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Leakey/Hubbell Burial Ground

Liberty Township - 1844

   This old abandoned cemetery was started in 1844 when Samuel Hubbell's grandfather John Hubbell, who was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, died and was buried on the family farm. His wife Mary is buried here with him. Joseph Leakey who first came to Henry County in 1823, purchasing land just east of the cemetery, later purchased the land. He was to continue using the burial ground for his family burials. Over the years it became a neighborhood burial ground for the other area families.
   The cemetery has not been very well maintained over the years. There are many stones down due to cattle having the run of the place a few years back. There were several re-interments brought here from the old Devon (Long) Cemetery just north of here, when that cemetery was plowed over in the 1930s.
   There are several military veterans buried here; John Hubbell, Revolutionary war, John Van Buskirk, War of 1812 and some Civil War veterans.
   In some references the cemetery is referred to as Wise Hart, Wisehart/Leaky but in reality it is really the Hubbell burial ground.

Adams, John F. 1 Sep 1882 57y, 8m, 26d  
Allen, James 1913 1829  
Allen, Minerva 1908 1829  
Allen, Susannah 5 Jun 1867 35y, 5m, 4d W of James
Black, George A. 16 Mar 18624y, 9m, 6d S of H & M
Black, Henry 1916 1836  
Black, Matilda 1874 1837 W of Henry
Burns, Lydia 23 Oct 18713y, 7m, 29d D of ? ?
Cartwright, Pheroby 13 Jul 185329y W of Wm.
Clark, Elizabeth 29 Oct 184441y, 10m, 11dW of Amos
Clark, Maria A. 21 Apr 184027y, 4d W of John
Cosand, Levi 20 Oct 18631y, 2m, 19d S of CF & MS
Cosand, William E. 15 Apr 18677m S of CF & Mary
Dickerson, Mary J. Mercer23 Ma5 191523 Dec 1850 W of Wm.
Dickerson, William L. ND 26 Jun 1850  
Dolen, James 23 Mar 18659m, 15d  
Edwards, John R. 21 Dec 1915ND S of C & W
Evans, ?? ND 35y, ?m, ?d W of Jonathan
Goldman, John R. 8 Nov 1899 36y, 14d  
Gough, E. ND ND  
Gough, Elmah 6 Dec 1849 1y, 4m, 7d D of Levi & Sarah
Gough, Levi L. 21 Sep 185027y, 11m, 29d 
Gough, Lydia M. 3 Feb 1850 19y, 4m, 19d  
Gough, Sarah R. ND 20y, 4m, 28d All on same stone
Groendyke, Barbara 17 Sep 187277y, 5m, 10d All on same stone
Groendyke, Benton ND 1861 All on same stone
Groendyke, Elizabeth ND 1 Jun 1833 All on same stone
Groendyke, Ellen ND 1857 All on same stone
Groendyke, Franklin 1864 7m 19d All on same stone
Groendyke, John ND 1859 All on same stone
Groendyke, Milton W. 1895 1866 All on same stone
Groendyke, Monroe 14 Nov 189060y Decatur, Ala., UB Minister
Groendyke, Montgomery ND 1854  
Grose, David 13 May 18515m, 8d S of Jacob & Malinda
Grose, Isaac T. 8 Oct 1850 3y, 1m, 5d S of Isaac & Nancy
Grose, John C. 16 Sep 18606y, 6m, 6d S of Isaac & Nancy
Grose, S. ND ND  
Grose, Sarah E. 16 Sep 18604y, 1m, ?d D of Isaac & Nancy
Hames, Abigail 20 Oct 186433y, 3m, 2d W of HA
Hammer, Abijah 14 Jan 186061y, 10m, 4d  
Hammer, Abraham T. 17 Oct 185520y, 5m S of Abijah & Susanna
Hammer, Johny 25 Jul 18744y, 2m S of ASW & E
Hammer, Susanna 17 Sep 185717y, 4m, 19d D of Abijah & Susanna
Hammer, Susanna 1 Apr 1878 76y, 11m,1d W of Abijah
Harvey, Ankey 1 Apr 1904 83y, 4m, 29d All on same stone
Harvey, Elizabeth 1 Oct 1858 44y, 3m, 29d All on same stone
Harvey, Nancy 2 Feb 1864 73y, 7m, 13d All on same stone
Harvey, William 2 Jul 1870 81y, 11m, 22dAll on same stone
Harwood, Jehu M. 16 Jun 184416y, 11m, 8d  
Haskett, Abigail 9 Sep 1865 43y, 7m, 23d W of Rix
Haskett, Henry 25 Jan 187662y  
