Henry County Indiana Cemetery Commission
2004 Meeting Minutes

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, Jan. 22, 2004

Commissioners present: Hamm, Holmes, Mathis, Tauber and six members of the public
1. The minutes of the meeting of Nov. 20, 2003, were read and approved.
2. The current officers of the commission were reelected:
President: Donna Tauber
Vice-president: Douglas Mathis
Treasurer: Ann Holmes
Secretary: Thomas Hamm
3. Treasurer Ann Holmes reported a balance of $1,693.84.
4, The commission voted approval of a claim of $80 to Ann Holmes for reimbursement for the purchase of tools for use of the commission.
5. The commission noted the need to do an inventory of its tools. We are still pursuing the purchase of a trailer.
6. Most of the meeting was devoted to discussion of HB 1441, which has been submitted at our request by Reps. Saunders and Adams. While it would deal with problems that we have identified, we are concerned that the proposed $3 fee for death certificates would go to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for distribution to county cemetery commissions. The proposed legislation does not delineate how that distribution would take place. We will communicate our preference for language that would provide for distribution by county auditors directly to the county cemetery commission, with DNR hadndling funds for distribution to counties that lack cemetery commissions. The outlook for the legislation is uncertain.
7. We noted that the new address for the Henry County Health Department, which is our mailing address, is 1201 Race St., Suite 208.
8. The next meeting will be held Thursday, Feb. 26, at 6:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
T. Hamm, Secretary

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, Feb. 26, 2004

Commissioners Present: D. Tauber, D. Mathis, M. Burch, A. Holmes, T. Hamm and 2 members of the public
1. The minutes of the meeting of January 22 were approved.
2. The treasurer reported a balance of $1,693.94, unchanged since the last meeting.
3. Mike Burch produced a $100 dollar donation from John Rutherford.
4. House Bill 1441 was not heard this session and is dead.
5. President Tauber reported on the meeting of the county township trustees. Some interest in the commission's work was expressed.
6. The Advisory Board met on Feb. 12. Focus is on organizing two cemetery tours. One is for school students as part of Cemetery Appreciation Week. The other is in the Greensboro Cemetery for the public in May as part of a community celebration.
7. Some interest was expressed in an Adopt-a-Cemetery program for civic groups, National Honor Society students, and others.
8. We identified the following cemeteries as priorities in the coming year: Completing work in the Paul and Keesling cemeteries Doing clean-up and other necessary work at Messick, Wisehart, Eebenezer, Holland, McDaniel, and the two Pressel cemeteries.
9. The possibility of a fee for burial permits for use by the commission was discussed. It would require authorization from the Henry County Council.
10. The commission adjourned to meet on March 25 at 6:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas D. Hamm, Secretary

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, March 25th, 2004

Commissioners Present: D. Tauber, D. Mathis, M. Burch, A. Holmes
Guests and Advisory Board: Angela Teilking, Bud Bush, Jackie Burch and Jeff Ray
1. The minutes of the meeting of Feb. 26th were approved.
2. The treasurer reported a balance of apr. $1800.00
3. Bush has compiled a list of Cemetery Commission Inventory in his possession, which everyone needs to add to of what items they may have.
4. Holmes reported that the trailer the commission was hoping to purchase is no longer available, the board will continue other avenues to locate one to purchase to store inventory.
5. A revised permission slip for Henry County Township Trustees was approved by the Board.
6. President Tauber reported on sending a letter of intent to assist to all the Henry County Trustees along with a permission form for cemetery cleanup.
7. Tielking reported that the Education Program will not be available until fall, but there is still a possibility of a cemetery tour program sometime before then.
8. Mathis reported that the Henry County Health Fair is scheduled for May 15th from 10 am to 2 pm at the Henry County Hospital, and suggested the possibility of the commission having a booth. Holmes and Tauber will pursue the price of bottled water to sell on that day as a fundraiser for the commission. Information for the booth also needs to prepared, such as photos. (I hope Bud is going to do this - with our help!)
9. There will be a state sponsored cemetery workshop June 12 at West Newton Friends Meeting in West Newton, Indiana and September 18 at the Van Sickle Cemetery in Lawrence, Indiana. Bush mentioned the possibility of having a workshop this summer at the Wisehart Cemetery on the Dublin Pike.
10. Jeff Ray reported that the Henry County Day of Caring will be on May 18th this year, and that the new Henry County Raintree Walking Trail will run beside the Messick Cemetery along the old Railroad bed. The Messick Cemetery was approved for work on this day and we hope to receive press coverage. The commission requested 20 workers over and above our own group of workers for that day.
11. Jeff Ray also reported that he had meet with DNR Tom Swinford who has plans for a controlled burn in the Rogersville cemetery very soon. Tielking will follow up on this information and notify the Township Trustee as well.
12.A workday was scheduled for April 10th at 9 am to repair stones at Paul Cemetery. Bush will contact the adjacent property owner.
13. The meeting adjourned to meet on April 22 at 6 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Tauber President
For Thomas D. Hamm Secretary

