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A Sudden Death

This obituary appeared in the Henry County Republican
September 15, 1870

Hannah Osborn

      Hannah Osborn, a colored girl about 15 years old who had been living with the Rev. Seth S. Bennett family, here in New Castle for a few months, died very suddenly last Sunday night, she had been an invalid for a long time but it was thought that her health was improving. On Sunday the family went to the Flatrock meeting and on their return found her enjoying a romp with the children in the yard. At night, she went to bed in the best of spirits, near midnight she was heard coughing and Mrs. Bennett went to her room and found her standing in the doorway bleeding at the lungs. Dr. Needmore was sent for and went immediately, but she was dead when he arrived. Her funeral took place on Monday at the county farm burial grounds, where several of her relatives have already been interred.
     Editor's note: Hannah Osborn had been admitted to the county asylum on December 9, 1968 and had been in and out several times in the next couple of years. Other members of her family there at the time were A. J. Osborn, Edward Osborn, Ellie Osborn, Jane Osborn and Percilla Osborn. Most likely all of these were buried somewhere on the county farm property.

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