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Hodson's Cemetery

Est. 1820s

   This old burial ground is located in Section #10 in Stony Creek Township on the Wilbur Wright Road about two miles north of Mooreland, Henry County, IN. It has not been used for burials in many years.
   This burial ground was started by John Hodgson who first purchased this land on 8 Sep 1823 after coming here from North Carolina. The spelling of the name Hodson is used both ways here, but they are all related. This cemetery was used as a neighborhood burial ground during the early 1800s up until the Mooreland cemetery opened in the 1890s. In 1898 a rumor was started that when Moses Hodson died his wealth was buried with him. This caused the cemetery to be nearly destroyed by treasure hunters digging for the treasure, which was never located. Is it still there?
   There are quite a few unmarked burials, and others marked only by fieldstones in this cemetery. It receives very little care, other than being mowed several times a year.
   Many stones are down and need to be reset. We have been in several times to cut and trim the weeds. Blue River Middle School history students adopted this cemetery as a project in 2003 for clean-up and had it looking good for awhile, but it is getting back to the overgrown state that it used to be in.

Canaday, Sarah Jane 1 Apr 1876 27y, 5m, 11d 1st W of Jesse
Cory, Forbes 25 Jan 1861 5y, 8m S of Abraham & Mary
Cory, Mary Rice 15 Apr 1863 34y, 5m, 5d 2nd W of Abraham
Dean, Amelia J 8 Nov 1886 30y, 3m, 28d W of Thomas
Dean, Laura 9 Jul 1881 11m, 29d D of T & AJ
Devore, Lucy Jane 11 Sep 1861 22y, 3m, 1d D of William & Mary
Devore, Margaret Orilla 12 Sep 1851 3y, 5m, 26d D of W & M
Devore, William 5 Jul 1887 87y, 9m, 5d  
Duke, Emily Littleton 26 Sep 1912 79y W of Robert
Duke, Maggie 17 Nov 1875 13y, 5m, 26d D of R & E
Duke, Ollie 14 Mar 1891 22y, 11m, 29d D of Robert & Emily
Duke, Robert 5 Dec 1898 1828  
Ely, Mary 24 Mar 1878 70y, 3m, 24d W of William
Ely, William 21 Dec 1863 56y, 9d  
Good, L. No date No date On slate (Jacob Good)
Gwin.Alvin D. 19 Oct 1886 2m, 9d S of William & Lorella
Gwin, Charley I. 24 Nov 1879 1y, 5m, 21d S of William & Lorella
Gwin, Infant 19 Apr 1877   S of William & Lorella
Hiatt, Abigail 26 Nov 1832 3d D of John & Charity
Hiatt, Charlotte Adams 30 Oct 1885 73y, 20d W of William
Hiatt, Josiah D. 25 May 1834 3m, 13d S of John & Charity
Hiatt, Uriah 5 Feb 1828 1d S of John & Charity
Hiatt, William J. 3 May 1886 72y, 5m, 17d
Hiatt, ?? 9 Apr 1841 9d ? of John & Charity
Hodgson, Earthemia 11 May 1879 55y, 6m, 5d W of Lewis
Hodgson, Earl 20 Feb 1889 11m, 16d S of James & Viretta
Hodgson, Ellis C. 30 Apr 1872 42y, 4m, 18d H of Matilda
Hodgson, Infant 21 Jun 1859   Child of EC & MJ
Hodgson, Infant 10 Jul 1846   S of L & B
Hodgson, Jane Beals 2 Apr 1882 86y, 11m, 20d  
Hodgson, John 1 Apr 1871 77y, 10m, 2d  
Hodgson, Leora Isabell 7 Aug 1887 17y, 22d D of Ellis & Matilda
Hodgson, Lewis 27 Apr 1886 64y, 11m, 21d  
Hodgson, Malvina 10 Sep 1859 4y, 3m, 13d D of E & MJ
Hodgson, Nathan E. 16 Sep 1859 5y, 4m, 7d S of L & B
