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Henry County, IN United Fund, 2010 Day-of-Caring
Hess Cemetery, Harrison Township, Henry County, IN - September 10, 2010

   Walt & Randy showed up and went right to work and helped us a lot. My friend Jay Huser showed up with his small track back hole, but couldnít get the height needed with his bucket to raise some of the stones high enough to stack them back up. But, he did a great job of scattering dirt and leveling a few of the large stones. He left a small pile for us to cover any other holes and worked without much of a break long after Walt left. The 8 trustees from the New Castle Correctional Facility did a great job, very co-operative leveling dirt and stones, after Donna chased them down from Sulphur Springs. But, they exposed to me the worn rope on the starter of our truck. If we donít know someone, like Dennis Equip., I could take it to Jay and get it fixed. They did put it back in the trailer along with other things. About 3:pm we loaded the trailer back up. I think Walt took the lime bucket, instead of the bag of cement?
   I told Donna, I might get with Kenny and try to reorganize the trailer so we can get things in & out easier. I know we canít do it perfect or like I did our fire trucks, labeling where everything went, so the volunteers could get it out in emergencies. But, I was hoping it might save us time in the long run if we could just get out what we need, such as the tripod. I could borrow the tripod in my trailer and with a friend move some stones. I am one of those guys everyone laughs at with a neat organized garage, but it saves time, when I want something. Anyway, I do have some thoughts like maybe locking the spare tire, mounted outside on the front, or straps across the ceiling to lay things in?
   Anyway, we got a lot of big stones moved and some dirt. Walt pointed out how the weed spray wasnít helping and suggested more dirt for water to run away from the stone, so the mower may not be happy. Joe Manis, Twp. Trustee, hopes to stop the spraying and get it mowed every two weeks. Joe did get a discount from Hudson Rentals for a port-a-pot, which will be picked up Monday, and he donated $25 to Jay for bringing out his equip.
   We drew a crowd of people, including the next-door neighbor, Chambers (whose cows may have done some damage) and offered water, or whatever we needed. There were two or three reporters taking pictures. I know there were several people that couldnít make it, but I was shocked to see so many people during the day in that small cemetery!
   We were all glad to see Bud Bush out there.

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