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Knightstown, IN city Directory

1899 - 1900

   The following is a transcription of the city directory for the town of Knightstown, IN that I happened to come across while viewing copies the Knightstown Banner (1900) that was on microfilm that is located in the New Castle - Henry County Public Library.
   The directory listed every person and business that was located at the turn of the twentieth century, listing not only where each citizen worked, but also the address of their residence. Their were many occupations listed that are no longer around today.
   The original directory was copied and is available at the Henry County Historical Society Museum. It gives many more details and is full of photos of the old business buildings.

Abbott, Miss M. Teacher 106 N Adams
Abrams, S. S. Retired 61 S. Adams
Abrhams, C. Laborer 61 S. Adams
Addison, J. O. Household Outfitter 10 W Main
Addison, M. Stove & Tinware 111 N Jefferson
Addison, Miss M. Housekeeper 255 W Main
Addison, W. Retired 156 W Brown
Agall P. Laborer 219 S. Washington
Albertson, J. Foundry & Machine Shop 105 W. Grant
Albright, F. Paper Hanger 59 S. Madison
Albright, Harry Laborer 59 S. Madison
Albright, Herman Clerk @ 7 W Main 59 S. Madison
Albright, J. Machinist 59 S Madison
Alee, S. R. Retired Warrick & Adams, SW
Alford, J. Laborer 164 N. Adaams
Allender, Mrs M. Widow 103 S Jefferson
Allison, J. J. Retired Franklin & Pine, SE
Allison, M. E. Real Estate Franklin & Pine, SE
Alspaw, D. W. C. Clerk 107 N Washington
Antrim, Mrs J. B. Widow 55 S. Washington
Applegate, E. A. Saw mill 5 N Front
Archibald, Earl Laborer 106 N McCullom
Archibald, James Laborer 106 N McCullom
Archibald, Jesse Bartender 9 W Main
Archibald, Mrs. J. Housewife 101 W 3rd Cross
Armstrong, C. E. Paper Hanger Washington & Jackson, SE
Armstrong, Charles Lineman 105 W Brown
Armstrong, Cyrus Laborer 105 W Brown
Armstrong, H. Paper Hanger 3 S Madison
Armstrong, Ira Bill poster & painter Raysville
Armstrong, J. A. Paint, oil & etc. Washington & Jackson, SE
Armstrong, O. H. Painter 105 W Brown
Armstrong, R. Paper hanger 6 S Madison
Arthur, C. A. Foreman, K-town Banner 7 E Brown
Arthur, Lou Widow 7 E Brown
Ayres, J. D. Retired 210 S. Washington
Baer, Fred Laborer Washington & Pine NW
Baer, H. C. Retired Washington & Pine NW
Bailey, J. Q. Foreman 61 S Jefferson
Ball, F. Carriage painter 71 E Main (upstairs)
Ball, H. Real estate 19 E Main
Barber, B. B. Tailor 203 N. Washington
Barber, J. Laborer 203 N Washington
Barker, J. E. Clothier 106 W Main
Barnes, J. T. Saw mill 54 S Washington
Barnett, G. W. Produce Franklin & Warrick
Barrett, A. P. Carpenter 55 W Pine
Barrett, Alice Clerk Main & Jefferson N Adams
Barrett, J. A. Gardener Jefferson & Carey NW
Barrett, J. W. Teamster 161 S Madison
Barrett, M. S. Woodworker Pine & Washington SE
Barrett, Mrs. N. Widow Jefferson & Carey NW
Barrett, Mrs. O. A. Widow 103 N Adams
Barrett, O. H. Physician Jackson & Carey NE
Bartle, J. S. Gas well driller Brown & McCullom
Bartlow, C. Drayman 111 S Jefferson
Bass, Matt Night Policeman 53 N Adams
Baxter, C. F. Monument dealer 111 S Adams
Beaman, Ina N/A 262 W Main
Beaman, Miss Eddie N/A 262 W Main
Beaman, W. Clerk 262 W Main
Beavers, J. M. Miller 54 W Grant
Beck, J. W. Photo studio 105 N Washington
Bell, Clara N/A 111 E Maiin
Bell, F. E. Clerk 111 E Main
Bell, L. A. Hardware Store Franklin & Pine SW
Belt, W. P. Junk dealer 55 N Harrison
Benbow, E. Woodworker 104 W Brown
Bender, F. G. Up-to-date tailor 60 N Washington
Bennett, J. R. Gas contractor Franklin & Brown SE
Bernard, J. W. Manufacturer 56 S Franklin
Bernard, T. J. Book keeper Franklin & Warrick SE
Bess, R. Gas well driller 103 S Adams
Bicknell, D. W. Carpenter 109 E Warrick
Bilby, Miss B. Teacher 59 W. Main
Binford, Rev. J. O. Minister Washington & Morgan
Blakeman, F. Produce shipper 109 W Carey
Boblett, Miss M. Housekeeper 103 W Main
Bodmer, J. Gardener 57 N Harrison
Bohannon, Mrs. C. N/A Jefferson & Warrick
Boland, E. Section Foreman 122 W Carey
Boren, O. M. Workman 155 W Brown
Bouslog, Miss Z. Housekeeper 60 W Main
Bowen, J. I. Farmer Jefferson & Warrick
Bowen, Thomas Flagman 103 E Brown
Bowman, Fred Clerk 55 W Brown
Bowman, S. Carpenter 55 W Brown
Braden, Wyatt Teamster 156 W Pine
Bradway, F. Teamster 156 N Franklin
Brandenburg, H. N/A 6 E 4th cross
Brandenburg, Minnie N/A 159 S Jefferson
Brandenburg, Mrs. J. L. Widow 159 S Jefferson
Branson, Roy Traveling Salesman 55 W Brown
Breckenridge, E. J. Teamster Harrison & Brown NE
Breckenridge, J. L. Widow 159 S Jefferson
Breckenridge, Miss B. Stenographer 12 W Main
Breckenridge, Miss E. Clerk 12 W Main
Breckenridge, Miss G. Trimmer 12 W Main
Breckenridge, R. B. Retired 12 W Main
Breckenridge, W. C. Traveling Salesman 54 N Adams
Briggs, O. Insurance 68 E Main
Brightbill, F. W. Florist 260 W Main
Brinkman, M. F. Baker 14 S Washington
