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Finch/Christian Friends Cemetery

Stone Creek Township, Henry Co., IN

   This little burial ground, or what's left of it, was set-aside on31 Aug 1852 by Thorton Rogers, George Kennard and James Downing, trustees of the Christian Friends church.
   It is located in Stoney Creek Township on CR # 600N, just west of the former village of Circleville or "Five Points" as some call it.
   Mrs. Ralph Harvey of Prairie Township told me that at one time there were several markers here, one a monument of prominent size that used to be seen from the road. One day it just up and disappeared never to be seen again. She believed it was plowed under. I was unable to find any stones remaining.
   These names furnished to me by Finch family descendants.

Barnes, Adam 1862 1778  
Barnes, Rhoda Ann Lee 1872 1795 W of Adam
Barnes, James ?? ?? S of Adam & Rhoda
Barnes, Isaac 1878 14 Mar 1831 S of Adam & Rhoda
Finch, John 28 Aug 1851 12 Jun 1840 S of Thomas & Sarah
Finch, Henry 12 Aug 1855 13y 16d S of Thomas & Sarah
UEB 2005

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