Henry County Indiana Cemetery Commission
2002 Meeting Minutes

Henry County Cemetery Commission Meeting, March 28, 2002
County Commissioners Room

Commissioners Present: D. Tauber, M. Birch, D. Mathis, T. Hamm
Commissioners Absent: A. Holmes
Present from the Public: R. Overman, B. Witham, J. Robbins, M. Maze, J. Regan-Dinius, A. Tielking,
J. Thurston, F. Zile, J. Hartgrove, P. Estridge

1. The minutes of the meeting of February 28 were approved as submitted.
2. No claims were submitted for approval.
3. Jeanie Regan-Dinius of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) made a presentation on its work for locating and preserving cemeteries in the state. They estimate 125,000 cemetery sites in Indiana, including Native American sites. Any site that includes human remains is considered to be a cemetery under state law.
DNR is attempting to compile a directory of all known cemeteries in the state. Ms. Regan-Dinius distributed a form that lays out the information desired. Precise location by GPS plotting is especially desirable, given the changeableness of other landmarks.
Ms. Regan-Dinius made materials available and pointed to a variety of websites that include useful information. She cautioned that knowledge of how to treat old tombstones is necessary for their proper care and restoration. She also noted the initiative by the Indiana Historical Bureau to provide appropriate markers for pioneer cemeteries.
4. The president noted that the commission would take up approval of bylaws at a future meeting.
5. The president urged attendance at the May 11 workshop in Dunreith that will be led by John Walters, an expert on cemetery restoration from Fayette County.
6. The meeting adjourned at 6:50 P.M. The next meeting will be held on April 25.

Respectfully submitted,
T. Hamm, Secretary

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, April 25, 2002

Commissioners Present: D. Tauber, A. Holmes, T. Hamm
Present from the Public: U. E. Bush

1. The minutes of meeting of March 28 were approved as submitted.
2. Our financial situation is unchanged since the last meeting.
3. Mr. Bush reported that an elementary teacher in the Blue River schools will be taking about 60 students to the Hodson Cemetery in Stony Creek Township for clean-up work during the week of May the 5th.
4. The commission noted the workshop to be held at Dunreith on May 11 with John Walters, cemetery restoration specialist from Wayne County. We will try to obtain coverage from local media and perhaps Ray Rice from Channel 8 in Indianapolis. Considerable interest has been expressed, and we are hopeful of a good turnout.
5. The commission approved submission of a budget request of $1,000 to the county commissioners for the budget year 2003. This will be used for tools, herbicides, and other materials to aid in cemetery care.
6. The commission adopted bylaws as submitted. (Bylaws attached).
7. The commission approved the formation of an advisory board and appoints Mr. Ulysses E. Bush and Ms. Angela Tielking as two of its members. We will seek interested parties for the other three positions.
8. We noted the need to work with township trustees, as they are primarily responsible for cemetery care. The President will act as our liaison.
9. We confirmed our focus on work at the Dunreith, Wisehart/Leakey, and Messick cemeteries for this year.
10. Dr. Hamm will make a list of those cemeteries which are not the responsibility of a municipality or board and are thus our responsibility.
11. The president informed us of the creation of a state cemetery association, to facilitate communication among cemetery commissions.
12. The meeting adjourned at 2:45 P.M.
13. The next meeting will be held Thursday, May 30, at 6:00 P.M. in the Commissioners Room.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas D. Hamm, Secretary