Brinkman, W. Bakery & Restaurant 201 N Washington
Brittenham, C. A. Huckster 3 S Franklin
Brittenham, Myrtle Housewife 3 S Franklin
Brooks, C. Laborer 160 W Main
Brooks, F. Laborer 165 N Franklin
Brooks, Frank Blacksmith Adams & Morgan SE
Brooks, J. Barber 160 W Main
Brooks, M. Porter 160 W Main
Brooks, Miss L. Clerk Brown & Madison NW
Brooks, Mrs. A. Widow 54 W Brown
Brooks, Mrs. M. J. Widow Brown & Madison NW
Brooks, S. L. Barber 63 S Washington
Brosius, George Painter 204 N Franklin
Brosius, Miss A. N/A Washington & Jackson SE
Brosius, Mrs A. Widow 56 W Brown
Brosius, Mrs M. F. Widow Washington & Jackson SE
Brosius, W. G. Produce merchant 110 N Washington
Brothers, O. B. Laborer Front & Warrick SW
Brown, Charles Barber 167 N Adams
Brown, J. F. Florist - ISSCH 3 E Brown
Brown, Mrs. J. F. Crayon Teacher 3 E Brown
Brown, S. L. Barber Barber 167 N Adams
Bryant, Mrs. D. N/A 23 W Main
Buchtel, Mrs. E. H. Milliner 68 E Main
Buchtel, S. E. Jeweler 68 E Main
Bundy, J. Clerk 108 S Madison
Bundy, J. H. Stonemason 14 S Madison
Bundy, Jennie N/A 115 E Morgan
Bundy, L. V. Restaurant 54 E Main
Burch, A. T. Section man 54 W Grant
Burk, F. Operator Pan Handle RR 106 N Washington
Burk, H. Butcher 57 E Warrick
Burk, Miss F. Telephone operator 57 E Warrick
Burns, A. R. Teamster 200 N Adams
Burt, S. Teamster 112 S Adams
Butler, C. M. Attorney 4 W Warrick
Butler, M. Teacher 5 W Front
Butler, N. Brickmason 57 N Jefferson
Butler, U.S. Carriage painter Franklin & Brown (upstairs)
Byerly, E. H. Clothier 59 S Jefferson
Byerly, Emma Teacher 114 S Jefferson
Byerly, Maud Dressmaker 114 S Jefferson
Byerly, Sadie Telegraph operator 114 S Jefferson
Byerly, W. Broom maker 114 S Jefferson
Byrket, E. B. Laborer 104 W. Brown
Callahan, Jehu Retired 201 N Washington
Cameron, Ed N/A 54 N Franklin
Cameron, Gus Traveling Salesman 54 N Franklin
Cameron, H. C. Shoemaker 3 N Front
Cameron, W. M. Plasterer 3 N Front
Cammack, J. Clerk 10 W Main
Cammack, Laura A. Widow 10 W Main
Cammack, V. I. Agent Big 4 RR Brown & Harrison SE
Campbell, Rev D. W. Minister 107 W Pine
Carey, Ada Compositor 25 W Main
Carey, Charles Engineer 154 W Brown
Carey, Mary Widow 154 W Brown
Carr, Lizzie Widow Franklin & Brown SE
Carroll, A. E. Clothing Main & Harrison NW
Carson, O. A. Veternarian Surgeon 159 W Brown
Carson, Martha Housewife 54 W Jackson
Carson, Rev. William Minister Presb. church 54 W Jackson
Casey, D. Widow 65 E Main
Chappell, Adah Student 103 E Main
Chappell, Eva Student 103 E Main
Chappell, M. H. Dentist 103 E Main
Chappell, Robert Student 103 E Main
Chappell, V. M. Dentist 103 E Main
Charles, J. T. Dry Goods Adams & Jackson SW
Charles, Mrs Eli Housewife 6 S Madison
Chew, May N/A 63 E Main
Clark, Charles Laborer 6 S Madison
Clark, Pearl Trimmer 3 W Brown
Clark, S. A. Gas well shooter 3 W Brown
Cleaver, A. J. Miller 105 S. Adams
Coffin, Estella Kindergarten teacher 8 N McCullom
Coffin, Lou N/A 8 N McCullom
Coffin, Olga Kindergarten teacher 8 N McCullom
Cole Eva C. Housewife 108 S Adams
Cole, E. H. U. S. Postmaster 152 E Main
Collins, A. Hostler 57 N Madison
Collins, E. Teamster 54 E Brown (upstairs)
Collins, F. Canning factory Supt. 154 N McCullom
Conner, C. Grocer 125 E Morgan
Conner, M. Widow 125 E Morgan
Cook, J. M. Blacksmith 115 S Adam
Cooper, M. A. Widow 58 W Main
Cooper, Prof. H. H. Schools Superintendant 3 S Adams
Copelnd, John A. Laborer Harrison & Lincoln SW
Cory, Mrs. W. L. High School teacher N/A
Cox, Hannah Teacher Washington & Morgan NE
Cox, R. Widow N/A Washington & Morgan NE
Craig, F. C. Druggist 212 N Washington
Craig, W. H. Painter 212 N Washington
Crandall, H. A. Drayman Franklin & Carey NW
Crawford, H. E. Salesman 106 S Jefferson
Cress, J. B. Physician Washington & Morgan NE
Crisher, M. M. Widow Jefferson & Grant
Crocket, Ed Farmer 6 W Pine
Crocket, Edna Housewife 6 W Pine
Crouse, H. M. Physician Jefferson & Warrick
Culbertson, Atha N/A Jefferson & Pine SE
Culbertson, C. F. Clerk Jefferson & Pine SE
Culbertson, L. M. Hardware Store Jefferson & Pine SE
Culbertson, Leora N/A Jefferson & Pine SE
Cunningham, C. Widow 61 W Washington
Cunningham, E. Widow 154 W Main
Cunningham, H. Carpenter 61 S Washington
Cunningham, John Carpenter 61 S Washington
Cunningham, L. F. Carpenter 153 W Brown
Dalrymple, E. E. Fruit grower 119 E Morgan
Dalrymple, F. Teamster 123 E Morgan
Dalyrmple, Mary Widow Brown & McCullom
Daugherty, M. Widow 155 S. Jefferson
Davis, C. Hostler 71 E Main
Davis, C. H. Carpenter 256 W Main
Davis, Jesse Farmer Washington & Morgan NE
Davis, Mary Widow Warrick & McCullom
Davis, R. H. Teacher Washington & Carey
Davis, R. S. Gas fitter 55 W Warrick
Davis, S. A. Widow 53 E Morgan
Davy, George L. Retired 55 E Jackson
Davy, J. W. Laborer 169 N Adams
Deem, C. J. Deputy U. S. Post Master 9 N Adams
Deem, T. B. Secretary, gas Co. 105 W Main
Deem, W. K. Editor K-town Banner Washington & Brown NE
Dennis, I. N. Laborer 203 W Pine
Dent, George H. Drayman 56 W Grant
