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Henry County Food and Beverage Revenue Project Description for
The Henry County Cemetery Commission

   A. How will the project impact area Tourism/economic development?
By making it possible to do Genealogy research in Henry County Pioneer Cemeteries (dating back before 1850) through the restoration of said cemeteries. A number of people visit Henry County, many from out of state, to do genealogy research, and stay in our hotels and eat in our restaurants, and also visit other attractions during their visit.
   B. What is the projects current stage of development?
All 5 Board Members of the Cemetery Commission are appointed by the Henry County Commissioners and all are volunteers. The Henry County Cemetery Commission (HCCC) is a non-funded entity and operates strictly on donations. By having such a commission, it enables us to pursue grant funding, educational programs and volunteer workdays to help restore the county's historical burial sites.
   C. What is the lead organization or municipality for this project?
The HCCC is accountable to the Indiana Historical Bureau, laws of the Indiana State Code, the DNR and by the Henry County Commissioners.
   D. Is there evidence of community support for this project?
We have received over $4,000.00 recently in donations, and are requested by many family members to restore a certain cemetery marker, as well as getting support from people to restore whole cemeteries.
   E. Does the project satisfy a need for the community?
Our Pioneer Cemeteries are one of our most unique historic landmarks. In these places lay the persons who founded our state and our communities here in Henry County. Cemeteries not only represent memorial markers to those who have passed, but can also provide us with the history of that person. These gravestones can tell us their date of birth, date of death, military information, and in many cases who their parents were, and who their spouse was. Over a period time, these stones can fall over and become covered with leaves and other vegetation, until they disappear completely. A major piece of our local histories will then become lost to future generations, places that contain our ancestors and our heritage. Since it's inception, the commission has been involved in many cemetery projects. These projects range from the cleaning of cemeteries to the rededication the Christopher Long Monument. At least 10 volunteers of the Cemetery Commission have attended Restoration Workshops throughout Indiana to learn the proper techniques of cemetery restoration. With the continued support from donations and volunteers, the Henry County Cemetery Commission will be involved in the care of the Henry County Pioneer Cemeteries for many years to come.
   F. What planning and research has already been accomplished?
A directory has been recently compiled by Ulysses Bush of all known cemeteries in Henry County. This involved research of several years, and was aided in research done in the 1970's by Dr. Tom Hamm and others, and documents and deeds located in the Henry County Courthouse. About 40 (known) cemeteries in Henry County now exist without a trace.
   G. Will there be a need for long-term finance or maintenance?
Ultimately, yes. At the present time we are seeking funds for immediate projects, which include a small utility trailer to store tools obtained by the HCCC and haul the tools to jobsites, as well as other items such as a tripod to erect fallen gravestones.
   H. List other funding sources and amounts
To date funds obtained have been 100% donations, and is kept in an account with the Henry County Foundation Association. Currently we have a balance of $2100.00
   I. How will the project be evaluated?
By the Indiana Historical Bureau and the HCCC Annual Report, as well as by the Henry County Commissioners.
   J. Minimum of 20% in kind match
The Henry County Cemetery Commission works on a volunteer basis.

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