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, May 30, 2002

Present: D. Tauber, D. Mathis, M. Burch, T. Hamm
Regrets: A. Holmes

1.) The meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M.
2.) The minutes of the meeting of April 25 were approved as submitted.
3.) The Treasurer's Report showed $190 available, $90 from the Cemetery Workshop at Dunreith on May 11.
4.) President Donna Tauber reported on the Dunreith Cemetery Workshop. 75 people attended, with threatening weather keeping away others. Attendees came from around the state, and from as far away as Tennessee.
5). The commission appointed the following persons to the Advisory Committee: Ulysses E. Bush, Marianne Hughes, Greg Brown, Angela Tielking, and Randy Overman.
6.) A list of county cemeteries still in existence was distributed, with notations on those which have a board, association, or some other entity responsible for their care. Revisions and corrections were invited.
7.) The president and Mr. Mathis will prepare a request for funding to submit to the Henry County Council for 2003.
8.) Members of the commission who have not made contributions to our funds were urged to do so. We have received a donation of tools.
9.) Rep. Tom Saunders has indicated that he would support the use of Build Indiana funds by the Commission. Availability is contingent on resolution of the state's budgetary problems.
10.) Given our limited funding, the Commission voted to approach township trustees to act for funding. Our proposal is that if they will supply funds, we will coordinate care and restoration in certain circumstances. Consistent with such an approach, Mr. Burch agreed to provide some materials for our work. We will also ask the County Highway Department for possible donations of supplies, such as weed killers and gravel.
11.) We set the following priorities:
a) Finish work at Dunreith on June 22.
b) Work at the Evans Cemetery in Prairie Township.
c) Work at the Wisehart Cemetery in Liberty Township.
d) Work at the Messick Cemetery this fall.
We will request work crews from the county jail as appropriate.
12.) The meeting adjourned at 6:40 P.M. The next meeting will be held Thursday, June 27, at 6:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
T. Hamm

Henry County Cemetery Commission Meeting Minutes, June 27, 2002

Members Present: D. Tauber, D. Mathis, A. Holmes, and T. Hamm
Members Absent: M. Burch
Present from the Public: Mikie Maze, Ken Holmes, Ulysses Bush, Judy Robbins, Greg Brown, Chad Lawson, Angelia Tielking

1. Minutes of the meeting of May 30 were considered and approved.
2. The treasurer reported that our balance was unchanged since the last meeting. Mike Burch has made available, however, $500 worth of supplies from his township funds for the use of the commission.
3. We noted with appreciation Doug Mathis's appeal to the Henry County Council for funding and the coverage in today's Courier-Times.
4. Another workday took place at Dunreith Cemetery on June 22. Markers have been reseated and cleaned.
5. Our future priorities are the Evans Cemetery in Prairie Township, the Wisehart or Leakey Cemetery in Liberty Township, and Messick Cemetery in Blue River Township. We will have a workday at the Evans Cemetery on Saturday, July 20, beginning at 9:00. Participants are urged to bring gloves, rakes, hand tools, and trash bags. We will schedule a workday at the Wisehart Cemetery in the future. Stones need to be raised there and the fence repaired. Messick is in such bad condition that we must wait until fall for work there. We also noted the clean-up work by Blue River Junior High School students at the Hodson Cemetery in Stony Creek Township and plan future work there.
6. On motion of Doug Mathis, the commission voted to explore the possibility of establishing a pass-through account at the Henry County Foundation. This would also facilitate donations.
7. Doug Mathis volunteered to prepare solicitation letters to appropriate people and groups, such as members of the Henry County Historical Society, the DAR, and local service groups.
8. We noted with appreciation the donation of sand and gravel by the County Highway Department and will acknowledge it.
9. Our first request to the county council for funding was unsuccessful. We will explore other sources of funds, perhaps through the Henry County Health Department.
10. The Commission's next meeting will be held, Thursday, July 25, at 6:00 P.M. in the Commissioners Courtroom on the second floor of the Henry County Courthouse.

Respectfully submitted,
T. Hamm, Secretary

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, July 25, 2002

Commissioners Present: D. Tauber, A. Holmes, D. Mathis, T. Hamm
Commissioners Absent: M. Burch
Members of the Public Present: M. Maze, U. Bush, E. Addison, M. L. Apple, E.J. Kellum, M. Michael, M. Miller, J. Padgett, P. Estridge, K. Holmes

