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Henry County, IN Pauper's Asylum
From the original records.

'Items inventoried' by Joel and Olive Frazier after taking over as Superintendant September 1, 1899

Wash Tubs2Wash Boards1
Wood Saw1Shovel1
Draw Knife 1 Brace and Bit set 1
Auger 1 Hand Saw 1
Square 1 Cook Stove and Utensils 1
Tin cans of Peaches 44 Glass cans of Various Fruit 48
Milk Pans 2 14 Gallon Jars 4
4 Gallon Jars 2 1 Gallon Jars 2
Sad Irons 3 Coffee Mill 1

This is the equipment and supplies that were on hand when the new Superintendant Joel Frazier and his wife Olive took over the Henry County Asylum (Poor Farm) 1899.

Baldwin, Lizzie March 1869 to October 1871
Rice, Daniel March 1869 to September 1869
Williams, Lee September 1868 to February 1869
Rice, Daniel March 1870 to August 1870
Jobe, Michael August 1870 to September 1870
Jennings, Lizzie July 1870 to January 1871
Richison, Ed September 1870 to January 1871
Smith, Samuel L. January 1871 to July 1871
Winslow, Angie January 1872 to ??
Jobe, Oscar July 1873 to October 1873
Gray, Josh L. October 1873 to April 1876
Atkinson, James May 1876 to September 1876
Gough, Nick September 1876 to ??
McCormack, Anderson November 1888 to ??
Harvey, Phebe November 1888 to ??

Compiled from the original Henry County Asylum Records by: U. E. Bush 1998


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