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Index to Admission Records
Indiana Soldier's and Sailor's Home
Knightstown, IN (Rush County)

Compiled by the staff of the The Indiana State Archives and Ruth Dorrel

     The following Henry County, IN children's names were listed in the admission records of the Knightstown home for the years 1868 - 1889.
     In 1865 Susan Fussell began caring for four children who had been orphaned by the Civil War at the Military Hospital in Indianapolis. In 1866 Miss Fussell and ten children moved to Knightstown Springs in Rush County, Indiana. This was the beginning of the Indiana Soldier' and Sailors' Children's Home.
     The Indiana State Archives received the applications for admissions from 1879 through 1932. The archives also have microfilmed the admission book for 1868 through 1995 and the discharge books for 1890 through 1996.
     The admission books contain: Name of child, birth date, father's name, mother's name, father's military history, admission date, guardian or relative and miscellaneous remarks.
     The admission applications contain: Name of child, name of person making the application, town, county and state of child's residence, sex color, birth date, father, father's military record, mother's maiden name, mother's present name, names and address of siblings, why admission was sought and a physician's certificate.

Allen, John Henry 1888
Barnes, Estellla Henry 1887
Barnes, Mary F. Henry 1885
Barnes, Miles Henry 1888
Brosius, Alice Henry 1885
Brosius, Frankie Henry 1888
Brosius, Savannah Henry 1885
Carpenter, Carrie Henry 1889
Carson, Frank Henry 1882
Cole, Jno. A. "Bert" Henry 1882
Gardner, Cora Alice Henry 1881
Gillingham, Eli Henry 1887
Green, Clinton Henry 1888
Greene, John Franklin Henry 1888
Greene, Lawrence Eddie Henry 1888
Greene, Myrtie Henry 1888
Greene, Rosa Belle Henry 1888
Knight, Willie Henry 1881
Lamb, Annie Henry 1886
Lamb, Emma Henry 1886
Lamb, Ida Henry 1886
Lamb, Mary Henry 1886
Lamb, Robert Henry 1886
Levi, Lottie Henry 1870
Lucas, Henry Henry 1878
Lucas, Laura Henry 1878
Lucas, Willie Henry 1878
Mason, Samuel Henry 1882
May, Jesse Henry 1876
McConnell, FGrank Henry 1884
McConnell, Rufus B. Henry 1884
McDougal, Wilma Ethel Henry 1888
Miller, James Harry Henry 1888
O'Brien, James Edwin Henry 1887
Otis, Blanche Henry 1889
Otis, Elsie Henry 1889
Perry, Alonzo Henry 1889
Perry, Nettie Henry 1889
Picket, Cora Henry 1874
Picket, Willie Henry 1874
Torrence, Daisy Henry 1875
Tweedy, Effie Henry 1881
Tweedy, Ota Henry 1881
Wilmoth, Estella J. Henry 1889
Wilmoth, Frank S. Henry 1889

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