Hodgson, Rebecca P. 21 Mar 1871 21y, 1m, 11d 1st W of William
Hodson, Frances 20 Mar 1869 59y, 10m, 11d 2nd W of Moses
Hodson, Lydia J. 2 Dec 1870 22y, 10m, 20d D of M & F
Hodson, Moses 13 Feb 1886 81y, 5m, 8d  
Hodson, Sarah 21 Aug 1866 23y, 6m, 21d D of M & F
Hodson, Sarah Ca.1826 20y 1st W of Moses
Jeffrey, Amanda E. No date   D of Russell & Mary
Jeffrey, Daniel C. W. No date 1874 S of Russell & Mary
Jeffrey, Elmira 16 Sep 1859 3y, 8m, 14d D of R & J
Jeffrey, Lewis W. 11 Nov 1855 1y, 3m, 23d S of R & J
Jeffrey, Infant 22 Jan 1870   S of Russell & Jane
Jeffrey, Jane Hodson 22 Jan 1870 35y, 4m, 22d 1st W of Russell
Jeffrey, John Hodson 15 Sep 1880 22y, 1m, 29d S of Russell & Jane
Jeffrey, Mary Ann 18 Dec 1891 1 Jan 1840 2nd W of Russell
Jeffrey, Russell 18 Aug 1893 27 Nov 1824  
Johnson, A. 25 Jul 1843 No date Scratched on slate
Johnson, Annie 26 Aug 1888 3y, 3m, 6d D of JW & CF
Johnson, Celia Fallen 9 Jun 1885 32y, 9m, 17d W of John
Johnson, Daniel 21 Dec 1851 3m, 7d S of JM & F
Johnson, Eunice 16 May 1863 37y, 8m, 11d 1st W of Lewis
Johnson, Infant 18 Aug 1863 13d S of LW & E
Littleton, Infant 16 Jan 1848   Child of Levi & Catharine
Littleton, Margaret 11 Oct 1850 6y, 2m D of Levi & Catharine
McMullen, Elizabeth 26 Nov 1854 19y, 2m, 17d D of Daniel & Rachael
Main, Ira 22 Nov 1859 53y  
Main, Malinda 2 Apr 1897 85y Wife of Ira
Marshall, Margaret 16 Apr 1865 50y, 2m, 28d 1st W of William
Marshall, Russell V. 24 Jul 1884 15y, 8m, 3d S of Lewis & M
Marshall, William 28 Mar 1872 63y, 2m, 7d  
Metsker, Matilda E. 7 Dec 1879 21y, 7d W of Isaac
Moore, Alice 1880 1862 D of John & Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth 1904 1836 W of John
Moore, Ella Leoti 21 Sep 1874 3y, 9m, 7d D of John & Elizabeth
Moore, John S. 1880 1833  
Moore, Martha J. 1880 1866 D of John & Elizabeth
Payne, Jemima 21 Dec 1859 9m, 3d D of Elias & Ann
Peirce, Amanda 2 Jun 1886   D of Isaac & Nancy
Peirce, Lawrance 23 Sep 1859 2y, 8m, 8d S of IW & NA
Peirce, Nancy A. 25 Jan 1873 36y, 5m, 26d W of Isaac
Ralston, Lydia 15 Jan 1855 12y, 1m, 15d  
Rees, Infant 1 Jun 1871   D of GW & M
Rees, Mary Palsley 20 Jun 1871 43y, 4m, 11d W of George
Rees, George W. ?? ??  
Rinard, Catharine 14 Nov 1863 67y, 11m, 11d W of George
Rinard, Rev. George 7 Jul 1870 76y, 1m, 22d  
Rinard, Infant 1849   S of Adam & Rachel
Rinard, Peter A. 31 Mar 1889 26y S of John & Martha
Rinard, Rachel 1 Nov 1838 16y D of G & C
Shaffer, Infant 21 May 1883 1d S of JN & LN
Shaffer, Isabel 11 Jul 1880 2m, 25d D of JN & LN
Shaffer, Lydia N. 22 May 1883 20y, 8m, 10d W of John
Shepherd, Rachael 26 Mar 1888 61y, 1m, 24d 1st W of William
Shepherd, William 27 Oct 1893 1821  
Thompson, Eli R. 7 Sep 1884 20 Jan 1857 S of Joseph & Fidelia
Thompson, W. H. 22 Jul 1885 5 Sep 1862 S of Joseph & Fidelia
Ward, Catharine 1 Nov 1868 64y, 1m, 11d W of GR
Wright, Martha E. 4 Feb 1866 14y, 7m, 20d D of T & R
Wright, Oliver 22 Mar 1864 5d S of T & R
Wright, Rebecca J. 19 Aug 1889 65y, 1m, 15d W of Thomas
Wright, Thomas G. 8 Oct 1875 53y, 8m, 16d  
Wrightsman, Florence 9 Sep 1863 9m, 9d D of RB & MJ
UEB 2005

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