Dewey, D. Retired 165 S Jefferson
Dewey, Mrs R. Physician 165 S Jefferson
Dewitt, J. C. Sawyer 202 S Madison
Dilkey, Arvel Drayman Franklin & Lincoln SW
Dilkey, J. H. Engineer 219 S Washington
Dilkey, L. Widow 219 S Washington
Dill, C. Baker 55 S Jefferson
Dill, E. E. Grocer 158 W Brown
Dill, Mrs. C. J. N/A 161 N Franklin
Dill, Mrs. M. J. Widow 55 S Jefferson
Dovey, Brothers Wall paper & china, etc. 6 N Jefferson
Dovey, Francis Dovey Bros. Merchants Washington & Jackson NW
Dovey, I. C. Dovey Bros. Merchants 68 E Main
Dovey, Ida Clerk Dovey Bros. Washington & Jackson NW
Drake, F. J. Physician Brown & Madison
Dunn, George H. Mgr. Cash Grocery Co. 57 N Washington
Durham, C. E. Boxmaker 9 W Grant
Dwane, D. Section Foreman Monroe & Warrick
Earnest, Arthur Clerk 157 N Adams
Earnest, B. P. Retired 157 N Adams
Earnest, Phoeba J. Widow Franklin & Morgan SW
Earnest, W. R. Veternarian Surgeon 157 N Adams
Edmunds, E. Compositor 25 W Main
Edmundson, B. F. Section man 157 N Franklin
Edwards, A. Carpenter 210 N Washington
Edwards, Frank Student 3 S Adams
Edwards, L. M. Clerk 157 E Brown
Edwards, Mattie Clerk 157 E Brown
Edwards, Mrs. R. A. Widow Jefferson & Jackson NW
Edwards, W. H. City Treasurer 157 E Brown
Edwards, W. M. Optician 3 S Adams
Elliot, Harry Clerk 168 N Adams
Elliot, John J. Teamster 209 N Washington
Elliot, Mrs. M. A. Widow 168 N Adams
Estell, H. C. Gas well driller 18 S Madison
Estell, Lizzie N/A 65 E Main
Estell, M. Retired 18 S Madison
Estell, Mrs. H. E. Widow 18 S Madison
Ewing, J. M. Farmer Adams & Morgan
Finley, J. Laborer 102 N McCullom
Fithian, C. W. Painter 5 E Brown
Fithian, Mrs. A. Widow 5 E Brown
Fleener, J. B. Livery 109 E Main
Fleener, O. F. Physician 109 E Main
Fletcher, J. E. Ice man 120 S Jefferson
Florea, J. Retired 53 W Brown
Forbes, Mary Clerk 106 N Adams
Forbes, Minnie Widow Harrison & Jackson
Forbes, Mrs. G. C. Housekeeper 106 N Adams
Fort, C. V. Carpenter 109 E Brown
Fort, Eliza Widow 105 W Brown
Fort, Lee Horse buyer 112 S Jefferson
Fort, Minnie Clerk 18 E Main
Fort, O. Carpenter 77 W Morgan
Fort, Perry Horseman 55 S Harrison
Fort, R. M. Widow 55 S Harrison
Fort, W. M. Laborer 106 E Carey
Fort, W. N. Horseman 55 S Harrison
Foulke, Anna Housekeeper 110 W Main
Foulke, W. P. Clerk 159 N Franklin
Fowinkle, C. E. Photo Gallery 19 W Main
Fox, L. Barber 105 S Madison
Foxworthy, A. W. Carpenter Adams & Jackson NW
Foxworthy, Fred Carpenter Adams & Jackson NW
Foxworthy, M. Widow Adams & Jackson NW
Foxworthy, W. L. Contractor 6 S Adams
Frederick, H. Blacksmith 108 W Brown
Fulton, R. S. Drayman 160 N Franklin
Fuqua, Harry Carpenter 101 S Adams
Furgason, A. L. Lineman 104 N Madison
Furgason, J. Lee Attorney Franklin & Pine SW
Furgason, R. S. Operator Pan Handle RR 3 W Warrick
Furr, Baker Plasterer Jefferson & Carey SE
Furr, Charles Plasterer Jefferson & Carey SE
Furr, Edwin Plasterer Jefferson & Carey SE
Gard, Rev. W. M. Minister Christian church 153 N Adams
Garritson, W. S. Secretary light Co. Washingto & Warrick
George, Jacob Porter 65 E Main
George, W. Clerk 57 S Franklin
Gillespie, E. Huckster 106 N Franklin
Girty & Son Livery 71 E Main
Girty, C. E. Livery 55 E Brown
Girty, J. T. Livery 55 E Brown
Girty, Myrl N/A 55 E Brown
Glass, Francis Retired Franklin & Pine NW
Goble & Johnson Druggist 20 Public square
Goble, J. M. Druggist 157 N Jefferson
Goins, C. Laborer 56 N Franklin
Goodman, J. Shoemaker 15 W Main res. Tacoma Hotel
Graf & Wallace Blacksmith Shop Franklin & Brown NE
Graf, George Blacksmith 104 N Franklin
Graf, M. P. Meckel, Graf Co. 104 N Franklin
Graf, O. O. Physician 104 N Franklin
Gray, Hannah Widow 5 W Brown
Gray, T. W. Fire Insurance 5 W Brown
Green Bros. Saloon 9 W Main
Green, H. C. Saloon 16 W Main
Green, O. D. Saloon 57 E Brown
Green, T. E. Horseman Main & Monroe SW
Griffen, J. Flagman Pan Handle RR 161 S Jefferson
Groves, Harry Stock buyer Main & McCullom NW
Groves, J. T. Stock buyer Main & McCullom NW
Guild, Rev. D. H. Minister ME Church 15 S Jefferson
Guymom, P. W. Widow 164 N Washington
Hall, Mattie Clerk Main & Jefferson SE
Hamilton, J. W. Retired 56 W Warick
Hamilton, Miss P. J. Housekeeper 56 W Warrick
Hanley, W. J. Electrician Warrick & Madison
Harris, M. B. Gardener Adams & Brown SW
Harris, Mrs. M. Widow Pine & Washington
Harrison, R. L. News Depot & Tobaccos 54 S Jefferson
Harrold, Aldus Clerk Jackson & Adams SW
Harroun, D. Sucker Rod Factory 53 W Morgan
Hart, Mrs B. N/A Franklin & Grant SE
Haskett, N. H. Carpenter Franklin & Brown SE
Hatfield, Anna Widow Harrison & Jackson NW
Hatfield, F. H. Woodworker Jefferson & Warrick NE
Hathaway, C. A. Baker 210 S Washington
Hawhee, C. D. Real Estate 58 S Harrison
Hayes, Charles Miller Jefferson & 3rd Cross
Hayes, Milton Contractor 166 S Jefferson
Hayes, Mrs. N. S. Widow Harrison & Grant SE
Hayes, Seth Miller Jefferson & 3rd Cross
Haywood, Ada N/A 5 E Morgan
Healey, E. Hotel Porter 65 E Main
