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Probate Court Appointed Commissioner Land Sales

Henry Co., IN 1823 - 1859

   The following is a list of names that were taken from the "Grantor" deed books located in the Henry County RECORDER'S office at the courthouse. The probate court appointed an "honest" upstanding taxpayer of the county to be the probate court's commissioner to represent the court after the probate hearings, following the death of a landowner. The appointed commissioners' job was to get bids on the property and oversee the settlement of the sale, report back to the court and issue a legal deed to the new landowner. After 1859 the laws were changed to where the executor of an estate would handle all legal documents and issues.
   These dates are not the date of death, rather they are the date the deceased's property was sold to satisfy the courts and settle the estate. Some names have several dates the earliest dates were shortly after the death of the landowner the others are follow-up hearings. These records have a gold mine of genealogy information in them, such as names of heirs, wives, siblings and others that were entitled to the land left to them in wills and probate court rulings. These are from Deed Record books (index) A through Z, plus 1 through 6 in the second index set. To read the pages you will need to find the "GRANTOR" deed book letter and/or number.

NameDateDeed Book & Page #Notes
Adams, James 29 Mar 1850Q-233 Deceased
Adamsom, Jno. 6 Mar 1855 V-511 Deceased
Adamson, John 18 Apr 1837G-22 Deceased
Addison, John 18 Apr 1837G-22 Heirs
Alley, Nancy 21 May 1849P-335 Deceased
Anderson, Jno. 9 Jul 1849 P-408 Deceased
Archer, Elizabeth 12 Sep 1836F-515 Admistrator's sale
Archibald, John 12 Sep 1836F-515 Deceased
Atchison, A 1 Dec 1843 L-164 Deceased
Bailey, Benjamin 6 Nov 1850 Q-466 Deceased
Ball, James 11 Jan 18591-654  
Ball, Reuben 20 May 1825A-97 Deceased
Ballard, Philip 11 Jun 1849P-365 Deceased
Ballard, Philip 28 Nov 1846N-134 Deceased
Ballard, Philip 29 Feb 1848O-217 Deceased
Barrow, Bennet K. 2 May 1843 L-49 Deceased
Becktelheimer, Joseph29 Apr 1837G-162 Heirs named
Bond, Amor 27 Mar 1857Y-562  
Bouslog, David 31 Mar 1845L-607 Deceased
Bowen, Jerimiah 21 Jun 1848O-369 Etal. ?
Bowman, Richard 22 May 1849P-341 Deceased
Boyd, Samuel 16 Apr 1836F-225 Heirs named
Brock, George S. 12 Jul 1849P-433 Deceased
Brown, Solomon 15 Jun 1842K-350 & 361, 362Deceased
Brown, Wm. 19 Dec 1850Q-540 Deceased
Burt, Ralph 4 Jan 1859 1-604  
Butler, Wm. N. 14 Mar 1849P- 251 Deceased
Byerly, Absalom 31 Jul 1854V-7 Deceased
Byers, David 31 Aug 1846N-45 Deceased
Byrket, Jacob 15 Apr 1853T-140 Deceased
Campbell, Samuel 3 Aug 1853 T-448 Deceased
Canaday, William 14 Feb 1851R-56 Deceased
Canaday, William 22 Apr 1851R-176 Deceased
Carmichael, Robert 15 May 1843L-3 Deceased
Carr, John 14 Nov 1834F-30 Deceased
Carson, Henry 3 May 1851 R-196 Deceased
Charles, John 11 Apr 1837G-17 Heirs named
Clift, Wilson 18 Sep 1850Q-401 Deceased
Clift, Wilson 29 Nov 1850Q-515, 520 Deceased
Comar, David 22 Sep 1848O-466 Deceased
Commons, Nathan 11 Feb 1834D-26 Heirs named
Conner, James 12 Jan 1856W-485 Deceased
Cook, M. O. 15 May 1847J-328 Deceased
Copeland, Samuel 8 Aug 1853 T-469 Deceased
Cornelius, James 28 Feb 1834D-91 Deceased
Cox, Thomas 8 Nov 1823 A-262 & 378 Deceased
Craig, Jaob 17 Jan 1837G-116 Deceased
Cummins, Caleb 7 Aug 1824 A-178 Heirs named
Cummins, James 29 Mar 1850Q-281 Deceased
Cummins, Woodson 3 Jun 1851 R-232 Deceased
Daggy, Jinsey Ann 14 Mar 1849P-253 Deceased
Davis, Caleb P. 21 Nov 1857Z-392  
Davis, Nathan 20 Jul 1857Z-177  
Davis, Tristan 21 Dec 1846N-175 Deceased
Dayton, Jas. 7 Feb 1849 P-159 Deceased
Dille, Brice 16 Mar 1854U-330 Deceased
Dille, Brice 20 Dec 1845M-261 Deceased
Dixon, Wm. 12 Mar 18581-106  
Dorrah, John 1 Mar 1830 B-42  
Dorrah, John 15 Jun 1836F-322 Administrator?
