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Knightstown Pioneer Baptist Cemetery

Established, November 22, 1827
Wayne Township, Henry County, IN

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    The Knightstown Pioneer Baptist cemetery was established November 22, 1827 on land sold by Jeremiah Groves, for $1.00, to Joseph Watts, Jacob Parkhurst and John Dennis, Trustees of the Blue River Baptist Church. The church was built in 1826 and the first Minister was Rev. Jacob Parkinson. Most of the early pioneers of Knightstown cemeter are buried here. Heaton, who was the first known white family into Henry county in 1816 when they trade with the Indians near blue River next to Raysville, Parkhurst, Dille, Goble and others. In 1838 the cholera epidemic must have hit Knightstown very hard, there are numerous deaths recorded for that year, mostly children. Some families were almost entirely destroyed by it. With this list I have tried to come up with an accounting of all known burials. I referenced Mr. R. Thomas Mayhill's Early Cemetery Records of Wayne Township, an article that was in the Knightstown Banner written by Mldred Leisure Irvin on June 6, 1947, research through family files located at the Henry County Historical Society Museum and other verifiable information from family descendants. There are numerous unmarked burials in the old cemetery, being on the National Road, a lot of early pioneer families incurred death in their family. They didn't have much choice other than to bury their deceased family member and move on west. I have come across cases similar to this, one gentleman's wife died in Knightstown, he buried her in the cemetery, next day married her sister and continued on west.

Anderson, John 1838 44y, 1m, 17d  
Coats, Lucinda Jane 13 Feb 1811 21y. 10m D of G & L
Cotter, James L. 12 Nov 1937 4 Jun 1812 25y, 5m, 8d Cork Co. Ireland
Creviston, Francis 24 Mar 1855 21y, 5m, 12d S of S & M
Creviston, Samuel 30 Nov 1857 62y, 4m, 25d  
Davis, Israel 20 Jan 1841 6y, 9m, 29d  
Dille, Brice 9 Sep 1834 49y  
Dille, Caleb 1839 1759 Rev. War Veteran
Dille, Elizabeth 17 Jul 1846 48y W of Brice
Dille, Elizabeth 1861   W of Joseph
Dille, Joseph 5 May 1874 84y, 11m  
Dille, Joseph Jr. 12 Jan 1894 74y. 10m, 24d S of Joseph
Dille, Rebecca 1834   W of Caleb
Estelle, James O. 3 Oct 1834 8 Mar 1833  
Fredrick, Christian 3 Sep 1872 74y, 11m, 16d  
Furgason, Agnus H. 24 Jun 1849 11m, 11d D of S & N
Furgason, Amanda M. 2 Apr 1838 1832 6 Years old D of S & N
Furgason, Charles C. 14 Jul 1849 1830 19y, 10d S of S & N
Furgason, Daniel 5 Sep 1938 1828 10 Years old S of S & N
Furgason, John A. 9 Sep 1838 1834 4 Years old D of S & N
Furgason, Nancy 1870 1801 W of Samuel
Furgason, Roseanna 9 Sep 1838 1838 1 year old
Furgason, Samuel 2 Feb 1843 1779 44y, 20d H of Nancy
Goble, Allen 21 Jan 1849 22y S of Ebenezer
Goble, Marrilla 5 Feb 1835    
Goble, Mary Jane 2 Feb 1843 1824 W of Samuel
Goddard, John W. 2 Mar 1848 1y, 9m, 25d S of John & Mary
Green, William 6 Dec 1848 19y, 9m, 15d  
Harris, Don K. 1828 1802  
Harris, Martha W. 1831   W of Don
Heaton, Catharine 26 Mar 1834 16 Aug 1784  
Heaton, Daniel 21 Feb 1838 64y, 6m  
Hubbard, Ann 19 Apr 1880 66y, 1m, 15d W of Simeon
Hubbard, Simeon 20 Jul 1851 49y, 9m, 15d  
Hulit, Abraham 18 Aug 1848 4m, 6d S of G & E
Hulit, Elizabeth 7 Jan 1852 42y, 10m, 15d W of Gordon
Hulit, Elizabeth 1855   W of Abraham
Hulit, Ellen D. W. 11 Oct 1844 1y, 7m, 24d D of G & E
Hulit, Gordon 11 Apr 1874 65y  
Hulit, Gordon 1848   S of G & E
Hulit, Henry 24 Jun 1842 5y, 10m, 25d S of G & E
Hulit, James A. 27 Nov 1861 22y, 5m, 7d S of G & E
Hulit, Joseph M. 8 Oct 1844 3y, 1m, 7d S of G & E
Hulit, Mary Jane 11 Oct 1844 6y, 4m, 12d D of G & E
Johnson, Polly Milda Sep 1858    
Macy, Carolyn F. 16 Aug 1836 5 Mar 1818 D of W & M
Maxwell, Mary 1852 21 Sep 1769 W of William
Maxwell, Oliver G. 2 Aug 1838 1y, 4m, 18d Twin S of Aaron & Elizabeth
Maxwell, Sarah 1838 1y, 4m, 18d Twin D of Aaron & Elizabeth
Maxwell, William 4 Apr 1841 72y, 10m, 28d  
McCray, Elijah 1835 1822  
McCray, Nancy 25 Jan 1849 30y, 2m W of Alfred
Mills, Joseph 1835 1751  
Mitchell, Perry 28 Oct 1863 1843 Civil War Memorial
Mitchell, Thomas 16 Oct 1863 1839 Civil War Memorial
Nibarger, Thomas Nov 1849    
Niles, Caroline 1835 1834 15m
Parkhurst, -------- 22 Nov 1852 71y, 26d W ? of Isaac
Parkhurst, Abigail 6 Nov 1835 4y, 1m, 3d D of W & R
Parkhurst, Anna 21 May 1841 67y W of Jacob
Parkhurst, Eliza Jane 13 Dec 1828 3m D of W & R
Parkhurst, Elizabeth J 25 Oct 1837 1y, 3m, 15d D of W & R
Parkhurst, Isaac 28 Jun 1828 44y, 3m, 22d  
Parkhurst, Jacob 2 Aug 1863 91y, 6m, 6d  
Parkhurst, Mary Ann 28 May 1833 3y, 5m, 1d D of W & R
Parkhurst, Nancy 22 Dec 1840 13y, 4m, 24d D of W & R
Parkhurst, Rebecca     W of William
Parkhurst, Sally 1838   D of W & R
Parkhurst, Sally     D of W & R
Parkhurst, W. P.     On stone w/Parkhurst Children
Parkhurst, William P.      
Riddle, Benjamin 23 Jan 1849 2y, 6m S of GW & LM
Riddle, George 16 Jul 1844 25 Sep 1851 Our Little George
Silars, Nancy Jane 1810 ?   D of A & MA
Snodgras, Lavina 13 Nov 1845 21y, 4m, 10d W of Levi
Snodgras, Levi 7 Feb 1845 23y, 9m, 9d  
Templeton, Elizabeth 24 Sep 1838 66y  
Wilson, James   1839 Civil War Memorial
Wink, John 21 Feb 1838 64y, 6m  
Wink, Lewis C. 25 Nov 1854 30y, 7m, 4d  
Wink, Mary 14 Jan 1850 5y, 9m D of L & S
Wink, Sarah 12 Nov 1850 29y, 10m, 5d W of Lewis
Yutter, Jacob 29 May 1849 39y, 2m, 3d  
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