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Cemetery Cleanup for Saturday, June 27, 2003

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Sulphur Springs Cemetery

    With the two NEW heavy-duty weed eaters, it was like going from a Model "T" to Cadillac and has increased our work output by 100 percent. With the help from Sheriff's Deputy Ken King and the CS workers, we were able to not only clean the Sulphur Springs cemetery, but two more, the Hodson and Showalter cemeteries in Jefferson and Fall Creek townships.
    Deputy King and his crew are dedicated to doing the job quick and thorough. We have worked together for about a month and the workers know exactly what needs to be done, and they commence to do it. As soon as we arrive the guys unload the equipment and get busy with deputy King making sure it is done right.
    The Sulphur Springs cemetery wasn't as bad as I expected, it had been recently mowed so we trimmed the trees and weeds around the edges. A lot of the large monuments have tumbled over and need resetting.
    The Bowers cemetery was a different story. It had been mowed in the early spring, but was overgrown again and needed a lot of trimming around the fences. We located several stones in the fencerows under the overgrowth, some of them fairly large.
    We cleaned it completely and have it looking like a nice little church cemetery as it once was.
    At the Showalter cemetery, Barbara Addison let us know she is still keeping an eye on the cemetery, she also maintains the cemetery. As soon as we arrived she was there to check us out. She thought a "raid" was in progress when she saw the sheriff's van. She usually mows it every Sunday, so we gave her a Sunday off by doing it for her.
    Every stone but one have fallen over and need to be reset. Several are broken.
    In all three cemeteries many stones are down and need resetting, we can clean them fairly quickly, but repairing the stones is going to take time and money.

Bowers Cemetery
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