Dorrah, John 5 May 1831 B-211  
Dorrah, John 8 Mar 1834 D-188  
Dorrah, John 20 Jan 1837G-497, 498 Heirs?
Drake, Jno. 23 Jul 1836F-447 Heirs named
Drake, John 21 Dec 1836F-537 Heirs named
Draper, Josiah Sr. 26 Jul 1847N-465 Deceased
Driver, Jonas 2 Dec 1847 O-61 Deceased
Dyson, Andrew 28 Apr 1832C-336 Deceased
Edwards, Alexander S.6 Apr 1852 S-25 Deceased
Elliot, John 11 Aug 1837G-257 - 260 Deceased & heirs
Elliot, John 11 Aug 1837G-500 Heirs named
Ellzy, Wm. 25 Aug 1832C-481 Deceased
English, Hugh S. 4 Mar 1852 R-526 Deceased
Foreman, George 3 Dec 1855 W-362 Deceased
Fort, Bartholomew 18 Apr 1835G-390 Deceased
Fort, Benjamin 18 Apr 1835G-390 Deceased
Fort, Francis 19 Mar 18592-117  
Fort, James 22 Dec 1852S-499, 500 Deceased
Fort. Joseph R. 22 Jun 1848O-384 Deceased
Foster, Jno. G 16 Jun 1848O-346 Deceased
Frazier, Eli 29 Jun 1837G-129, 130 Widow?
Freeman, Lewis C. 26 Feb 18581-52  
Freeman, Wm. H. 26 Feb 18581-50  
Furgason, Samuel 9 Jun 1849 P-364 Deceased
Galyean, William 18 Jan 1847N-223  
Galyean, William 18 Jan 1847N-223 Deceased
Garrett, Keziah 21 Sep 1843L-91 Deceased
Garrett, Rebecca 5 Feb 1834 D-163 Heirs named
Gause, ?? 10 Sep 1852S-323 Deceased
Gause, Rich 29 Nov 1843L-160 Deceased
Geryman, Augustus S. 29 Oct 1855W-312 Deceased
Gilbret, Aaron 8 Aug 1853 T-473 Death
Good, Jacob 13 Aug 1852S-288 Deceased
Gough, Enoch H. 4 Dec 1846 N-144 Deceased
Gough, William 28 May 1851R-220 Deceased
Gray, Joseph 7 Jun 1848 O-332 Deceased
Green, Ephraim 30 Dec 1854V-286 Deceased
Hammer, Jno. 2 Jan 1854 U-44 Deceased
Handly, Archey 11 Aug 1836A-111 Deceased
Harkarider, Philip 16 May 1834D-149 Deceased
Harold, ?? 28 Jun 18581-310  
Harriman, R. E. 15 Jun 1847J-504 Deceased
Harry, Isaac 13 Jun 1850Q-294 Deceased
Hart, James 8 Aug 1853 T-471 Deceased
Harwood, Richard 8 Jun 1852 S-189 Deceased
Harwood, Richmond 26 Oct 1849P-520 Deceased
Haydon, Abner 22 Mar 1851R-139 Deceased
Herley, H. 11 Jun 1846M-501, 502 Deceased
Hiatt, Aaron 5 Nov 1846 N-99 Deceased
Hiatt, Cornelius 28 Feb 18480-210 Deceased
Hiatt, Daniel 2 Jun 1853 T-317 Deceased
Hiatt, Henry 2 Mar 1854 U-281 Deceased
Hiatt, Martha 14 Mar 1849P-250 Deceased
Hiatt, William 12 Mar 1832C-292  
Hiatt, Wm. 17 Jun 1834D-463  
Hiatt, Wm. Sr. 27 May 1836E-422 Deceased
Hinshaw, Jabez 25 Mar 1847N-339 Deceased