Heathcoe, J. Sr. Laborer Monroe & Pine SW
Heathcoe, S. T. Laborer Monroe & Pine SW
Heaton, Alice N/A Main & Harrison NE
Heaton, Joe Fish Dealer 56 W Lincoln
Heaton, Katherine N/A 53 S Jefferson
Heaton, White County Commissioner 53 S Jefferson
Heritage, D. L. Real Estate 103 W pine
Hewitt, Mrs. C. Widow Madison & Pine NW
Hiatt, Alta N/A 106 E Main
Hiatt, E. B. Brassworker Brown & Jefferson SE
Hiatt, Laura Book Keeper 106 E Main
Hiatt, Leone Clerk 103 N Adams
Hiatt, S. P. City Marshall 7 S Adams
Hibben, Henry Laborer 108 N Franklin
Hibben, V. Laborer 106 E Main
Hill, A. M. Widow Washington & Carey NW
Hill, Edith Housekeeper 15 S Jefferson
Hill, H. B. Clerk Washington & Carey NW
Hill, Lillian Artist Washington & Carey NW
Hinchman, Linda N/A Jefferson & Jackson SE
Hinshaw, Charles Attorney 55 W Main
Hinshaw, Earl Compositor 55 W Main
Hinshaw, Elias Retired 55 W Main
Hinshaw, Ida Widow 157 S Jefferson
Hinshaw, J. H. Publisher K-town Sun 157 S Jefferson
Hinshaw, M. J. Widow 157 S Jefferson
Hittel, Levia Clerk Main & Front NE
Hittel, Sol Bakery & Restaurant Main & Washington se
Hobbs, Z. L. Widow 59 N Washington
Holland, Charles Painter 106 W Brown
Holland, Della Clerk 106 W Brown
Holland, E. D. Restaurant 53 E Morgan
Holland, H. R. Painter & Paper hanger 55 N Monroe
Holland, J. S. Cabinet Maker 165 N Jefferson
Holland, O. S. Cooper 106 W Brown
Holland, T. R. Student 165 N Jefferson
Holland, W. R. Retired 11 Public Square (upstairs)
Holland, W. T. Traveling Salesman 10 N Franklin
Holloway, E. E. Piano Tuner 56 W Maiin
Holloway, J. P. Widow 115 E Carey
Holloway, M. Widow 61 S Jefferson
Holloway, Mary Clerk 61 S Jefferson
Holloway, O. E. Physician Jefferson & Jackson SW
Holloway, P. E. Retired 115 E Carey
Hollowell, E. Retired 6 E Fourth Cross
Holman, Charles Hostler 57 N Madison
Homer, E. Livery 159 N Jefferson
Homer, R. H. Physician 16 W Main
Hoosier, B. Retired 57 W Brown
Hoosier, J. H. Barber 57 N Franklin
Hooten, A. O. Huckster 157 W Brown
Hooten, Earl Painter 103 N Jefferson
Hooten, Farrell Chair Maker Pine & Jefferson SW
Hooten, Frank Paper Hanger 103 N Jefferson
Hooten, J. E. Huckster Pine & Jefferson SW
Hoover, T. Retired 112 E Main
Horn, George Blacksmith 56 N Franklin
Horn, W. Blacksmith 155 N Franklin
Horner, Ida N/A Pine & Jefferson NE
Horner, M. Horse Buyer 161 S Jefferson
Horner, Mrs. J. Widow 161 S Jefferson
Howard, L. Pool & Billiard Parlor 11 Public Square (upstairs)
Howren, T. I. Retired Franklin & Warrick NW
Hubbard, L. Carpenter 108 S Adams
Hudelson, Daisy Housewife 155 N Adams
Hudelson, Isa Dressmaker 57 W Jackson
Hudelson, J. W. Carpenter 57 W Jackson
Hudelson, L. E. Teamster 170 N Adams
Hudelson, Mattie Housewife 57 W Jackson
Hudelson, Miss E. Clerk 170 N Adams
Hudelson, Otis Clerk 170 N Adams
Hudelson, W. H. Gardener 155 N Adams
Hunt, Mrs. Widow 11 W Grant
Hutson, J. Sexton 63 S Adams
Hutson, W. Student 63 S Adams
Huttenbrock, J. Gas well driller 211 N Adams
Jackson, Alf Real Estate Main & McCullom NE
Jackson, D. C. Retired Washington & Pine SW
Jackson, E. Teamster Franklin & Carey SW
Jackson, J. Laborer Franklin & Lincoln SW
Jackson, W. E. Traveling Salesman Washington & Pine SW
James, Allie N/A Madison & Lincoln
James, B. F. Carpenter Harrison & Lincoln SW
James, Charles Carpenter 158 N Franklin
James, George Meat Market Washington & Jackson SW
James, George E. Engineer Madison & Lincoln SE
James, H. C. Clerk 158 N Franklin
James, R. W. Stock buyer Washington & Jackson SW
James, W. C. Teamster Grant & Harrison SE
James, W. T. N/A Harrison & Lincoln SW
Jefferson, B. F. Laborer Warrick & Front NW
Johnson, E. M. Physician 8 N Frannklin
Johnson, K. Clerk 56 E Warrick
Johnson, M. E. Widow 207 N Adams
Jones, C. F. Widow Jefferson & Warrick SW
Jones, Miss L. Trimmer Washington & Penn NW
Jones, S. Student 11 N Jefferson
Jones, W. P. Postal Telegraph Co. Jefferson & Warrick
Junkins, Ed Laborer 162 N Franklin
Junkins, H. Supt. Gas Co. Lines 162 N Franklin
Kaltenbach, M. Retired Main & Madison NW
Kauterman, H. Student 112 S Jefferson
Kearns, William Retired 64 S Adams
Keelum, W. A. Sun Publishing Co. 255 N Washington
Keelum, W. H. Laborer 255 N Washington
Keemer, Edgar Student 53 N Adams
Keemer, J. H. Hostler 107 W 3rd Cross
Kennard, F. M. Plummer Adams & Warrick
Kenney, Mary E. N/A Jefferson & Jackson NW
Kerr, W. L. Sexton Presb. Church 53 S Harrison
Kerwood, Wayne Stock Dealer 108 N Jefferson
Keys, H. E. Clerk 104 N Washington
Keys, J. E. Tailor 104 N Washington
Kinder, W. Laborer 105 N Madison
King, M. Miller 57 S Madison
Kipp, W. P. Bartender 60 E Main
Kirk, T. A. High School Janitor 107 N Adams
Kirkpatrick, Mrs F. Widow 6 W Warrick
Kiser, J. W. Grocer 59 W Jackson
Kiser, Otto Student 59 W Jackson
Klem, J. W. Machinist 154 W Pine
Knight, Miss R. Nurse Maid 109 N Jefferson
Knightstown Conserve Company 15 N Jefferson
Knightstown Natural Gas Co. 15 N Jefferson
Konzelman, W. C. Florist Main & Hill SE