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, April 22, 2004

Commissioners present: Burch, Hamm, Holmes, Mathis, Tauber
And five persons from the public
1. The minutes of the March meeting were approved.
2. Treasurer Ann Holmes reported a balance of $1,704.64.
3. Mike Burch reported that a 6 x 12 trailer is available to us at a reasonable price of $1,800. He will investigate finding sponsors.
4. The president reported that the trustees of Spiceland, Prairie, and Liberty townships have given permission for work in their cemeteries. Blue River Township Trustee Joyce Cassidy has approved work at Messick.
5. We selected Messick Cemetery as the site for work on the Day of Caring, May 18. We will need rakes, clippers, and perhaps a chipper. We will also investigate a portable toilet for the day. Adjacent landowners will be notified. A neighboring farmer has agreed to spray for weeds. In the event of inclement weather, we will work in the Ebenezer Baptist Cemetery in Franklin Township.
6. We will have a booth at the Henry County Health Fair on May 15. Donna will staff our table 10-12 and the Holmes 12-2. We will have bottled water for sale as a fundraiser. Mike Burch will provide a table and chairs.
7. We discussed the need for some sort of identification card for people associated with our work.
8. A cemetery workshop will be held at West Newton on June 12. Greg Brown plans to attend.
9. County Commissioner Phil Estridge joined the meeting for a short time. The possibility of using a county mulcher operated by the Highway Department on the Day of Caring was discussed. Also discussed was the possibility of the county furnishing photo ID cards for the Henry County Cemetery Commission, the Advisory board, and other workers. The licensing and insuring of the trailer that the commission hopes to purchase was discussed, as was the possibility that it might be licensed by the county and covered by its insurance. County commissioners would need to approve these items. Ann and Donna will attend the next meeting on May 5 to make these requests.
10. The commission approved the expenditure of up to $100 by Greg Brown for epoxies. Mike Burch will reimburse him from Prairie Township for work that needs to be done there.
11. The meeting adjourned at 7:15, to meet again May 27 at 6:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Tauber, President
Thomas Hamm, Secretary

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, June 24, 2004

The June meeting of the Henry County Cemetery Commission was called to order by Donna Tauber at 6:12 pm on the courthouse lawn.
Commissioners present were Ann Holmes, Donna Tauber, and Mike Burch. Sheralyn Pate Stohler, Phyllis Riggs Boze, William Harter, Bud Bush, and Ken Holmes were also present.
Ann Holmes moved to approve the minutes of the April meeting with the change of the Day of Caring cemetery to Lewisville from Messick. Mike Burch seconded.
Discussion to purchase the cargo trailer from A. J. Hamilton was held with Greg Brown to obtain the license plates and get the trailer added to the insurance policy.
The Beverage Tax proposal was discussed. The Commission is requesting $3100.00.
A report on the Day of Caring was given.
The Health Fair raised $6.00, which was used to send thank you cards to legislators and other person for their previous assistance.
ID Cards can be obtained through the Sheriff's office.
Ken Holmes reported on a cemetery repair workshop the he attended along with Greg Brown in Indianapolis.
Sheralyn Stohler and Phyllis Boze asked for assistance with the Hess Cemetery north of Cadiz.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.

