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Natural Gas for New Castle - May 10, 1889

Contract Closed Wednesday, an Abundant Supply is Assured.

Early gas well. Click to enlarge.   New Castle Courier: After much negotiation and several intellectual powwows, the directors of the Enterprise Natural Gas Company have closed a contract with B. F. Fulton, of Portland, for five million feet of gas per twenty-four hours, absolutely; that is, wells which shall produce that amount of gas without reference to the number. The contract, eight miles long -----we hardly mean that either, although it is a long contract, as such instruments framed by lawyers, one more being of the Philadelphia variety, usually are. We would say the contract covers a distance of eight miles -----not just that either, for if it covers a distance of eight miles it must be eight miles long, because it is water-tight and fire-proof and warranted not to stretch or warp; thus we are brought back to our original proposition, and again venture to explain that the contract provides that the gas shall be furnished in wells grouped conveniently near a central line for piping, and free from water.
   The first well is to be sunk on the Herman Kendall farm, 1 and mile south of Cadiz, and if it is a good well then additional wells will be grouped around it. Drilling is to be commenced by May 15th, and the agreement is to be filled by September 1st
   This action of the Enterprise Company is in furtherance of the assurance constantly given to the people that they should have an abundant supply of gas. Fulfillment of the promise has been delayed by the determination to fully explore the local field before reaching out, and a laudable thing to do even though it has cost a pile of money. If there is a man, woman or child in this town who persist in harboring the belief that any certain gully, ravine, sinkhole or spot of ground in or near the town needs only to be punched with a drill to yield up an abundant flow of gas, a chromo awaits him, her or it as the premium crank. It has been satisfactorily demonstrated that gas in a quantity sufficient to supply any ordinary manufacturing establishment can probably be had for the digging in the neighborhood of the fairgrounds.
   Well #5 is a good one and proves the assertion made, but for an abundant supply to the town for domestic use the conviction is that Horace Greely's advise -"Go West." Should be heeded. Gas may be nearer town in that direction that we may now think, but the Enterprise Company is barred from further prospecting, and has therefore contracted for it within a reasonable distance. The Mud Lake Company has contracted for a well four miles west of town, and drilling began there this week. This may prove to be a good field; a few weeks will determine the matter. At any rate the citizens of New Castle, Indiana can depend upon a full supply of gas for use next winter and govern themselves accordingly.
U.E.Bush, 2004

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