Hobson, Aaron 28 Jun 1827A-289 Deceased
Hobson, Joseph 25 Oct 1837G-423 Heirs named
Holman, Edward 17 Jan 1845L-523 Deceased
Holman, Edward 18 Jun 1844L-343 Deceased
Holman, Rachael 3 May 1851 R-196 Deceased
Hooten, James 15 Sep 1854V-62 Deceased
Hosier, Henry 31 May 1841K-321 Deceased
Hough, Ira 14 May 1834D-182 Admistrator's sale
Huddelson, James 9 Feb 1832 C-164 Deceased
Hunt, Joseph B. 1 Mar 1851 R-99, 100 Deceased
Hunt, Joseph B. 15 Oct 1850Q-421 Deceased
Hurley, Hannah 11 Jun 1846M-501, 502 Deceased
Iddings, Dr. Joseph 16 Nov 1848P-27 Deceased
Irvin, Elam 9 Feb 1856 W-610 Deceased
Isham, George I. 23 Mar 1846M-400 Deceased
Jackson, Daniel 10 Oct 1826B-19 Deceased
James, Isaac 24 Jan 1855V-363 Deceased
Jameson, Charles 3 Jun 1834 D-424 Deceased
Johnson, William 24 Nov 1852S-450 Deceased
Julian, Rene 26 Mar 1832B-442 Deceased
Kirk, Ezekiel 8 Jul 1830 B-69 Deceased
Knutt, Richard 2 Oct 1849 P-485 Deceased
Koontz, Jacob 1 Jun 1832 C-129 Deceased
Koontz, Jacob 19 Jan 1837G-275 Executor
Koontz, Jacob 23 Mar 1838G-623  
Koontz, Jacob 31 Dec 1836F-472 Administrator's sale
Laboyteaux, Peter P. 14 Oct 1851R-328 Deceased
Lamb, James 15 Oct 1844L-415 Deceased
Lee, John 25 Jun 1830B-39 Executor's sale
Lester, Wm. 21 Mar 1855W-44 Deceased
Lewelling, Henry 8 Aug 1853 T-465 Deceased
Lewelling, Meshack 26 Jul 1852S-270 Deceased
Long, Harmon 17 Dec 1830B-39 Deceased
Louthain, Samuel 19 Mar 1831B-223 Deceased
Maddy, Polly 7 Jun 1842 K-335 Deceased
Main, Jno. 30 Mar 1843K-554 Deceased
McCollough, T. 12 Feb 18591-740  
McCowan, Archibald 9 Mar 1858 1-84  
McKinsey, Joseph 17 Feb 1855V-454 Deceased
Mclorich, James 1 Sep 1843 L-77 Deceased
McSherley, Wm. 9 Jun 1845 M-78 Deceased
Melton, Cathaina E. 26 Jul 1852S-269 Deceased
Michel, Lucy 15 Nov 1836G-174 Deceased
Miller, Cathaina E. 26 Jul 1852S-269 Deceased
Mills, Moses 11 Oct 1831C-34 Deceased
Mills, Moses 28 Feb 1833C-347 Administrato's sale
Modlin, Levi 19 Apr 1853T-230 Deceased
Moore, D. 2 Jun 1846 M-494 Deceased
Morris, Isaac 19 Dec 1850Q-536 Deceased
Morris, Isaac 27 Feb 1850Q-163 Deceased
Morris, Isaac 4 Apr 1849 P-280 Deceased
Morris, Isaac H. 22 Feb 1855V-477 Deceased
Morris, J. 20 Mar 1847N-310 Deceased
Murphlin, Wm. 16 Mar 1850Q-200 Deceased
Newby, Joseph 16 Oct 1857Z-338  
Nutter, Benjamin 12 Jun 1832C-543 Last will & testament.
