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Holland Cemetery

Dudley Township
Established 8 Jun 1841

     Located on CR #950 south in southeastern Dudley Township, just east of the Bentonville Road, about mile north of the Fayette/Henry county line. This area was at one time referred to as the "Beech Grove" neighborhood. At one time (1823) there were plans to build a village in the area on the old State Road (County Line Road South) to be known as "Union" or "Union Town" by William Seward the original landowner, but the plans never materialized.
     This cemetery was established on 8 Jun 1841 when Joshua Holland, and his wife Nancy, who came to Henry County in 1832, as the first part, (grantor) donated 49 square rods, with the whole neighborhood as the other part (grantee) to be used as a "Burying Grounds for the whole neighborhood and vicinity who wish to bury their dead in said yard in a manner that satisfies the living relatives of those deceased."
     Several of the people buried here lived in Bentonville, Fayette County, which is just south of here.
     The old neighborhood burial grounds has not been receiving any care for many years and has turned into nothing more than a trash pile with overgrown weeds and nearly every tombstone has fallen over or has been vandalized. It is in very bad shape.
     Tom Hamm recorded this cemetery in 1973 with a few revisions made by this author. I'm sure there are several stones that are buried and have never been recorded, because this area was one of the main routes into Henry County in the early days and there are no other known cemeteries close by, and a lot of the early pioneers are unaccounted for in the cemetery recordings for this area of the township.

AMB     Foot Stone
Charles, John 3 Dec 1877 72y, 9m  
EW     Foot Stone
Hathaway, George 24 Nov 1873 29y, 10m, 1d S of P & M
Hathaway, John S. 20 Nov 1873 3y, 10m, 27d S of P & M
Helm, Willie 10 Apr 1877 1m, 17d S of C & P
Hiatt, Calvin S. 20 Mar 1864 5y, 2m, 19d S of J & MJ
Hiatt, Mary J 2 Sep 1864 25y, 6m, 17d W of John
Hiatt, William 17 Mar 1863 5y, 2m, 19d S of J & MJ
Holland, David 5 Oct 1850 16 Feb 1822 S of Joshua & Nancy
Holland, Elijah 24 Sep 1863 27 Aug 1824 S of J & N
Holland, Elizabeth 8 Aug 1851 20y, 8m, 2d D of JW & S
Holland, Henry 28 Mar 1900 19 May 1820  
Holland, John W. 5 Mar 1875 65y, 8m, 11d  
Holland, Lemuel 1 Apr 1852 15 Mar 1859 S of Joshua & Nancy
Holland, Lycurgus 28 Mar 1841 15d S of JW & S
Holland, Nancy 8 Nov 1851 21y, 3m D of Joshua & Nancy
Holland, Nancy Jones 24 Oct 1874 1784 W of Joshua
Holland, Rev. Joshua 10 Feb 1850 24 Dec 1774 H of Nancy
Holland, Sarah 10 May 1857 19 Jul 1801 W of John W.
Howren, John     Unknown?
Jackson, Caleb 22 Feb 1863 32y, 2m, 27d  
Jinkins, Levi N. 15 Sep 1850 1y, 9m, 24d S of D & E
Jinkins, Marien L. 8 Feb 1869 55y, 2m, 12d  
JM     Foot Stone
LFH     Foot Stone
LHP     Foot Stone
Palin, Charles S. 31 Jan 1858 11m, 27d S of A & NJ
Pearson, Abigail 7 Jul 1872 75y, 4m, 8d W of Henry
Pearson, Henry 6 Mar 1881 84y, 5m, 1d  
Plummer, Eli M. 2 Feb 1873 25y, 8m, 29d  
Plummer, Henderson 8 Feb 1869 55y, 2m, 12d  
Plummer, John H. 31 Jan 1854 17y, 1m, 1d S of H & S
Plummer, Jonathan 25 Aug 1865 20y, 5m, 27d S of H & S
Plummer, Martha A. 25 Aug 1864 10y D of H & S
Plummer, Sophia 13 Aug 1869 51y, 6m,6d W of Henderson
Spencer, Elizabeth Miner 9 Apr 1879 81y, 7m, 15d W of Michael
Straughn, Charles O. 27 Feb 1873 11y, 2m, 3d S of Milton & Sarah
Strawn, Emma E. 17 Feb 1858 11m, 5d D of Milton & Sarah
Waddell, Alverrenus 27 Aug 1862 2m, 10d S of MH & R
Waddell, Benjamin A. 8 Nov 1862 31y, 1m, 8d 19th Ind. Lght. Arty.
Waddell, Charles 5 Jun 1856 56y  
Waddell, Ezela Nutter 11 Feb 1878 81y, 3m W of Charles
Waddell, Lemuel L. 28 Sep 1868 31 Jan 1852 S of Stanford & Polly
Waddell, Lorenzo D. 16 Sep 1863   19th Ind. Lght. Arty.
Waddell, Susan 26 May 1870 27y, 6m, 26d W of L. D.
Waddell, William Luther 16 Sep 1863   Co. A 36th Ind. Inf.
Williams, Mary Knutt 13 Mar 1864 44y, 1m, 3d W of Joseph
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