 21
Coffman, John F. 27 Morton, George W. 19
Collins, Robert F. 26 Morton, Oliver F. 26
Craven, Charles W. 18 Rodecap, George W. 23
Craven, Gilliam L. 22 Rodecap, Martin C. 29
Crismond, Horace J. 24 Rodecap, Sanford 20
Dutton, John 33 Sanders, Christopher 32
Farrel, John W. 20 Shedron, Charles C. 42
Fish, Alonzo B. 19 Smith, George W. 21
Graham, Andrew F. 19 Summers, William L. 18
Graham, John J. 27 Swain, Calvin L. 24
Gresh, John 20 Swope, George W. 21
Griffis, Charles C. 19 Swope, Jonas B. 24
Griffis, James P. 18 Swope, Joseph A. 32
Gustin, Francis M. 24 Vanmater, Jasper 18
Hall, Henry 23 Watkins, William M. 39
Harris, Harvey H. 25 Wood, Isaac 25
Hawkins, Moses 21 Yount, Joseph A. 31
Hess, Luther A. 27   

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