Nutter, Benjamin 18 Jun 1832C-543 Deceased
Odom, Jacob 10 Jun 1832B-375  
Parker, Robert 25 Aug 1848O-430 Deceased
Parkhurst, Jacob 2 Nov 1841 K-69 Deceased
Parsons, Jesse 10 May 1827A-227  
Paxson, S. 1 Jun 1847 J-491 Deceased
Pearson, Jonathan 3 Jan 1855 V-293 Deceased
Peirson. Jonathan 15 Feb 1856X-3 Deceased
Pickering, Abner 1 Nov 1856 Y-20  
Pickering, Samuel 19 Feb 1830A-396 Administrator
Pickering, Samuel 5 Nov 1850 Q-464 Deceased
Pickering, Samuel 8 Apr 1829 A-358 Deceased
Pickering, Samuel 9 May 1836 F-40 Heirs named
Pickering, Wm. 31 Jan 1853S-624 Deceased
Pierce, Jno. 18 Mar 1852S-143 Deceased
Pierce, Jno. 25 Nov 1852S-455 Deceased
Pierson, Nathan 21 Jan 1853S-595 Deceased
Pleas, Aaron L. 11 Jan 18591-660  
Pleas, Aaron L. 14 Jan 18591-675, 676  
Pleas, Aaron L. 23 Feb 18592-1, 67  
Powers, Major 9 Mar 1854 U_316 Deceased
Pressnall, Elija 1 Jun 1834 D-344 Deceased
Price, James 20 Jun 1835E-479 Admistrator's sale
Price, James 3 Mar 1834 D-492 Deceased
Ralston, James 18 Dec 1834D-421  
Ramsey, Elizabeth 27 Sep 1837G-353  
Ramsey, Elizabeth 6 Jan 1836 F-256, 257  
Rankin, Jonathan 12 Oct 1846N-85 Administrator
Rankin, Jonathan 17 Nov 18461-117 Heirs named
Rankin, Jonathan 21 Sep 1846N-63, 64, 67 Deceased
Ratliff, Cornelius 27 Dec 1828A-70 & 370 Deceased
Ratliff, Gab 10 Feb 1851R-44 Deceased
Ratliff, Gab 8 Jun 1849 P-359 Deceased
Reagen, Wm. 18 Mar 1853T-73 Deceased
Reagon, Thomas 14 Jan 1854U-107 Deceased
Reagon, Thomas 6 Dec 1852 S-471 Deceased
Reece, Michael 22 May 1855W-53 Deceased
Reed, Wm. J. 4 Aug 1847 N-476 Deceased
Reynolds, Daniel 28 Mar 1835D-520  
Richmond, H. 26 Oct 1849P-520 Deceased
Roberts, Jesse 12 Jun 1850Q-292 Deceased
Rose, Elliot 2 Jul 1847 J-550 Deceased
Rose, Ezekial 15 Jan 1850Q-57 Deceased
Ross, Philander 14 Mar 1850Q-197 Deceased
Ross, Rebecca 10 Dec 1830B-393 Heirs named
Ross, Rebecca 9 Apr 1830 B-56 Deceased
Rozell, Bazzila 5 Aug 1854 V-14 Deceased
Rue, Richard 19 Jan 18480-142, 143, 156 Deceased
Rue, Richard 4 Nov 1848 P-12 Deceased
Saint, Exum 13 Jun 1843L-24 Deceased
Sapp, Thomas 15 Apr 1843K-573 Deceased
Schooley, B. 10 Jan 1850Q-43 Deceased
Scott, Isaac 10 Jan 1856W-465 Deceased
Scott, Isaac 12 Apr 1853T-215 Deceased
Scott, Isaac 5 Feb 1863 6-332, 334  
Scott, Isaac 9 Dec 1854 V-203 Deceased
Scott, Isaac 9 Jan 1854 U-84 Deceased
Shafer, John 20 Sep 1825A-151 Deceased