Kriner, F. Teamster 105 E Warrick
Kriner, J. Teamster 54 N Front
Kriner, M. Laborer Madison & Warrick SE
Kurtz, Jessie Clerk 55 S. Franklin
Kurtz, Mary Widow 55 S Franklin
Lamb, Thomas Teamster 110 W Grant
Landis, Mrs. A. B. N/A 55 N Harrison
Larmore, F. Teamster 62 S Jefferson
Larmore, J Drayman Jefferson & 3rd Cross
Laster, F. Laborer 103 W 3rd Cross
Laster, I. N/A 204 W Pine
Laster, M. A. Widow 103 W 3rd Cross
Laster, R. Porter 59 E Main
Lautenschlager, F. W. Florist 154 E Main
Lawrence, Mrs. E. Cook Jefferson & Brown SE
Lawrence, Prof. E. W. High School Teacher Washington & Morgan SW
Lawson, C. A. Porter 68 E Main
Lawson, H. M. Clerk Tacoma Hotel 68 E Main
Leamon, A. J. Machinist 53 S Washington
Leavell, A. S. Sexton M. E. Church 5 E Jackson
Leavell, J. M. Hotel Clerk 5 E Jackson
Leavell, R. R. Laborer 5 E Jackson
Leavell, W. Brickmason 8 W Main (upstairs)
Leffingwell, H. Gas Well driller Jefferson & Brown SE
Leibhardt, Mrs. M. J. Millinery 8 N Jefferson
Leisure, F. C. Retired Pine & Franklin NE
Lemmon, Mrs. S. Widow 59 N Jefferson
Leonard, W. H. Retired Adams & Morgan NE
Leugenbeal, R. Operator 152 McCullom
Lewis, D. C. Engineer 167 S Madison
Lewis, H. Tinner Brown & McCullom NE
Lewis, P. C. Section man RR 5 S Madison
Lisher, O. J. Teamster Washington & 3rd Cross NW
Lisher, W. R. Teamster Washington & 3rd Cross NW
Locke, J. W. Engineer Water works 270 W Main
Lowery, Eliza N/A Monroe & Jackson
Lowery, F. M. Salesman 103 S Madison
Lowery, George Meat Market Pine & Madisn SE
Lowery, H. G. Butcher 109 S Madison
Lowery, J W. Meat Market Pine & Madison se
Lowery, J. C. Railroader 10 W Jackson
Lowery, Miss L. Housewife Pine & Madison SE
Lowery, Ora Organist M. E. Church 53 S Madison
Lowery, Rev. J. W. Retired 53 S Madison
Luholtz Bros. Barber Shop 11 W Main
Luholtz, Isaac Barber 60 S Harrison
Luholtz, Will Barber 108 N Madison
Lung, Sam Chinese Laundry 13 N Jefferson
Macy, J. L. Plasterer Adams & Carey SE
Macy, J. L. Plasterer Adams & Corey SE
Manlove, George Laborer Adams & Warrick SW
Manlove, George Laborer Adams & Warrick SW
Marsh, H. Widow 57 W Brown
Marsh, H. Widow 57 W Brown
Martiin, Ethel Clerk 9 Public Square
Martin, Adda Compositor 25 W Main
Martin, Adda Compositor 25 W Main
Martin, Ethel Clerk 9 Public Square
Martin, H. Teamster 107 E Brown
Martin, H. Teamster 107 E. Brown
Martin, Ira Compositor 107 E Brown
Mattox, O. Foreman Machine Shop 105 W 3rd Cross
Mattox, O. Foreman Machine Shop 105 W 3rd Cross
Maxwell, C. H. Clerk Grant & Harrison SW
Maxwell, Charles Stove Repairer 54 S Madison
Maxwell, J. Widow Grant & Harrison SW
Maxwell, W. Retired 79 W Morgan
Mays, E. Widow 163 S Madison
McBride, Bert Buggy & Harness Shop Main & Adams SE
McBride, M. A. Widow 207 N Washington
McBride, O. H. Implements 207 N Washington
McBride, S. S. Retired 105 W Pine
McBride, W. P. Farmer 5 W Warrick
McCann, J. R. Harness Maker 11 Public Square (up stairs)
McCann, Miss Hallie Stenographer Jefferson & Carey
McCarty, A. W. Saloon 108 E Main
McConnell, C. Laborer 111 E Morgan
McConnell, F. Laborer 111 E Morgan
McConnell, J Retired 111E Morgan
McCorkle, J. Teamster 108 W Jackson
McCormack, M. Widow Franklin & Grant SW
McCormack, N. Grocer 23 W Main (up stairs)
McDougall, W. E. Druggist 154 W Main
McFall, J. Hostler 58 E Main
McGavran, W. B. Physician Jefferson & Brown SW
McGraw, E. G. Buggy & Harness Shop 6 W Warrick
McGraw, John Buggy & Harness Shop 6 W Warrick
McKee, Daisy Housewife Washington & Warrick SW
McKee, Mable Clerk Washington & Warrick SW
Mckee, S. Retired Washington & Warrick SW
McLaughlin, L. Widow 65 E Main
McMullen, ? Baker Main & Washington SE
McMullen, W. T. Laborer Main & Adams NW
McNamee, I. S. Carpenter Harrison & Brown SW
McNamee, O. K. Laborer Harrison & Brown SW
McNurney, John Shoe maker ISSCOH Franklin & 3rd Cross SE
Means, William Laborer 204 W Pine
Meckel, F. B. Grocer 104 N Franklin
Meckel, Maude N/A 56 S Franklin
Mellinger, F. B. Proprietor Tacoma Hotel 68 E Main
Metsker, F. M. Painter Madison & Pine SW
Metsker, M. Widow Madison & Pine SW
Metsker, Ward Medical Student Madison & Pine SW
Midkiff & Byerly Mens Clothes & Furnisings Main & Jefferson NW
Midkiff, C. C. Midkiff & Byerly Adams & Pine NW
Midkiff, Charles Produce Shipper 6 S Madison
Midkiff, Jerry Contractor 101 W Grant
Midkiff, John Operator 6 S Madison
Midkiff, Roscoe Shoemaker 6 S Madison
Midkiff, Wallace Retired 6 S Madison
Miller, Miss F. Housekeeper 161 S Jefferson
Miller, Thomas Laborer Franklin & Grant SE
Mills, E. A. Widow Adams & Carey
Mills, Eli Postal Clerk 57 W Brown
Mills, Rev, S. C. Minister Friends Church Adams & Warrick SE
Minnick, C. Cement Mason Franklin & Grant SE
Minnick, W. H. Contractor Franklin & Main NW
Minor, J. P. Barber 59 E Main
Mitchell, W. Retired 8 S Madison
Monticue, Clara N/A 168 N Washington
Monticue, D Wagon Maker 59 W Main
Monticue, Norma N/A 168 N Washington
Monticue, S. R. Funeral Director 168 N Washington
