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George W. Goodwin
1824 - 1900

(New Castle Democrat, 6 Apr 1900)

Death of a Good Man

    A more sorrowful task has never devolved on the editor of this paper than the announcement this week of the demise of George W. Goodwin, which occurred Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock, at the residence on South Main Street. The fact that he had been so very ill for several weeks and often at death's door did not palliate the grief of the family or the sorrow of friends whose number is limited only by his acquaintance. He was a friend to everybody and his innate generosity and good nature was frequently exemplified. The seventy-five years, which was his time in this world, left no trace of pain or distress among those with whom he came in contact, for it was ever his nature to lend a helping hand. He did these things with no selfish motive. No man was a truer or more consistent friend than Mr. Goodwin.
   The deceased was the son of Wesley Goodwin and was born in Portsmouth, Ohio, September 28, 1824. His parents came to New Castle eleven years later and purchased a farm a mile west of town. Here they lived until George was twenty years old when he went to Cambridge City, then the principle business point of eastern Indiana, and opened a hardware store. He remained there five years and in 1849 he went with a small part to the newly discovered gold fields of California. His trip was made via the Isthmus of Panama, and returning came around the Horn of South America. He was gone about three years, and after coming back to New castle, engaged in mercantile trade. In 1853 he married Maria L., the only daughter of Col. Miles Murphey, and this has been a notably happy union. To them were born eleven children; Mary Lillian, Francis M., Richard Douglas, Carrie, Addie, Helen, Miles M., Leota May, William M., John C., Maurice C., all of whom have grown to manhood or womanhood, excepting Adda, who died at the age of eighteen. The others, who are all active and respected members of local business and social circles, were all present at his death. To these the loss is greatest, for a kinder or more indulgent father never lived. Nothing in his power to grant was ever refused them, and the same might be said of his relations with all of his many friends.
   In the business community Mr. Goodwin was an active figure for over fifty years, never retiring until his last illness. He was engaged in numerous enterprises, with more or less success. In 1860 he and other parties built the first pork-packing establishment in Des Moines, Iowa, and that winter packed 8,000 hogs. In the summer he bought grain here and this business he kept up until a year or two ago. In the meantime he became owner of his fathers large farm west of town and successfully managed it, much attention being given to the raising of fine stock. Since 1881 he has been associated with his son in the clothing business under the name of Dick Goodwin & Co. During the seventies he owned a sawmill and had a large lumber business. While he was always a busy man, he never forgot his town or his friends, always being ready to assist, financially and otherwise, any enterprise that promised to aid in the advancement of the community.
   He was a member of the Christian church and was formerly and active member of the Masonic fraternity, but retired a few years ago from active participation in the lodge. The funeral services, which were held yesterday afternoon at the Christian church were attended by an immense concourse of sincerely sorrowing friends who were there to honor the memory of the departed. Rev. A. H. Moore and Rev. J. P. Ewing, of the Christian church, were in charge of the services. The remains of this good man were laid to rest in South Mound cemetery.

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George W. Goodwin 28 Sep 1824 2 Apr 1900
Maria Louisa Goodwin 15 Aug 1834 2 Jul 1916
Francis M. Goodwin 14 Oct 1855 8 Nov 1929
Richard D. Goodwin 16 May 1858 6 Mar 1917
Carrie Goodwin Jeffries 16 Jan 1861 30 Oct 1926
Addie Goodwin 12 Dec 1863 31 Jan 1882
Helen M. Goodwin 21 Sep 1865 24 Nov 1955
Miles M. Goodwin 8 Jun 1867 11 Jan 1909
Leota M. Goodwin Rogers 27 Jan 1869 11 Oct 1903
William M. Goodwin 23 Aug 1871 30 Apr 1959
John C. Goodwin 31 Jul 1873 1 Jun 1952
Maurice C. Goodwin 29 May 1878 21 Oct 1954

U.E.Bush, 2004

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