Haskett, Margaret 9 Feb 1857 21y, 11m, 21dD of R & A
Haskett, Penelope 30 Jan 186576y  
Haskett, Rix 19 Nov 185735y, 3m, 6d  
Hays, Charles W. 9 Aug 1870 1y, 11m, 9d S of R & HH
Hoffacker, David 19 May 18595y, 10d  
Hoffacker, Susan 4 Jul 1864 23y, 10m, 20dD of D & C
Hubbell, John 17 Apr 183420 Sep 1771 Revolutionary War Vet.
Hubbell, Mary Robinson 30 Aug 184515 Jun 1759 W of John
Lacy, Catherine 1928 1841 W of Joseph
Lacy, Joseph M. 1921 1847 Co. I, 36th Ind. Inf.
Leakey, Abigail 11 Feb 18439d D of E & R
Leakey, Abigail Biggs 1836 ??  
Leakey, Joseph R. 18 Jan 187273y, 1m, 20d  
Leakey, Margaret Jan 1852 3y D of L & R
Leakey, Martha A. Newbold16 Feb 189988y, 8m, 3d W of JR
Leakey, Susannah 6 Apr 1848 16 Dec 1767  
Lively, George W. 2 Sep 1864 32y, 8m, 23d  
Mahue, John 29 Dec 186721y, 4m, 21d S of Thomas & Sarah
Mahue, Mary J. 18 Aug 187333y, 3m, 12d D of Thomas & Sarah
Mahue, Sarah 5 Apr 1908 1 Apr 1822 W of Thomas
Mahue, Thomas 12 May 185739y, 4m, 26d  
Matney, Maudy 20 Dec 18802y, 1m, 7d D of J & J
Mercer, Catharine Swaford8 May 1903 9 Mar 1820 W of Joshua
Mercer, Elcy A. 20 Sep 18604y, 7m, 12d D of Joshua & Catharine
Mercer, Joshua 4 Mar 1882 64y, 10m, 9d  
Mercer, William A. 21 Sep 18??24y, 11m, 3d  
Morris, Earl 3 Feb 1881 Infant S of WF & HB
Nation, Enoch 15 Feb 187974y, 4m, 27d  
Nation, Mary J. 10 May 186333y, 1m, 19d D of Enoch & Sophia
Nation, Sophia Thompson 12 Mar 187616 Mar 1807 W of Enoch
Nation, Susannah 7 Mar 1858 24y, 1m, 7d D of Enoch & Sophia
Newbold, John 27 Feb 183838d  
Newbold, Neddie Paul 21 Jul 187011m D of I & MA
Newbold, William E. 25 Jan 1862?? Masonic
Raper, Eliza A. 1882 1837 W of John
Raper, John L. 1919 1832  
Raper, Julia D. 6 Nov 1898 30y, 1m, 1d D of JL & E
Raper, Rebecca 1 Aug 1899 70y, 5m, 23d D of J & Thamer
Raper, Wilson 1917 1835  
Reardon, Child ND 1y, 3m, 5d TL & Levenie
Schock, Lavina 1912 1845  
Scott, Henry A 24 Aug 19137 Feb 1826  
Shortridge, Hester Ann 14 Apr 1845ND D of Elias & Tabitha
Stigleman, David 9 Apr 1854 28y, 9m, 21d  
Stombaugh, John 18 Jan 187054y, 9m, 10d  
Stombaugh, Lucinda 10 Jan 187020y, 11m, 22dD of John & Susan
Stombaugh, Mary Ann 26 Feb 184821y W of Philip
Stombaugh, Nancy 11 Oct 188749y, 6m,23d D of John & Susan
Stombaugh, Susanna 10 Nov 189280y, 6m, 10d W of John
Stubblefield, Izura Janey18 May 186016y, 11m, 1d  
Swafford, Abigail 9 Dec 1855 5y, 1m, 12d D of John & Mary
Swafford, Abigail Hammer 11 May 188558y, 5m, 11d W of Jacob
Swafford, Christian M.Died 27 Nov 1891age 68y 
Swafford, Ellen 3 Oct 1862 16y, ?m, 18d D of JM & MA
Swafford, Jacob 19 --- 185751y  
Swafford, John M 13 Apr 189774y, 7m, 5d  
Swafford, Laban V. 12 Aug 190329 Oct 1827 Co. G, 9th Ind.
Swafford, Lizzie 14 Feb 186626y, 6m, 4d D of Mary F.
Swafford, Mary A. 4 Mar 1900 79y, 6m, 28d W of John
Swafford, Mary F. 29 Aug 19042 Apr 1821  
Swafford, Mary M. 3 Jan 1873 17 May 1794  
Swafford, Saeah D. 2 Jan 1853 12y, 2d D of John & Elizabeth
Sykes, William C. 21 Dec 185417y, 1m S of Elizabeth
Symons, Stephen Decatur 20 Dec 186428y, 10m  
Turner, Albert 23 Mar 187913y, 2m, 3d S of R & F
Turner, Jennie 27 May 18833y, 3m, 3d D of R & F
Turner, John 12 Dec 185960y  
Turner, Noah W. 17 Jun 187118y, 2m, 25d S of F & M
Turner, Olie K. 10 Jun 187018y, 11m, 29dS of R & F
Vanbuskirk, John 1859 1789  
Vickrey, Ellen 1855 19y W of P
Vickrey, John W. 1 Oct 1859 27y, 6m, 22d S of Pleasant & Mary
Ware, Jahannah 16 Sep 185629y, 5m, 9d W of Isaac N.
Ware, Mary Jane 29 Aug 18--1y D of Samuel & Nancy
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