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Indiana Historical Bureau Cemetery Heritage Initiative

Purposes: This Cemetery Heritage initiative has three purposes:
to reinforce the importance of cemeteries as a resource for the interpretation of Indiana's history;
to bring attention to the existence of Indiana's remaining cemeteries with a visual reminder of their importance;
to assist the many individuals and groups working to preserve and maintain Indiana's cemeteries through a heightened awareness of their existence and needs.
Parameters of the initiative: The Indiana Historical Bureau will collaborate with the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, Department of Natural Resources, Cemetery and Burial Grounds Registry.
A cemetery must be listed in the DHPA registry to be eligible for a Cemetery Heritage marker.
In accordance with current Historical Marker Program Guidelines,
a cemetery must be at least fifty years old to be marked, and
prehistoric burial areas would not be marked unless they are adequately protected.
A special generic marker will be fabricated with the state outline and the words Cemetery Heritage or Indiana Cemetery Heritage depending on the design. The marker would sit on a post or posts; the marker would be of a lasting material.
The applicant may be awarded more than one marker for the same site. The applicant will pay the full cost of the marker(s). The text of the marker would consist of a statement indicating the cemetery is historic and is listed in the Cemetery and Burial Grounds Registry.
The Application process for a cemetery heritage marker: The process would be a simple application and site permission form available from both the Indiana Historical Bureau and the DHPA, DNR. The application deadline would be open.
Steps in the process would be as follows:
Complete the Cemetery Heritage application and site permission form and submit to the Indiana Historical Bureau with the required funds. Listing in the Registry will be checked:
if confirmed, the order will be processed;
if not listed, the application will be returned with a copy of the DHPA, DNR Registry form.
For the cemetery information contact U. E. Bush at www.hcgs.net
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