Sharp, Job 14 Nov 1837G-428 Heirs named
Shringer, Ramabas 30 Jan 1847N-242 Deceased
Shuman, Joseph 5 Oct 1849 P-496 Deceased
Simmons, Heirs 26 Nov 1846N-133 Deceased
Smith, James H. 3 Jan 1855 V-292 Deceased
Smith, Mary 8 Aug 1853 T-475 Deceased
Smith, Nathan 12 Mar 1844L-253 Deceased
Smith, W. W. 6 Nov 1856 Y-47  
Smith, Wm. H. 24 Mar 1853T-94 Deceased
Smith, Wm. H. 28 Dec 1853U-12 Deceased
Smith, Wm. P. 12 Mar 1844L-233 Deceased
Spell, Wm. 18 Feb 1857Y-402  
Stanford, Wm. D. 7 Jan 1836 G-113 Deceased
Stanley, Jno. Jr. 21 May 1855W-45 Deceased
Stanley, Jno. Jr. 29 Dec 1855W-408 Deceased
Stephenson, Jonas 12 Feb 1847N-281 Deceased
Stewart, William 16 Mar 1849P-258 Deceased
Stewart, Wm. 8 Aug 1853 T-476 Deceased
Stout, Sal 25 Aug 1835E-322 Deceased
Street, Jno. 8 Aug 1853 T-468 Deceased
Strong, M. D. 3 Mar 1838 G-617, 618 Heirs named
Stubblefield, J. 24 Dec 1836F-480  
Swain, Wm, M. 1 Jan 1856 W-419 Deceased
Symon, Abraham 12 Dec 1849P-550 Deceased
Symons, Jno. 13 Jan 1855V-329 Deceased
Tarr, Samuel 31 Jun 1837F-553 Deceased
Teas, Thomas S. 1 Mar 1856 X-70 Deceased
Templeton, James 9 May 1836 F-432 - 434  
Thompson, Robert 14 Nov 1835E-573  
Thornburg, Jacob 11 Jan 1856W-478 Deceased
Tullis, Jonathan 11 Feb 1836F-546 Administrator's ?
Tullis, Jonathan 14 Jan 1829B-91, 92 Deceased
Tullis, Jonathan 20 Nov 1836F-645 Heirs named
Tullis, Jonathan 21 Jan 1830B -94  
Tullis, Jonathan 31 Jun 1834D-184  
Vanzant, John 29 Oct 1837G-386 Deceased
Walls, Drury L. 31 Jan 1848O-165 Deceased
Ward, Sylvanus 11 Mar 1844L-251 Deceased
Warner, Jno. 14 Jun 1849P-375 Deceased
Weasner, J. 21 Jun 18581-305  
Weisner, Jesse 16 Nov 1852S-415 Deceased
West, Thomas 8 Oct 1837 G-350  
White, ?? 10 Sep 1852S-323 Deceased
White, Andrew 25 Feb 1855V-464 Deceased
White, Benjamin 5 Feb 1863 6-346  
Wickersham, Jehu 21 Dec 1843L-186 Deceased
Wilburn, E. 14 Mar 1851R-121 Deceased
Wilson, Gideon 29 Aug 1853T-506 Deceased
Wilson, Joseph 23 Oct 1847O-1 Deceased
Wolf, Jacob 16 Oct 1850Q-425 Deceased
Woodard, Thomas 30 May 1844L-324 Deceased
Woolen, Wm. 8 Aug 1853 T-463 Deceased
Yetter, Jacob 14 Jan 1851R-3 Deceased
Yetter, Jacob 14 Jan 1856W-504 Deceased
Yost, Isaac 22 Apr 1853U-542 Deceased
Yost, Isaac 28 Feb 1854U-268 Deceased
Yount, Riley 29 Oct 1837G-385 Deceased
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