Henry County Cemetery Commission, July 22, 2004

Commissioners present: Tauber, Burch, Holmes, Hamm
Four members of the public
1. The minutes of the meeting of June 24 were approved as distributed.
2. Those present applauded Greg Brown for his continuing work on behalf of the county's cemeteries.
3. The Food and Beverage Tax Commission has granted us $3,000. We will use the money as the grant stipulates.
4. One need is for a second tripod. Greg indicated that one, with accompanying equipment, could be purchased for about $460.
5. Current balance in the treasury is $442.
6. The commission recorded its appreciation of the volunteer work of Cliff Runion in servicing our equipment.
7. Concerns about the state and care of the Hess Cemetery north of Cadiz continue. Weed killers have created a situation where the soil around markers is eroding away. Toppled stones are numerous. Cattle from a neighboring farm periodically invade the cemetery.
8. U.E. Bush announced that he would be working with a crew from the jail on July 31 at the Joel Pressel Cemetery in Liberty Township. It is badly in need of cleaning.
9. It was agreed that we need to complete work at the Paul and Keesling cemeteries, partly to honor donations made designated for them, partly so that we can move on to other projects. Greg Brown was asked to provide estimates for repairing markers in the two cemeteries. We agreed on the following work dates:
Aug. 7 and 14: Paul Cemetery
Aug. 21 and 28: Keesling Cemetery
Work will begin at 9:00 A.M.
10. The meeting adjourned at 6:50. Next meeting will be at the courthouse on August 26 at 6:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas D. Hamm, Secretary

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, Aug. 26, 2004

Commissioners present: Hamm, Holmes, Tauber
Members of the public present: Ken Holmes, Gaysue Hubbell, U.E. Bush
1. The minutes of the meeting of July 22 were approved as published.
2. The commission approved claims of $75.53 submitted by Greg Brown for supplies and license plates for the trailer.
3. The commission has received $3,000 in funds from the County Food and Beverage Tax. This money must be spent between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31. Details on the reimbursement process are forthcoming.
4. The next workday will be August 28 at the Keesling Cemetery.
5. It is unclear whether $200 is still owed to Greg Brown for cleaning done at the Keesling Cemetery. This will be investigated.
6. Gaysue Hubbell asked why township trustees are not more active in caring for cemeteries. Others present reported that discussions with the state about Indiana law showed that trustees are responsible for cemeteries on private land.
7. Work was done this month at the Ebenezer Baptist Cemetery in Franklin Township. A neighboring landowner complained about the disposition of cleared brush.
8. President Donna Tauber reported on a proposal to hold a memorial service to mark the hundredth birthday of Catherine Winters in October 2004. This would bring the commission favorable activities.
9. U.E. Bush reported that investigation is underway of the possibility of erecting memorial markers at South Mound Cemetery for Hugh Healey and Revel Colburn, two Revolutionary soldiers who were buried in the Hobson Cemetery in New Castle and whose graves have been obliterated.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas D. Hamm, Secretary

Henry County Cemetery Commission Minutes, Oct. 28, 2004

Commissioners Present: Donna Tauber, Ann Holmes, Mike Burch, Tom Hamm
From the public: Ken Holmes, U.E. Bush, Angela Tielking
1. The minutes of the meeting of August 26 were approved as published. It was noted that for lack of a quorum, there had been no September meeting.
2. Receipt of the food and beverage tax funds is expected soon. It has already been encumbered.
3. It was reported that Greg Brown had attended the September workshop on cemetery restoration.
4. It was reported that there will be a rally at the statehouse Nov. 16 in support of the preservation of the office of township trustee.
5. Ken and Ann Holmes reported that they have continued work at the Evans Cemetery in Prairie Township.
6. We have received an invitation from Henry County Economic Development to envision a major program of restoration funded by tax support. It would involve work in every cemetery in the county at a cost of up to $750.000. We would not expect enactment soon.
7. Members of the commission reviewed accomplishments since its formation. They include considerable favorable publicity in the local media and even in the New York Times; the Christopher Long monument restoration and dedication; considerable improvement in the Keesling, Paul, Ebenezer, Lewisville, Evans, Hodson, and Messick cemeteries; participation in the Day of Caring; help with the clean-up of vandalism in the Greensboro Cemetery; the restoration work of Greg Brown; and the Catherine Winters memorial. We have done as much as possible with the limited resources of volunteer labor and donations available to us.
8. Treasurer Ann Holmes reported a treasury balance of $902.76.
9. The success of the Catherine Winters memorial on Oct. 17 was noted.
10. A clean up will be held in the Bell Cemetery in Liberty Township on Nov. 6-7. Descendants will be taking part.
11. Some of us will communicate with Tom Saunders to encourage him to reintroduce legislation for cemetery preservation and restoration.
12. The next meeting will be held January 27.
13. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
D. Tauber, President
T. Hamm, Secretary

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