1. The minutes of the meeting of June 27 were approved as submitted.
2. Our treasury balance is now about $600.
3. Progress Reports on Cemetery Projects: The workday at Evans Cemetery on July 20 went well. 2 stones were cleaned and 3 reset. Considerable trash and brush were cleared. Work remains to be done at Dunreith Cemetery, mainly resetting stones.
4. Doug Mathis reported on his discussions with the Henry County Community Foundation. The minimum for a fund with the Foundation is $15,000. They are willing, however, to establish a pass-through account for this commission that would be combined with the County EMS Fund. Such an account would simplify our accounting and receipting, and might facilitate matching funds in the future. On Mr. Mathis's recommendation, the Commission voted to approve transferring its funds to this pass-through account with the Henry County Community Foundation.
5. With the establishment of the pass-through account, Mr. Mathis will begin sending fund-raising letters with the Henry County Health Department Office as the Commission's mailing address and telephone number. The Commission voted to approve the fund-raising campaign and the use of the Health Department as its mailing address and telephone number.
6. The Commission noted the recent vandalism at Greensboro Cemetery. We may be able to offer some help in the future. We also noted that the cemetery has had problems in the past with vandalism and trash dumping.
7. The Commission and members of the public present discussed ways to involve more local residents in support of cemetery preservation. We hope to draw civic and school groups in, particularly the latter by using cemeteries as places for community service. We will also continue efforts to support the work of township trustees. We are especially appreciative of the work of Greg Brown.
8. The Commission voted to amend the bylaws: Article II, Section 2-A. The last sentence is amended to read: "The Board shall appoint an advisory board, at least five of whose members shall be residents of Henry County."
9. The Commission voted to send copies of its minutes to the County Commissioners.
10. The Commission voted to designate the old circuit courtroom on the second floor of the courthouse as its permanent meeting place.
11. The Commission voted to approve payment of vouchers as submitted.
12. Public comment from the audience showed considerable interest in work at the Keesling Cemetery in Fall Creek Township. Given this interest, the Commission voted that after completion of work at the Evans and Dunreith cemeteries, the Keesling Cemetery should be our next priority.
13. Work will continue at the Evans and Dunreith cemeteries. We hope to complete it by September 1.
14. The Commission adjourned until its next meeting, Thursday, August 29, at 6:00 P.M. old circuit courtroom.

Respectfully submitted,
T. Hamm, Secretary

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, August 2002

At the August monthly meeting, the Henry County Cemetery Commission the Board reported on the recent vandalism, and repairs that have been made in the Greensboro Cemetery on August 3rd, approximately 60 persons showed up to do the needed repairs from the July vandalism. Those people included representatives from the Henry County Cemetery Commission and Advisory Board, Greensboro Township, the Henry County Sheriffs Department, and the Henry County Community Service Workers. Also present were the two boys, both age 15, who were responsible for the damage. There were also a number of local volunteers, as well as people from as far away as the Hartford City and Martinsville areas. Six to eight stones still need restored, out the approximately 75 that were damaged. Previously, Greensboro Township Trustee Max Riddle pledged funds to the commission to go toward materials used in the restoration, the commission is awaiting funds for the completion of the work that still needs to be done.
The Commission also adopted a logo presented by Advisory Board member Bud Bush, to be used on stationary, recognition awards, ect. To date, a recognition award was presented to Henry County Sheriffs Department for their help with the Greensboro incident.
The Commission will also be involved in the Henry County Day of Caring on September 17th, and will have teams available for cemetery clean up projects. After much discussion, the Board decided on the Paul Cemetery in Dudley Township, and Messick Cemetery in Blue River Township. Representatives from Keesling Cemetery were present and requested a few persons to help that day in the Keesling Cemetery in Fall Creek Township. It was agreed to include this cemetery on the 17th. There are still some repairs to complete in Dunrieth Cemetery in Spiceland Township, and in Evans Cemetery in Prairie Township. The boards hope to complete these restoration projects soon, and focus on weed control in the fall.
The next meeting will be September 26th at 6 PM on the 2nd Floor Henry County Court House Building Former Circuit Court Room (Use east entrance)

Donna Tauber for Tom Hamm

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, Sept. 26, 2002

Members present: Mathis, Hamm, Tauber, Holmes, Burch
Also 15 members of the public

