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Harvey Cemetery

(AKA Howard Cemetery)
Prairie Township, Henry County, IN

Harvey Cemtery 2003 - click to enlarge Harvey Cemtery 2003 - click to enlarge
      The Harvey cemetery was at one time known as the Samuel Howard burial grounds. Samuel Howard and his 2nd wife Charlotte sold this land to the Harvey's before moving west in the 1840s. (See Deed book "J", page #253) Samuels 1st wife died sometime in the 1830s and is buried in this cemetery. In a paper recorded on 17 Mar 1877 it states: March 10, 1877. At a meeting in Schoolhouse #6 in Prairie township, the following were elected Trustees of the Howard Cemetery Association, to serve until their successors are elected and qualified, Viz.. James L. Waters, Otho L. Williams and Absalom Harvey. Note-- Elmer E. Harvey is added to the Trustees, as O. L. Williams has died. Recorded March 17, 1877. Also Evan Harvey, a son of Wm. and Jemima Page Harvey is supposed to be buried in this cemetery. He was accidentally mistaken for a deer by his brother-in-law, John Harris, and fatally shot sometime in the 1820s.
     In 2002, Charlene Harvey, widow of Congressman Ralph Harvey, the last of the direct Harvey lineage, passed away and the land was sold. The cemetery lot was set-aside in the deed to be maintained by the Prairie township trustees,
     There were several burials that were recorded in the Henry County Pauper's Asylum records as being buried here. Also Wm. Godfrey, a descendant of the Miami Indian Chief Francois Godfroy, along with his wife, is also known to be buried here, according to Wm.'s obituary.
     The old cemetery is falling into disrepair and needs a lot of maintenance and repair. There are several damaged and unreadable stones and many unmarked graves in this cemetery. This list is copied in most part from the recordings done by Thomas Hamm in 1973, with revisions as I have found them in other records.

