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German Baptist Old Folks Home & Orphanage

Jefferson Township, Henry Co., IN

   The following is a report by Superintendent Moses Smeltzer of The German Baptist Old Folks Home and Orphanage for the years October 1, 1902 to October 1, 1903. See: http://hcgs.net/aged.html for the history of the home. This report was found in an old home newspaper " Home And Orphanage" that is on microfilm located in the New Castle, Henry County Public Library. The paper is an eight page publication that seems to have been started in January of 1902 and was sold by subscription that cost 50 cents per year for 12 issues:
   The work has gone quietly on, no great events having transpired, but we come and go, as moments pass by, and we scarcely retain in memory the things of yesterday. The crops have been fairly good this year, and the work has been kept up in fairly good shape. An enumeration of the officers, help, and inmates would stand about thusly:

Anderson, James S. 79 Admitted June 9, 1902. from Colfax, IN - Died 1903
Andes, Andrew 80 Patient from Cowan, IN
Arnett, Anna 83 Inmate (Wife of Jacob)
Arnett, Jacob 83 Inmate
Arnold, Jseph S. 82 Inmate
Baker, John 72 Inmate (Paralyzed)
Bear, Mary 75 Patient from Middletown October 1, 1903
Beath, Alice ?? Patient - 11 Aug 1903, Shidler, Ind. - Died 1903
Bessimer, Mary 82 Inmate
Bice, Arnett 16 Orphan - Placed but returned
Bivens, Sarah 75 Inmate
Brumbaugh, Samuel W. 75 Inmate
Bufkin, Harry 12 Came in 1902 - Orphan from New Castle - Out 1903
Bufkin, Joseph 10 Came in 1902 - Orphan from New Castle - Out 1903
Cartright, Belldon 45 Admitted July 21, 02. Feeble Health
Cartright, Jennie  Patient from Muncie, Ind. - Died 1903
Chrisman, Kenneth 4 Orphan Child from Middletown, IN
Chrisman, Olive 5 Orphan Child from Middletown, IN
Clapp, Charles D. 49 Patient
Collins, Bennie (col) 13 Orphan - Fayette Co. Went with sister to Indianapolis.
Conway, Susan 79 Inmate (paralysis)
Cook, Freddie 4 Orphan Child from Mooreland, IN
Cook, Jennie 12 Orphan - Adopted. From Mooreland, IN
Cook, Mary M. 7 Orphan Child - Placed on trial 1903 from Mooreland, IN
Cook, Murry 9 Placed with Susan Strong at New Castle. From Mooreland, IN
Corbin, Grandma  Patient from Connersville
Davis, Margaret 78 Inmate
Delapp, Charles 65 Boarder - Fowler, IN. Left for Richmond 1903 Easthaven
Doyle, Eddie 11 Orphan - out by Fec. 1902 from Shirley, IN
Eller, John 72 Inmate (Blind)
Gift, Charles 10 Orphan - Adopted
Hamilton, Earnest 12 Not to be adopted. From Shirley, IN
Hamilton, Walter 10 Not to be adopted. From Shirley, IN
Hardick, Charles 7 Orphan from New Castle, IN
Hauk, Willie 14 Orphan from Muncie, IN
Hawk, Willie 13 Orphan from Muncie, IN
Heath, Charley 7 Boarder from Muncie, IN
Heath, Pearl 2 Boarder from Muncie, IN
Hendrix, Clark 7 Boarder from Anderson, IN
Hendrix, Earl 9 Boarder from Anderson, IN
Henry, Mary J. 74 Patient from Ankneytown, Ohio - Died 1903
Hess, Deborah 79 Inmate (paralyzed)
Hess, Martha 55 Inmate
Hines, Jimmy`  Boarder - Soldier's Home Dayton, OH - Left Dec. 1903
Hoff, Jacob 65 Inmate
Johnson, Alpha 4 Orphan - Temporary Placement
Jordan, Clarence ? Orphan
Jordan, Gertie 11 Orphan
Jordan, Lessie 8 Orphan
Jordan, Lester 8 Orphan
Jordan, Mary 6 Orphan
Jordan, Roy 14 Orphan
Keating, Ethel 13 Orphan
Kemph, John ?? Boarder from Minneapolis, Minn,
Kemph, John K.  Patient, 3 Aug 1903
Kriner, Bessie 10 Orphan Child from Knightstown, IN
Miller, Charles 6 Boarder Moved in with his Aunt in Ohio.
Miller, Samuel  Helper
Miller, Susie  Orphan
Monroe, Charles 7 Placed by Probation Dept. Return to parents. New Castle, IN
Monroe, Russell 3 Placed by Probation Dept. Return to parents. New Castle, IN
Nelson, Eddie 9 Boarder from Anderson, IN
Paul, Mattie 72 Inmate
Petry, Ellementena 74 Inmate
Petry, Jonathan 73 Inmate (Dropsy)
Price, Grace 16 Not to be adopted. From Millville, IN, married Frank Fadely.
Raforth, Minnie  Hired help.
Reedy, Alta  Orphan
Reedy, Goldie  Orphan
Richards, Vadie  Hired help from Fortville, Ind. Dau. of D. R. Richards
Shanton, Harrold  Orphan from Indianapolis, IN
Slater, Verley  Hired hand Oct. 1903
Smeltzer, Catharine  Matron
Smeltzer, Johnie  Superintendant's son & helper.
Smeltzer, Moses  Superintendent
Snowberger, Elder A. G.  Superintendent of home.
Snowberger, Sister R. A. Matron
Stanton, Harold 14 Boarder
Terrell, Rebecca 80 Inmate
Thomas, Elsie 3 Orphan
Thomas, Iva 8 Orphan
Turner, Henry 67 Patient - Out on a visit. From Hartford City, IN
Wells, Hepsy 75 Patient from Connersville - Died 1903
Williams, Flora 10 Orphan - Adopted by D. F. Hoover. From Millville, IN
Williams, Ottis 8 Orphan Child, Placed but returned. From Millville, IN
Wisehart, Benjamin F.  Boarder - Died of Bright's disease 1902, Millville, IN

The following financial statement may be of interest.
Receipts from October 1, 1902, October 1, 1903
Children boarders$258.03
Aged boarders$491.95
Miscellaneous Receipts$115.73
County Commissioners$482.00
Interest on endowment$113.00
Children's aid banks$29.70
Due Treasury from the year before$19.43
Paid on note$169.00
Interest on note$31.00
Male help$226.50
Female help$34.65
Physician's bills$63.70
Undertaker's bills$155.25
General Expenses$967.45
Making a total of:$4345.13

   We harvested 421 bushels of wheat, and 390 bushels of oats and have a fairly promising corn crop. Forty acres of wheat were sown and a good average was left for the coming spring crops. Hay was a good crop and the fall pasture is fine. The stock on the farm, consist of four workhorses, one yearling mule, five milk cows, three two-year old heifers, two yearlings and two spring calves. In the line of swine, we have nine brood sows, thirteen hogs for meat and seventy spring and summer shoats. In concluding this article we wish to remark, that the good work on helping the unfortunate ones still goes on, but not to the extent that it might, if all over the district would come to the rescue. Let us do all the good we can while the Lord gives us the time, the opportunity and the means, and as good rewards, be able make a favorable report to Him when the day of settlement comes.

UEB 2005

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