Moreland, Mrs. M. A. Prop. Cottage Hotel Jefferson & Brown SE
Morgan, C. D. President 1st National Bank Brown & Adams NW
Morgan, E. C. Asst. Cashier 1st National Jefferson & Carey
Morgan, Ray Farmer 158 N Jefferson
Morris, A. O. Wholesale Grocer 60 S Jefferson
Morris, Mattie Housekeeper 108 N Jefferson
Morris, Mrs. S. Boarding House 108 N Jefferson
Morrison, J. B. Dentist 58 N McCullom
Morrison, R. I. Civil Engineer 58 N McCullom
Mostler, Mary Widow 56 W Main
Mussleman, I. Porter 60 E Main - Raysville
Nay, Elmer Clerk 156 N Jefferson
Nay, Jessie Teacher 156 N Jefferson
Nay, P. G. Jeweler 156 N Jefferson
Newby & Swain Attorneys 3 E Main
Newby, Adda Clerk 171 N Adams
Newby, Bertha N/A 253 N Washington
Newby, C. L. Teamster Madison & Carey SE
Newby, Flossie Student Harrison & Main SW
Newby, Floyd Student Harrison & Main SW
Newby, Frank Laborer 253 N Washington
Newby, G. N/A Harrison & Lincoln SE
Newby, H. C. Printer 171 N Adams
Newby, Hon. L. P. Pres. Citizen State Bank Harrison & Main SW
Newby, J. H. Retired 171 N Adams
Newby, J. W. Farmer Franklin & Warrick SW
Newby, John Carpenter 253 N Washington
Newby, L. Y. Fish Dealer Harrison & Lincoln SE
Newby, M. A. Tin smith & Plumber 171 N Adams
Newby, Mrs E. Widow Washington & Warrick SE
Newby, W. E. Editor K-town Sun 171 N Adams
Newsom, Miss A. E. N/A 56 E Jackson
Nibarger, B. F. RR Section Man 154 W Carey
Nibarger, I. Laborer 165 S Madison
Nixon, N. T. Retired 105 E Maiin
Oakerson, J. H. Sawyer 206 S Washington
Oakerson, J. S. Clerk 206 S Washington
Oakerson, James Operator Big 4 RR 106 N Madison
Oakerson, Jonas Cigar Maker 206 S Washington
Oakerson, Pearl Housewife 206 S Washington
O'Brien, L. Porter 61 E Main
Offutt, M. Veternarian Surgeon 161 S Jefferson
O'Malley, Charles Blacksmith 204 W Main
O'Malley, James Blacksmith 204 W Main
O'Malley, Mrs B. Widow Main & Monroe SW
O'Neal, N. C. Engineer Front & Brown NE
Overman, R. T. Carpenter Washington & Penn
Palmer, W. Sawyer 164 N Jefferson
Parker & Albertson Foundry & Machine Shop 105 W Grant
Parker, Carrie Clerk 57 S Adams
Parker, J. N. Widow 105 E Main
Parker, Mattie S & S O Home 57 S Adams
Parker, R. M. Clerk 57 S Adams
Parrish, Mary Widow 6 W 3rd Cross
Passage, B. F. Retired 20 Hill Avenue
Passage, Charles Chair Factory 20 Hill Avenue
Passage, R. R. Laborer 20 Hill Avenue
Patterson, E. A. Widow 103 S Jefferson
Patterson, Frank Engineer - Peter Watts 108 S Adams
Patterson, Harriet Widow 58 S Washington
Patterson, S. G. Plasterer Madison & Warrick NE
Pedan, R. Widow 103 S Jefferson
Peden, M. Justice of Peace Franklin & Jackson NW
Pennington, J. H. Druggist 65 E Main
Peterson, J. F. Railroad Detective 58 W Main
Pickett, Claude Barber 58 N Adams
Pickett, Miss L. Dressmaker Main & Frankli NW
Pike, J. T. Stonemason 109 W 3rd Cross
Pike, R. J. Blacksmith 109 W 3rd Cross
Pitts, J. Laborer 109 W Pine
Pitts, R. Laborer 75 W Morgan
Porter, Cora Housekeeper Jefferson & Brown SW
Porter, G. Engineer 162 S Jefferson
Porter, G. D. Vice Pres. Citz. State Bank 61 S Jefferson
Porteus, A. M. Engineer 6 W 3rd Cross
Power, J. A. Foreman RR 255 W Mani
Power, J. F. Railroader Washington & Morgan SE
Power, J. M. Merchant 104 W Pine
Powers, John Carpenter Brown & Adams SE
Powers, S. Hostler 6 W. Jackson
Prather, L. E. N/A 54 E Main
Pride, William Retired 56 N Franklin
Pritchard, S. Gas Well driller Brown & Monroe NE
Rayle, H. H. Clerk 103 N Adams
Reagen, M. E. Traveling Salesman 58 S. Jefferson
Reddick, Alta N/A 163 S Jefferson
Reddick, Charles Salesman 163 S Jefferson
Reddick, E. J. Widow 205 N Adams
Reddick, Lillie N/A 163 S Jefferson
Reddick, M. S. Attorney 204 N Washington
Reddick, Peter Woodworker 7 S Franklin
Redding, Asa B. Farmer 163 S Jefferson
Reeves, A. Policeman 55 N Adams
Reeves, Mrs. M. M. N/A 211 N Washington
Reeves, N. W. C. Druggist Jefferson & Main NE
Reeves, O. S. Clerk 55 E Main
Reeves, Tressie N/A 211 N Washington
Reiser, L. Widow 156 W Brown
Reiser, W. Bartender 53 W Lincoln
Remley, J. Laborer Warrick & Madison NE
Rhoades, A Bus & Transfer 105 S Jefferson
Rhoades, C. Prop. Bus & Baggage Line 105 S Jefferson
Rhoades, W. Baggage Transfer 105 S Jefferson
Rhodes, A. L. Laborer 104 N McCullom
Rhodes, E. E. Laborer 55 W Front
Rhodes, Frank Laborer Brown & Monroe NW
Rhodes, J. E. Teamster Franklin & Lincoln NW
Rhodes, J. P. Teamster Brown & Monroe NW
Rhodes, John Laborer Carey & Franklin SW
Rhodes, O. W. RR Section man 57 N Adams
Rhodes, Truman Clerk 107 S Jefferson
Richardson, Sam Blacksmith 58 E Brown
Rickard, J. E. Butcher 58 S Franklin
Rickard, Miss S. Housekeeper 55 S Franklin
Rickard, Mrs. A. Widow 55 S Franklin
Riggle, Miss E. Housekeeper Main & Harrison NW
Riggle, Miss M. Housekeeper 57 W Pine
Risk, C. M. Grocer Main & Franklin SE
Roberts, Claire N/A 214 N Washington
Roberts, Earl Salesman 10 W Main
Roberts, Elmer Machinist 110 S Adams
Roberts, Erma N/A 10 S McCullom