NameDeathBornOther Info
Benbow, Jacob J. 24 Feb 19862 18y,10m,15d Son of Adam & Abigail
Bouslog, Catherine 1855 94y Wife of John
Bouslog, Daniel 30 Jan 1853 58y,6m,1d Son of John
Bouslog, Dorothy 1887   Dau. of John
Bouslog, Elijah M. 9 Jul 1844 9m,17d, Son of L & R
Bouslog, Elizabeth 24 Sep 1845 29y,5m,11d  
Bouslog, John Sr. 4 Apr 1855 99y  
Bouslog, Matilda 25 Jan 1870 69y,7m,3d Wife of Daniel
Bouslog, Nimrod 14 Oct 1844 24y,9m,5d Son of D & M
Cold, Christiana 3 Aug 1845 25y11m,23d Wife of Caleb H.
Cold, Isabella 15 Jun 1843 5y,3m,17d Dau. of A & H
Cross, Samantha ND 73y,6m  
Davis, Isaac N. 7 Feb 1842 2m,26d  
Davis, James A. 7 Apr 1867 17y.8m,3d Son of J & M
Davis, Jehu 7 Sep 1872 71y,9m,22d  
Downs, Elizabeth B. 25 Feb 1861 60y,9m,21d Same stone as R & M
Downs, Mathew 7 Jul 1847 30y Same stone as R & E
Downs, Robert 26 Jun 1872 82y,3m,24d War of 1812
Gallusha, Mary D. 2 Aug 1864 2y,7m,1d Dau. of S & J
Garrett, Adda L. ND ND  
Garrett, Charles E. 1 Jan 1853 1y,6m,17d Son of Nate & Eliz
Garrett, Daniel Webster 22 Jun 1876 19y,2m,5d Son of Nate & Eliz.
Garrett, Elizabeth ND ND  
Garrett, Elizabeth 11 Mar 1875 57y,10m,25d Wife of Nathan
Garrett, Elmer 21 Feb1864   Son of N & E
Garrett, Hannah Teetor 1923 1844  
Garrett, John P. 1 Nov 1865 39y,2m,6d  
Garrett, Mary E. 30 Aug 1865 13y,6m,13d Dau. of A & R
Garrett, Nathan 27 Feb 1892 2y,7m,2d Son of Wm. H.
Garrett, Nathan 21 Mar 1856 12d Son of JP & M
Garrett, Rebecca 13 Apr 1872 84y,11m,21d Wife of Jno.
Garrett, William H. 1908 1839 Same stone as Hannah
Godfrey, --- 17 Dec 1880   Wife of Wm.
Godfrey, Wm. 22 Jun 1886 33y  
Grim, Daniel W. 8 Sep 1873 30 May 1871  
Hale, Sarah 11 May 1868 46y,11m,6d Wife of Thomas
Hale, Thomas ND ND  
Harvey, Absalom 24 Jul 1892 66y,5m,2d Same stone as Eliza
Harvey, Bertha 27 May 1888 17y,11m,14d Dau. of Mat & Jane
Harvey, Charles 30 Mar 1951 1y,11m Son of Abs. & Elizabeth
Harvey, Eliza E. 31 Oct 1853 16y,30d, Dau. of James & Margaret
Harvey, Elizabeth Downs 11 Jan 1917 84y,2m,29d Wife of Absalom
Harvey, Elmer 10 Mar 1855 8m,6d Son of Joel & Sarah
Harvey, Emma E. 25 Mar 1865 29y,9m,15d  
Harvey, Evan 15 Jan 1863   Son of Joel & Sarah
Harvey, Evan 1820s   Son of Wm & Jemima
Harvey, George R. 21 Jan 1868 1y,8m,27d Son of M & S
Harvey, Infant 6 Mar 1858 8d Son of Nathan & Sarah
Harvey, James 12 Jan 1871 75y,8m,29d Same stone as Margaret
Harvey, Jemima Page     Wife of Wm.
Harvey, Joel 16 Aug 1913 91y,9m, 28d Same stone as Sarah
Harvey, Margaret Cann. 19 Jun 1871 73y,7m,27d Same stone as James
Harvey, Mary Ann 3 Mar 1865 2m,20d Dau. of A & E
Harvey, Sarah Downs 16 Jul 1888 64y,3m,3d Same stone as Joel
Harvey, William Feb 1831 79y,9m  
Hickman, Charlotte 30 Mar 1845 25y,6m,14d Wife of ET
Howard, Mrs. Samuel     1st wife of Samuel Howard
Jeffries, Margaret Harve24 Oct 1890 y 38y,9m,16d Wife of Perry
Marshall, William C. Unreadable   Unreadable
McVicker, Mary 5 Mar 1886 75y,8m.24d Wife of William
McVicker, Sarah A. 9 Aug 1876 11y,5m,17d Dau. of MO & M
McVicker, William 31 Mar 1851 33y,11m,19d  
Meeks, Harriet 6 Dec 1925 90y Dau. of Daniel & Harriet
Meeks, Infant 25 Jan 1871   Dau. of T & ME
Rhoton, Jennetta 20 Nov 1859 9m.20d Dau. of F & S
Rhoton, Jessie May 29 Aug 1877 6m,29d Dau. of F & S
Rhoton, Susana 28 Dec 1878 42y,2m,6d Wife of Franklin
Sansee, Mathew M. 26 Mar 1864 1y,1m,6d S of S & J
Scott, John H. 12 Jul 1879 42y,3m,25d  
Smith, Elizabeth 3 Jun 1848 41y,11m,29d Wife of R
Smith, Ira R. 15 May 1864 50y,1m,9d  
Smith, Marietta A. 8 Apr 1877 18y,8m,22d Dau. of IR & ME
Smith, Mary 22 Sep 1851 69y,11m,28d Wife of Robert
Smith, Robert 25 May 1850 68y,1m  
Stanford, Eunice Ann 2 Apr 1891 79y,2m,28d Wife of James
Stanford, James 10 May 1879 63y,5m,11d  
Waters, George 22 Sep 1870 83y,11m,10d  
Waters, Louisa M. 3 Apr 1852 4y,5m,14d Dau. of James & Mary
Waters, Mary 21 Sep 1854 67y,6m,12d Wife of George
Williams, Abraham 15 Dec 1866 4m,5d Son of OL & RS
Williams, Albert 14 Mar 1907 25 Oct 1832  
Williams, Elizabeth 28 Jul 1869 22y,10m, 21d Dau. of OL & RS
Williams, Gabriel 14 Dec 1899 65y,7m,4d Same stone as Sharlott
Williams, Jane 19 Mar 1881 27y,6m,11d Dau. of SL: & Ruth
Williams, Nathan 2 Oct 1866 25y,6m,25d Son of OL & RS
Williams, Ruth S. 29 Sep 1897 86y,9m,4d Wife of OL
Williams, Sharlott 15 Feb 1882 44y,8m,4d Same stone as Gabriel
Williams, Warren 8 Oct 1879 4m,22d Son of Gabriel & Sharlott

U.E.Bush 2003

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