1. The minutes of meeting of August 29 were approved as disseminated.
2. The commission approved a claim submitted to Mike Burch.
3. Doug Mathis reported that the $290 in our treasury had been transferred to an account at the Henry County Community Foundation. The commission gratefully acknowledged donations from donors with family buried in the Keesling Cemetery.
4. Greg Brown reported that restoration work in the Dunreith Cemetery is complete. There is a possibility of purchasing adjacent land for expansion.
5. The commission heard a report on work done by volunteers on September 17, the Day of Caring. Volunteers cleared brush and trash in the Keesling and Paul cemeteries in the morning and worked at Messick in the afternoon. In the last they cut down weeds 15 feet tall.
6. The owner of the land on which the Paul Cemetery is located filed a vandalism charge with the sheriff and complained to the president because volunteers crossed his land and worked in the cemetery without permission. Ulysses Bush, who had had contact with the owner earlier, met with him and explained our aims. This resolved the situation and the owner now understands and is appreciative of our work. He is being urged to deed the cemetery itself to Dudley Township.
7. The commission approved publishing a quarterly newsletter as a way of sharing our work and maintaining contact with volunteers and others supportive of our work.
8. Doug Mathis reported that he is preparing a fund-raising letter.
9. The commission voted to send a registered letter to affected landowners whenever we will be working in a cemetery not directly accessible from a public road.
10. Ulysses Bush reported on restoration work being done on the Christopher Long monument in Dudley Township. There will be a dedication ceremony the Saturday before Veterans Day.
11. The commission voted to purchase herbicides for use this fall, especially in Messick Cemetery.
12. The commission set two upcoming workdays: Oct. 5 at the Keesling Cemetery and Oct. 19 at the Evans Cemetery, both beginning at 9:00 A.M.
13. The commission appointed Lisa Hicks-Smith a member of the advisory board. It also asked the board to schedule a meeting.
14. The commission adjourned at 7:00 P.M. Next meeting will be Oct. 31 at 6:00 P.M. in the Commissioners Courtroom of the Henry County Courthouse.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas D. Hamm, Secretary

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, Oct. 24, 2002

Commissioners present: Burch, Hamm, Mathis, Tauber
Commissioner absent: Holmes
Also ten members of the public

1. The minutes of the meeting of September 26 were revised to reflect the change in the date of the October meeting from Oct. 31 to Oct. 24 and then approved.
2. $290 has been paid in reimbursement to Greg Brown for supplies used in projects over the past year.
3. Ulysses E. Bush reported for the Advisory Board. It now has eight members. Their focus in the coming year will be on creating a cemetery education program in local schools, especially grades 6-10.
4. President Donna Tauber reported on a conversation with the Greensboro Township trustee. A $300 fine for vandalism in the Greensboro Cemetery this summer has been transferred to this commission.
5. Reports were given on workdays at the Keesling and Evans cemeteries. Stone cleaning has been completed at the latter and all brush has been cleared, with some to be removed soon. More clearing is needed at the Keesling Cemetery.
6. Investigation showed that licenses are necessary for the application of certain types of weed killers, so we should try to make arrangements with neighboring farmers who have such licenses in our work. Joyce Cassidy, the Blue River Township, has agreed to pay for weed killer that will be applied by the farmer who owns the land adjacent to the Messick Cemetery.
7. Holly Kendall, a student at Knightstown High School, would like to undertake cemetery work as a National Honor Society community service project. She agreed to join the advisory committee and to participate in the clean-up days on Nov. 2 and Nov. 9 (see minute # 12 below).
8. A supporter of our work who lives in Georgia has volunteered to help create a newsletter or flyer. President Donna Tauber presented a draft flyer and asked for ideas.
9. John Rutherford and John Dillman, representing the Mount Summit Cemetery Association, requested the help of the commission. Their association is attempting to raise $35,000 for improvements in the cemetery and has thus far raised about $12,000. Because they are not a 503-c organization, donations are not tax-deductible. They asked the commission to consider serving as a conduit for donations. The commission voted to establish a dedicated account for Mount Summit Cemetery within our fund at the Henry County Community Foundation, subject to the Foundation's approval. It may prove simpler, however, to use the Blue River Valley Optimist Club to hold the funds, and that will be explored as well.
10. We noted the rededication of the Christopher Long monument in Liberty Township on Nov. 9 at 3:30 P.M.
11. The president presented Greg Brown with a certificate of appreciation for his work this year. He in turn expressed his appreciation to Chad Lawson, who has worked with him. He also called attention to a display now in the courthouse.
12. The commission scheduled the following workdays:
Nov. 2: Keesling Cemetery, 9:00 A.M.
Nov. 9: Raysville Cemetery, 9:00 A.M.
13. Ulysses E. Bush reported that Ron Barnes, who owns the land surrounding the Paul Cemetery, has done extensive work to clean up the site. We are most appreciative of this and hope that he will be a model for other landowners.
14. The commission expressed its appreciation to the advisory board for its work.
15. The commission voted not to meet in November or December unless the president feels it necessary. The next meeting will be held January 23 at 6:00 P.M. in the Commissioners Courtroom.
16. The commission adjourned at 7:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas Hamm, Secretary

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