Roberts, Grace N/A 214 N Washington
Roberts, Isaac Saloon 61 E Main
Roberts, Jennie Teacher 214 N Washington
Roberts, Joe Postal Clerk 10 S McCullom
Roberts, Ruth N/A 10 S McCullom
Rounds, J. H. Editor SSCO Home Journal 107 E Morgan
Rountson, J. Laborer 164 S Jefferson
Rutledge, W. Ditcher 104 W grant
Rutledge, W. S. Postal Clerk Washington & Carey NW
Ryan, J. S. Pres. Amer. Soc. Artist Newby & Vestal Block E Main
Ryan, Miss G. N/A Washington & Carey NW
Sample, A. E. Retired Brown & Jefferson NW
Sample, Ada Housewife 110 W Main
Sample, J. A. Clerk 110 W Main
Schaeffer, Charles Clerk 58 W Brown
Schaeffer, H. Machinist 58 W Brown
Schaeffer, V. Laborer 214 S Washington
Schwartz Brothers Pantry Grocery Store 26 E Main
Schwartz, J. G. Grocer 57 S Washington
Scott, A. Laborer Harrison & Jackson SW
Scott, James Retired 56 W Pine
Scovell, E. B. Farmer 159 N Adams
Scovell, M. V. Retired Washington & Carey SW
Scudder, Charles Carpenter 109 S Jefferson
Scudder, F. J. Clerk 109 S Jefferson
Seig, H. Tailor 205 N Washington
Shaw, H. C. Sawyer 53 Front
Shaw, Lola Housewife 154 N Franklin
Shaw, M. A. Widow 154 N Franklin
Shea, Mrs C. Widow 5 & 10 Cent Store 18 Public Square
Shelton, J. L. Attorney 12 N Franklin
Sherburne, E. M. Supt. Waterworks 55 E Jackson
Sherburne, Myrl N/A 55 E Jackson
Sherrod, F. J. Gas Well Driller Franklin & Brown SW
Sherrod, Fred Student Franklin & Brown SW
Shipley, G. Hostler 55 N Madison
Shipley, Grace Clerk 55 N Madison
Shipley, L. S. Teamster 55 N Madison
Shipley, Mrs. C. Millinery 11 N Jefferson
Shipley, Silas Cigar Maker 11 N Jefferson
Shipman, John Retired Brown & Adams NE
Shurum, E. Bartender 61 E Main
Silver, Robert N/A N/A
Sims, J. M. Retired Main & Harrison SE
Sing, Sam Chinese Laundry 13 N Jefferson
Skillman, Harry Painter 61 S Madison
Smith, E. E. Flour Mill 65 E Main
Smith, Frank Gas Well Driller Jefferson & Brown SE
Smith, Fred Laborer 6 N McCullom
Smith, M. Widow 65 E Main
Smith, W. C. Carpenter Harrison & Warick SW
Smith, William Miller 154 N Jefferson
Snider, George Clerk 111 North Jefferson
Snider, George Clerk 11 North Jefferson
Snow, J. E. Gas Contractor 54 W Main
Snow, J. E. Gas Contractor 54 W Main
Snyder, Lona Widow 119 East Morgan
Snyder, V. Widow 108 East Brown
Sparrow, James Feed Mill 280 W Main
Spencer, C. B. Cabinet Shop 6 South Washington
Spencer, L. E. Clerk Jackson & Madison NE
Spencer, Mrs. K. Housewife Jackson & Madison NE
St. Clair, Arthur Student 206 N Washington
St. Clair, Ethel Clerk 206 N Washington
St. Clair, Miss J. Housekeeper 68 E Main
St. Clair, Reuben Postal Clerk 206 N Washington
St. Clair, William Clerk 10 N Franklin
Stage, A. L. Ass't Cashier Citz St. Bank 53 E Jackson
Stage, W. R. Agent Pan Handle RR Harrison & Pine SE
Steele, Charles Blacksmith 163 N Jefferson
Steele, F. K. Druggist 108 W Main
Steele, Harry Blacksmith 103 E Brown
Steele, Mrs. J. Widow 163 N Jefferson
Steele, Roy Student 103 E Brown
Steele, S. M. Plumber 71 E Main - Raysville
Steiner, Charles Brickmason 107 E Brown
Steiner, E. P. Contractor 7 N Adams
Steiner, Elmer Brickmason 107 E Brown
Steiner, George O. Blacksmith 156 E Brown
Steiner, V. Constable Front & Brown SE
Stites, Miss A. Housekeeper Jefferson & Brown NE
Stites, Smith Carpenter 12 S Jefferson, upstairs
Stratton, rank Retired 55 S Adams
Stright, D. F. Widow 56 E Pine
Stright, Miss A. A. N/A 56 E Pine
Stuart & Denius Bakery IOOF Building Public Square
Stuart, Lucille Bakery IOOF Building Public Square
Sullivan, E. Gas Well Driller Jefferson & Brown SE
Swaim, C. R. Attorney 110 S Madison
Swain, G. H. Wood Worker man 106 E Main
Swain, H. Jr. Student Washington & Warrick SE
Swain, Thomas Mason Washington & Warrick SE
Talbert, D. A. Laborer 104 S Washington
Taylor, C. B. Insurance 65 E Main
Taylor, Miss N. Housekeeper Jefferson & Jackson SE
Terry, Charles Gas Well Driller 54 N Harrison
Thayer Brothers Stable Sales 10 S Washington
Thayer, Alice Housekeeper 73 E Main
Thayer, Grant Thayer Stables 73 E Main
Thayer, H. C. Thayer Stables 73 E Main
Thayer, Lena Cllerk 73 E Main
Thayer, Mrs. S. E. Widow 73 E Main
Thomas, Hinchly Whitewasher 56 W Jackson
Thornton, J. B. Dry Goods Store Main & Madison SE
Thorton, E. Widow 112 W Grant
Thrawley, S. J. Widow Main & Adams SW
Tice, N. G. Laborer Madison & Pine SE
Tipton, J. H. Carpenter 106 E Warrick
Tipton, R. J. Widow 115 E Morgan
Tipton, W. Carpenter 117 E Morgan
Treon, George Harness Maker 103 N Washington
Tritt & McBride Buggies, Harness & Seeds 15 Public Square
Tritt, Frank Tritt & McBride Main & Adams SW
Trowbridge, J. D. Teamster Franklin & Penn NE
Troxell, Andrew Florist 112 E Main
Troxell, James Florist 154 E Main
Troxler, J. T. Tool Dresser 109 E Warrick
Trueblood, N. A. Retired 105 N Adams
Tweedy, Daisy Housewife 121 E Morgan
Tweedy, Thomas Farmer 121 E Morgan
Tyner, Miss G. E. Millinery 14 E Main
Ulen, H. C. Grocer 9 E Main
Ulrich, L. Barber Shop 213 N Washington
Vanlaningham, G. B. Student 68 E Main
Vanlaningham, L. D. RR Timber Inspector 68 E Main
Vanlaningham, O. L. Insurance Agent 68 E Main
Vanlaningham, W. C. RR Timber Inspector 68 E Main
Veach, Alva Laborer 205 W Main
Veach, Bruce Regular U. S. Army 205 W Main
Veach, John Farmer 205 W Main
Vestal, C. E. Druggist 104 W Main
Vestal, F. J. Cashier Citz. State Bank Main & Madison SW
Vestal, G. K. Grocery Main & Madison SW
Waddill, G. Barber 8 S Jefferson
Wade, W. Carpenter 204 S Madison
Wagner, Elsie Housewife 66 E Main
Wagner, George E. Laborer Adams & Warrick SW
Wagner, Peter Saloon Keeper 66 E Main
Wagoner, G. H. Hardware 58 W Pine
Wagoner, John H. Traveling Agent Franklin & 3rd Cross
Wagoner, Marcia Housewife Franklin & 3rd Cross
Wagoner, N. W. Cashier 1st National Bank Washington & Brown NW
Wagoner, Nora Housewife Washington & Brown NW
Wagoner, R. R. Dentist 8 W Jackson
Wagoner, Ralph W. Hardware Store Washington & Warrick NE
Wagoner, T. P. Dentist 58 W Pine
Wagoner, William Traveling Agent Franklin & 3rd Cross
Wagoner's & Son Hardware Store 12 E Main
Wainwright, Mrs. H. N. Widow Jefferson & Warrick
Wallace, C. S. Graf & Wallace Blacksmiths 7 W Brown
Wallace, Wayne Blacksmith 7 W Brown
Walling, C. S. Housewife 107 E Main
Walling, O. A. Meat Market Washington & Jackson NE
Walling, W. C. Clerk 51 S Adams
Walls, Bertha Housewife Main & Adams NE
Walls, H. B. Lineman 55 W Warrick
Walls, Henry Horse Buyer Main & Adams NE
Walls, W. F. Electrician 57 W Warrick
Walters, ? Mason N/A
Walters, A. Hotel Clerk 109 E Morgan
Walton, L. C. Grocer Main & Washington SW
Walton, R. P. Hotel Arno Proprietor 65 E Main
Ward, Ida N/A 165 S Jefferson
Watson, W. M. & Co. Dry Goods 18 E Main
Wattling, A. C. Contractor 56 S Jefferson
Wattling, Fannie Housewife 56 S Jefferson
Wattling, Nellie N/A 56 S Jefferson
Watts, George Harry Watts & Co. 109 N Jefferson
Watts, Harry Builders, Painters & Plumbers57 S Jefferson
Watts, Harry Harry Watts & Co. 57 S Jefferson
Watts, Maud Housewife 171 S Madison
Watts, P. F. Planing Mill, Lumber & Etc. 171 S Madison
Watts, Will Ice Manufactoring Jefferson & Pine NE
Weasner, L. N. Widow 164 N Washington
Weaver, Carrie Housewife 155 E Brown
Weaver, Floyd N/A 7 E Morgan
Weaver, J. R. City Clerk 7 E Morgan
Weaver, Miss E. Housekeeper Jefferson & Jackson SW
Weaver, Mrs. Lewticia Widow 106 W Pine
Weaver, W. S. Jeweler 155 E Brown
Welborn, Elsie N/A 261 W Main
Welborn, J. C. Carpenter 105 E Morgan
Welborn, James Teamster Wasshington & Morgan SE
Welborn, N. E. Widow 261 W Main
Welborn, Roy Cigar Maker 105 E Morgan
Welborn, W. C. Grain Merchant 153 S Washington
Welborn, W. J. Prop. Enterprise Laundry 261 W Main
Wewe, P. Laborer 108 S Jefferson
White, Allen S. Retired 14 S Jefferson
White, Emery Stock Buyer 65 E Main
White, J. W. Dentist 16 S Jefferson
White, R. T. Clerk 56 W Brown
White, Z. T. Agent Adams & Brown NE
Whiteman, E. G. Laborer 56 E Jackson
Whitesell, C. R. Tinner 54 N Madison
Whitesell, J. L. Widow Madison & Warrick NW
Wiggins, B. M. Stonemason 109 S Franklin
Wiggins, M. E. Widow 109 S Franklin
Wiggins, W. L. Farmer 109 S Franklin
Wilkins, C. E. Billiard & Pool Room Main & Front NE
Wilkinson, Aubrey Clerk Jefferson & Main, Raysille
Wilkinson, C. E. T. B. Wilkinson & Co. 56 S Washington
Wilkinson, E. N. N/A Harrison & Pine SW
Wilkinson, Eva Housewife Harrison & Pine SW
Wilkinson, J. H. Widow Jackson & Franklin NE
Wilkinson, Mabel Housekeeper 56 S Washington
Wilkinson, T. B. T. B. Wilkinson & Co. Jefferson & 4th Cross
Williams, Charles Geo. W. Williams Co. Harrison & Pine
Williams, E. B. The Geo. W. Williams Co. Harrison & Pine
Williams, Ellison Retired 103 W Main
Williams, Hon. G. W. George W. Williams Co. Harrison & Pine
Williams, W. L. Tool Dresser 105 N Jefferson
Williamson, D. SSO Home Transfer 166 N Washington
Willis, C. Labore Pine & Madison NE
Wilson, Eva Housekeeper 105 W Main
Wilson, James M. Boots & Shoes Maker 160 N Jefferson
Wilson, Thomas Carpenter 110 N Franklin
Wilson, W. E. Dentist 55 E Morgan
Wink, L. C. Musical Charts 107 West Main
Wink, Minnie Housekeeper 107 W Main
Winston, L. V. Physician 17 W Main
Wolf, J. Horse Buyer 161 S Jefferson
Woodard, T. R. Dentist Brown & Jefferson NE
Woods, Eliza Student 58 W 3rd Cross
Woods, Elizabeth Widow 58 W 3rd Cross
Woods, Fannie N/A 54 W Pine
Woods, H. C. Retired 54 W Pine
Woods, Jerry Retired Jefferson & Brown NW
Woods, L. A. Traveling Salesman 107 S Washington
Woods, Laura Housekeeper Adams & Warrick ne
Woods, Mrs. Robert Widow 55 S Jefferson
Woods, R. E. Real Estate Adams, & Warrick NE
Woods, R. M. Artist 54 W Pine
Woods, Wilbur Attorney 58 W 3rd Cross
Woodward, O. Book Keeper 14 E Main, upstairs
Wright, Charles Paper Hanger 208 N Washington
Wright, John Plasterer 106 S Washington
Wright, Mrs. F. J. Widow 105 W Pine
Wysong, John Brick Mason 5 E Morgan
Zion, W. R. Applegate & Zion 170 N Washington
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